Anna Poberezhna United Kingdom

Founder & CEO

Anna is a strategic and innovation expert with a focus on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. She is founder of Smart4tech, which focuses on development of effective tech and blockchain innovations, addressing efficiency and sustainability. She is also an author and speaker.

Currently she focuses on innovation in areas of efficiency optimisation, using blockchain and R&D of a new paradigm of water trading for the water sector, incorporating concepts of sustainability, green finance, and blockchain technology. The project is closely interconnected with waste, energy, food, & carbon sectors, which are in heart Nexus paradigm.

Anna has worked across a wide range of sectors (both private and state owned enterprises) and her industry experience includes business and technology consulting, construction, international relations, NGO, media and creative sectors as well as start-ups. She also provided a strategic vision for enhancement of the UK-Ukraine relations with a particular focus on the digital economy and sustainability. Her latest corporate projects include the first smart, BREEAM certified award winning office development in Ukraine, and sustainable strategy of brand transformation for one of the largest banks in Ukraine.