TOGAF® Prep Course (Level 1 and Level 2 Combined) Training in Bangalore, India

Learn to create enterprise success by following TOGAF® concepts

  • Tailor TOGAF to your organizational environment 
  • Learn to tailor solutions based on customer needs 
  • Master the TOGAF certification training course structure approved by The Open Group  
  • 350,000 + Professionals trained
  • 250 + Workshops every month
  • 100 + Countries and counting

Tailor TOGAF to Meet Your Organizational Needs

TOGAF® is the leading standard for enterprise application that provides a unified approach to drive high-level business strategy and growth in organizations. Its worldwide acceptance has greatly increased the demand for TOGAF 9.2 certified professionals who can implement this approach to fit within the Agile culture. Learn to tailor TOGAF to specific needs.

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  • 4-Day Live Instructor-Led Online Training

  • Course Material approved by The Open Group

  • Comprehensive Prep Course for Levels 1, 2

  • Course Fee includes Exam Fee for Levels 1, 2

  • Experiential Learning with Engaging Activities

  • Case Studies Relevant to the Industry

Build Enterprise Architecture with the TOGAF Certification


TOGAF is the most popular standard for enterprise architecture accepted by professionals all around the world. 800 of the leading organizations around the world utilize TOGAF. There is an increasing demand for professionals who understand TOGAF and can tailor it to meet unique organizational requirements. Getting the  TOGAF certification can prove beneficial.

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Harness the power of TOGAF for your enterprise

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Best Practices

Learn all the latest techniques and best practices that professionals are using in the industry 

Steps to get TOGAF Certified

To get the TOGAF Certification you need to pass a two-part examination. The course itself lasts for 4 days or 32 hours. This is optional you can also opt to self-study however you will find it easier to learn the concepts under the guidance of an experienced and accredited trainer.

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TOGAF Prep Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for attending the TOGAF Certification course. 

Who should attend this TOGAF training course?

IT professionals

Business managers

Business process owners

Project managers

ITSM managers

IT professionals in digital

IT professionals in product

IT professionals in development

IT professionals in service

TOGAF Course Schedule

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What you will learn

IT Alignment

Align the business and IT aspects of your organization together 

Tailor TOGAF

The basics of TOGAF 9 and how it can be tailored for an organization 

Applying Principles

Basic principles of Architecture Frameworks and how to apply them 

Customizing Solutions

Basics of Solution Architecture and how to tailor solutions based on customer needs

Requirements Prioritization

Understand how to prioritize requirements from the perspective of an Architect

Project Management

Understand the Project Management essentials for an Enterprise Architect

Skill you will gain

Manage Business and IT aspects

Tailor TOGAF to your organization

Apply Architecture Frameworks

Tailoring solutions based on needs

Project Management

Best practices of IT transformations

Transform Your Workforce

Build IT Teams that Excel

We help companies modernize their IT Systems to deliver fast and responsively. We also help to adapt their organizational structure, culture, and innovate and disrupt markets.  

  • Experiential learning led by expert trainers 
  • Hands-on Learning and real-world perspective to learning 
  • Customized training solutions for business-critical skill development  
  • Coaching and consulting for organizational transformation

500+ Clients

TOGAF - Curriculum

Download Curriculum

Learning Objective: 

In this introductory module get a high-level introduction to the TOGAF approach. Understand the definitions of terms used in it. 

  • Key Concepts of Enterprise Architecture 
  • TOGAF Approach 
  • Definitions

Learning Objective:

Understand the elements of the TOGAF framework. Explore the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) – a step-by-step approach to developing Enterprise Architecture. 

  • TOGAF Framework Core 
  • ADM 
  • Approach to Developing an Enterprise Architecture 

Learning Objective:

This module covers the guidelines and techniques available for use in applying the TOGAF standard and the TOGAF ADM. You can find additional guidelines and techniques are also in the TOGAF Library. 

