Achutananda Lankalapalli India

CSM, Advanced CSM

Nanda Lankalapalli has been involved in software development since 1992. As a Certified Scrum Trainer, Nanda has expert-level knowledge in Agile and Scrum and as a Software Architect, he has expert level technical skills in Agile Engineering Practices. With this combination. Nanda helps technology people, as well as, process people understand Agile well. 
Nanda's Agile journey started in 2002 when he was part of a team with Mike Cohn in Denver, Colorado, USA. He practiced Scrum and other Agile methods thoroughly over several years, and his teams are highly successful in delivering products using Agile techniques. He is proficient in Agile Engineering Practices (from XP) and Lean Software Development practices. Nanda helps individuals, teams and organizations in their Agile journey by providing training, coaching and transformation services.


Compuware Corporation

Consultant 1997 - 2001

Worked on various assignments in Health Care and eLearning industries using variety of technologies and served in different roles.

ePlan Services, Inc.

VP Engineering 2001 - 2011

ePlan Services, inc.

Software Architect 2011 - 2017


Certified Scrum Trainer 2016 - Present


PSG College of Technology

MS 1990 - 1992


Certified ScrumMaster®(CSM)

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