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Microsoft Project 2013 Online Training

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Across the IT industry, project managers depend on one tool for easy project planning, budget allocations, resource assignment and analyzing workloads—and that is the Microsoft® Project 2013.

Our comprehensive e-learning course will teach you how to harness the power of this project management software, to create a full-fledged project from scratch.

You will learn to develop initial forecasts; elaborate on those forecasts during and throughout your projects execution phase; manage change; track and control your project commitments; share and communicate your project's delivery status and resource requirements with your team members and other stakeholders effectively.This comprehensive e-learning course is apt for busy professionals with a passion for learning and thirst for success in their careers.


Section 1 : Microsoft Project 2013


Section 2 : Initialize a Project

Customize Option Settings
Create a New Project
Create and Maintain Calendars
Create custom fields
Quiz 1

Section 3 : Create a Task-Based Schedule

Set Up Project Information
Create and modify a project Task Structure
Create a User-Controlled Schedule
Build a logical schedule model
Manage Multiple Projects
Quiz 2

Section 4 : Manage Resources and Assignments

Enter and edit resource information
Create and edit resource assignments
Manage resource allocation
Manage resource allocations by using Team Planner
Model project costs
Quiz 3

Section 5 : Track and Analyze a Project

Set and maintain baselines
Update actual progress
Compare progress against a baseline
Resolve potential schedule problems
Display Critical Path information
Quiz 4

Section 6 : Communicate Project Information

Apply and customize views
Share data with other applications
Configure and display reports and dashboards
Connect and share data with SharePoint
Extend Project 2013
Quiz 5

What you get

Create and share reports and communicate effectively with the project stakeholders.

Deliver a project plan to stakeholders, sponsors and team members effectively.

Integrate with SharePoint, Lync etc.

Manage project costs effectively.

Schedule projects effectively.

Perform project management from start to finish for multiple projects simultaneously.

Create,add, organize and assign tasks effectively.


Eligibility: This course is for seasoned and aspiring project managers who want to learn how to use the latest Microsoft® Project 2013 client software effectively.  This course is also a great value addition for those planning to write the Microsoft's®74-343 certification exam.

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