  • ADM Guidelines 
  • ADM Techniques

Learning Objective:

This module explores the TOGAF content framework, that includes a structured metamodel for architectural artifacts. It will also dwell into the use of re-usable architecture building blocks. 

  • Content Framework 
  • Structured Metamodel for Architectural Artifacts 
  • Reusable Architectural building blocks 
  • Typical Architectural Deliverables 

Learning Objective:

This module deals with the appropriate taxonomies and tools to categorize and store the outputs of architecture activity within an enterprise. 

  • Categorization 
  • Storing output 

Learning Objective:

This module will cover the organization, processes, skills, roles, and responsibilities required to establish and operate an architecture practice within an enterprise. 

  • Organizational Requirements 
  • Processes 
  • Skills 
  • Roles and Responsibilities 

Frequently Asked Questions about TOGAF

TOGAF Training

TOGAF is among the most recognized credentials for enterprise architects. On completing the TOGAF workshop, you will learn to: 

  • Manage Business and IT aspects of your organization 
  • Tailor TOGAF to your organization 
  • Apply Architecture Frameworks (Zachman / TOGAF) 
  • Practical application scenarios for Architecture and Design 
  • Tailor solutions based on customer needs 
  • Project Management for an Architect 
  • Best practices and nuances of IT transformations

The TOGAF certification helps you to:   

  • Align the business and IT aspects of your organization together 
  • Respond to RFPs from the customer effectively 
  • The basics of TOGAF 9 and how it can be tailored for an organization 
  • Go from strategy to execution when posed with having to find a solution to a customer problem 
  • Basic principles of Architecture Frameworks and how to apply them 
  • Dive deep from Enterprise Architecture to Solution Architecture 
  • Basics of Architecture and Design, and practical application scenarios 
  • Basics of Solution Architecture and how to tailor solutions based on customer needs 
  • Requirements Prioritization for an Architect 
  • Project Management essentials for an Architect 
  • Best practices and nuances of IT transformations. 

This TOGAF training course is for: 

  • IT professionals 
  • Business managers 
  • Business process owners 
  • Project managers 
  • ITSM managers 
  • IT professionals in digital 
  • IT professionals in product 
  • IT professionals in development 
  • IT professionals in service 

There are no prerequisites for attending the TOGAF 9 certification training.  

Enrolling for a TOGAF certification training will give you the confidence and the drive to aim for higher certifications in the IT Services space. Some of the certifications you can try for include: 

  • ITIL Foundation 
  • ITIL Practitioner 

TOGAF Certification

The TOGAF certification is offered by The Open Group, a world-renowned body dedicated to helping professionals, leaders, and organizations embrace enterprise architecture principles and values. 

Yes, you can get the TOGAF Certification without taking the TOGAF Course. It is recommended that you do opt for a training course so that you can understand the concepts covered and how to apply those concepts in a project scenario.  

  • STEP 1: Attend a course taught by accredited Trainers or self-study 
  • STEP 2: Complete the TOGAF exams part 1 and part 2. 
  • STEP 3: Get certified on clearing both exams. 

Yes, you will receive a course completion certificate on completing the course. 

You will get the TOGAF certification, along with a TOGAF badge that you can use to identify your achievement.  

No, your certificate will not mention the course was held online. It will look the same as the in-person certificates.  

Yes, you could renew your TOGAF  certification directly, through your employer, or through a certified training provider. 

Workshop Experience

The TOGAF workshop at KnowledgeHut is delivered through an immersive learning experience platform, via live and interactive instructor-led training sessions.  

The TOGAF workshop at KnowledgeHut is delivered through an immersive learning experience platform, via live and interactive instructor-led training sessions.  

The instructors of the TOGAF Course online by KnowledgeHut are industry experts and trainers who themselves have TOGAF Certifications and are a part of professionals with hands-on experience.  

Our TOGAF course focuses on engaging interaction. Most class time is dedicated to fun exercises, lively discussions, and team collaboration - all facilitated by the trainer. The focus is on practical solutions to real-world challenges drawn from decades of experience as Agile coaches, and leaders in Kanban environments.  

