Vinod Ebinezer Singapore

Chief Digital Officer

A Strong Candidature with Intellectual Horsepower and excellent problem solving skills.
Visionary Technical Leader with strong Digitaligence with proven experience to help Enterprise revolutionize Data using AI and Transform to Digital Era and Robotic Era.
A Mixture of Data Scientist and Data Artist.
A Data poet discovering meaning in data and creating smart romanticism via intelligence amplification
Creative techno functional achiever with excellent analytical and comprehensive ability. 
Good understanding of Customer and Market needs with respect to the latest IT game changers and solutions – , BigData Analytics,Cloud IOT, Artificial Intelligence,RPA
Mix of critical pillars like Technology, Statistics, Domain, Performance, Strategy, Business insights and Team management
Currently Working with Schlumberger as Bigdata head Team having a total experience of 14 + years.
Worked for Fortune Clients like Wal-Mart Stores, Kroger, Home Depot, DHL, Target, Wegman Goods, Nissan, American Airlines, Khol's ,JP Morgan Clarks.Ikea