Vikram Nikkam India

Founder, Bitcoin Analyst

While living and studying in the UK for about 7 years Vikram Nikkam watched recession take its toll on the economy in 2008.  In his search to understand the concept and fundamentals of money he came across Bitcoin in 2009. This got him interested in working in the space so he studied and obtained an MBA, Economics degree in 2010.  Vikram, a firm believer in a cashless society and exchange of valuables through a de-centralised body of trust, feels that crypto/ blockchain technology is an inevitable future.

Vikram is one of the main organisers & moderators of India’s first ever Global Bitcoin Conference held in Bangalore 2013. He also hosts a successful global meetup group called the “In Crypto We Trust – Bitcoin”., and are a few more of the latest initiatives  that Vikram Nikkam is working on.  

Vikram founded & managed Unocoin (the first ever bitcoin initiative funded in India) at parent company – Unobit Solutions Private Limited, with a quarter million dollar funding from Barry Silbert of Bitcoin Opportunity Corp for Unocoin. He is also building strategic partnerships with international Bitcoin companies like BTCJam (global instant bitcoin loans). This makes his Bitcoin startup the first complete crypto financial institution in India.

Vikram specialises in Blockchain technology education, bitcoin business integration, Self regulation, Start Up grooming, Business Development and Investor Relations. His areas of interest are Bitcoins, Fintech, IOT The internet of things alongside blockchain technology, Clean energy, Community building & development.


Blockchain Conference Blockchain Technology Blockchain Conference 15 Dec, 2017 Friday Lalit Ashok Bangalore, India