Yes, your course material will be provided in advance. You will receive an email with a link to set your password a few days in advance of the scheduled course. You will have access to the study plan and all the course material.  

The course material comprises of the course schedule or study plan, workbooks and all relevant assignments, assessments, or case studies.  

The sessions would be auto recorded on our LMS, subject to permission by The Open Group and the instructor. Based on the permissions, you would have lifetime access to the video recordings of the sessions as well. 

No, you will not yet be able to join the training through phone or tab. Please be prepared to join the training on your laptop or desktop.  

If you get disconnected during the TOGAF online training, you will have the option to re-join within about half an hour subject to accreditation body guidelines and the instructor’s preference.  

Our workshops are currently held online. Anyone with a stable internet connectivity, from any desired place across the world, can benefit from the workshop and get certified as a Professional Agile Leader. You can check out the schedules here:  

You will receive a registration link from us to your e-mail id. You can set your password, log in and start your immersive learning journey.  

If you miss a class, you can access the recordings of the sessions, provided and the instructor have permitted recordings. At the beginning of every session, there will also be a 10-12-minute recapitulation of the previous class.   

You will get the benefit of both since this is a blended learning workshop. 

We currently use the Zoom platform for video conferencing and will soon be adding more integrations with WebEx and Microsoft Teams. However, all the sessions and the recordings will be available right from within our learning platform. Learners will not need to wait for any notifications or links or install any additional software.  

Yes, there will be other participants who will actively participate in the class remotely. They can attend the TOGAF online training from office, home, or any other suitable place.  

In case of any queries, our support team is available to you 24/7 via the Help and Support section. You can also reach out to your workshop manager on your workshop group messenger.  

Should you have any more questions about our TOGAF online training, please email us on and we will be happy to get back to you.  

TOGAF Course Reviews

Prasad Anvekar SDE 1 at TESCO from Bangalore, India
Extremely satisfied. The program was structured in a creative manner, practising what it preached, with plenty of examples and exercises. Facilitator kept training interesting. Knowledgehut Support Team provided excellent service! Thank You!Would surely recommend the training to others.

Attended TOGAF® Prep Course (Level 1 and Level 2 Combined) workshop in November 2017

The training was well-organized. Instructor was committed and knowledgeable. The entire staff of KnowledgeHut including the sales were very courteous and highly supportive.

Attended TOGAF® Prep Course (Level 1 and Level 2 Combined) workshop in July 2019

Gurucharan Kumaraswamy consultant
It was a very encompassing and educative workshop!

Attended TOGAF® Prep Course (Level 1 and Level 2 Combined) workshop in April 2018

Rajesh Gupta Project Manager
Nilotpal was an awesome trainer. He explained all the concepts very well.

Attended TOGAF® Prep Course (Level 1 and Level 2 Combined) workshop in February 2019

TOGAF® Prep Course (Level 1 and Level 2 Combined) Course in Bangalore

With a city life that is vibrant and fresh, Bangalore represents the new modern face of India. At the core of India?s booming IT industry, Bangalore is home to the headquarters of many global IT giants including Infosys and Wipro- so much so that it has earned itself the moniker of India?s Silicon Valley. The city has a rich history and has been ruled by a succession of South Indian dynasties, many of whose palaces and forts now nestle next to Bangalore?s starkly modern glass towers. Many would say Bangalore?s old world charm has now given way to haphazard unplanned development, congested city roads and rising pollution. But this does not take away from the mad rush for jobs in Bangalore?s progressive professional scene. All this makes Bangalore an ideal place to study and work in for those who are interested in IT. Professionals who wish to thrive in their career would find that they can do well here, with certifications such as Big Data and Hadoop 2.0 Developer, ITIL Foundation, PMP, Python 101, TOGAF 9.1, CEH and others. Note: Please note that the actual venue may change according to convenience, and will be communicated after the registration.

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