Anouk Pinchetti Australia

Project Manager

Mr. Anouk Pinchetti comes from a Software Development and Business Analysis background, and has spent years as a trainer, mentor, and counsellor. Having studied complementary and alternative currencies since the 90s, Anouk’s specialization is Blockchain technology.  Anouk has been fascinated by the potential of Blockchain technology to decentralise the world since 2012 and is quite an expert on the subject, having earned several certifications in the field. He has been involved in an advisory role in a range of community currency projects, both in Australia and The Netherlands. 

With vast experience in leading training sessions and facilitating collaborative design workshops, he is now the Lead Trainer/Tutor of The New Money Institute, presenting at conferences and providing training courses on the technology underlying Bitcoin and other distributed ledger technologies. He is also an Educator with the Blockchain Centre in Melbourne, Australia. In addition, he chairs the Community Currency Working Group of the New Economy Network of Australia, developing community currencies and helping organizations build a New Economy.


The New Money Instititute

Lead Trainer 2017 - 2017

Azured Consulting

Project Manager 2015 - 2016


Co-Founder 2013 - 2014

Starting a Mixed Martial Arts in Melbourne in 2013 with two other founders. Unfortunately this venture was aborted.

Mentamorph Ltd

Creative Director 2012 - 2013

IBM Solutions Delivery

Project Manager 2007 - 2012

Managing various infrastructure-focussed Telstra projects for IBM.

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