Anadi Misra India


I am a change agent, technology leader and a polyglot programmer. Transforming teams and organisations into efficient product delivery cultures is my key forté. I’ve been fortunate enough in the journey earning reasonable appreciation for my work owing to the passion that comes with the relentless pursuit of my core interests. I have had the privilege of working in various roles in my career from Journalism to Game Reviewer, Software product development, Software Testing, IT-Ops and Product Management. These experiences have been helped shape my career into a professional with holistic technology and product delivery knowledge and key problem solving skills.

Improving product delivery by transforming management and engineering practices has been my key area of work in recent past. I love programming, technology research and solving business problems through technology innovation. I am an avid practitioner of collaborative and design centric methodologies. I have a keen interest in building solutions that deliver early value and have their foundations in clean design and maintainability.

Reach me out for your Product Management, Technology Strategy, Change Management or Transformation needs.

Or if you have any questions or need suggestions on any of the above, sharing knowledge, continuous learning and experimentation is a passion :-). 

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