Govardhan Govardhan India

ECBA,CCBA,Agile Business Analysis

'm fortunate to have found a career that captures my interest, drives my success, and matches my personality so well..! My complementary mix of collaborative work style and team player made me an ideal Scrum Master who motivates people and build winning teams. 

I have 15 years of experience in IT, did work as Scrum Master, Business Analyst and Application Programmer. I traveled to multiple countries, had interactions with various business teams and got good experience ranging from individual projects to multinational teamwork.

I adapt to fit organization needs and enable Agile mindset. I'm skilled at overcoming challenges of varying expectations, perspectives, experience, knowledge, communication styles, and manners of working. I am uniquely talented at tailoring the requirements gathering process to meet my client’s communication style, with the clear goal to produce consensus among stakeholders, deliver pragmatic and business-focused requirements, discover blind spots and opportunities to innovate, and provide clarity and completeness in requirements.

My Functional Bullets:
• Coaching teams on Business Analysis, Agile Methodology and Scrum Framework.
• Facilitate Scrum Activities and Remove Impediments regards to process, people and tools.
• Build Self-Organizing and Winning Teams.
• Client interaction and Business Analysis.
• Requirements analysis, workshops and traceability.
• Strong communication skills.
• Business Scenarios & User cases.
• Functional Testing / User Acceptance Testing.
• Enterprise Content Management and Web Content Management.
• Web Analytics.
• SDLC Waterfall and Agile end-to-end methodologies.

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