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As an Agile Coach, I am responsible for the agile transformation of my business unit. Besides my work with digital product teams improving their flow, my focus is to grow an enterprise culture that enables high performance. Therefore, we build on a person centered guiding theme with supporting principles and workflow. Our vision is that we are an organization where everyone is happy to work and strives for invaluable results that we are proud. 
Being a Professional Scrum Trainer within is a great learning experience for myself. My mission is to support all students best possible on their individual learning path. Mastering Scrum is our journey.

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Gunnar Kuhi Project manager
Venue and organisation were very good. The trainer was also excellent. Thanks, KH!

Attended Professional Scrum Master™(PSM) workshop in November 2019
Eliise Lass -
Thank you for a good training. The trainer was very professional and gave us time to analyze and discuss problems.

Attended Professional Scrum Master™(PSM) workshop in August 2019
Irene Sharkey
Irene Sharkey Sharkey Senior Project Manager
I thought this was a well-structured course. I found the session quite interactive and interesting where I got to learn a lot.

Attended Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)® workshop in March 2019
Hanna Romenska Quality Manager
I really liked the Certified Scrum Master training provided by Marco Mulder. The learning material was introduced in an interactive and clear way. The games during the training helped me understand some fundamental concepts of Scrum, e.g. how iterating helped to get better results, how to work with estimates, etc. Also, the provided information covered all the main aspects of the Certified Scrum Master exam. I would definitely recommend this training.

Attended Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)® workshop in March 2019

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