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Hiren R. Doshi, is an author, professional Scrum trainer and coach, a Scrum enthusiast and an agent for organizational change.
Hiren has a distinguished 22-years career in leading the full lifecycle software development.

He is the author of “Scrum Insights for Practitioners, The Scrum Guide Companion” that helps the practitioners master the Scrum framework by gaining in-depth practical insights and addresses myths, mysteries, and misconceptions of Scrum.

He has served as an Agile transformation leader for many organizations, including Sabre Travels (GDS), Bank of America (BFSI), BookMyShow (eTicketing), ANZ, Tesco (retail), DELL EMC (Data storage), Morpho, Oracle, Continuum Managed Solutions, LULU, Germin8, Aveksa and many others.


Scrum Insights For Practitioners

Scrum Insights For Practitioners: The Scrum Guide Companion 2016 - Present

Hiren Doshi, Professional Scrum Trainer & Coach in his book, Scrum Insights for Practitioners: The Scrum Guide Companion helps the practitioners master the Scrum framework by gaining in-depth practical insights and helps answer questions like:
* What are some common myths, mysteries, and misconceptions of Scrum?
* The Scrum Guide recommends three to nine members in a Development Team, but we have fifteen members. Is this Scrum?
* Can you share some tactics to do effective Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective, and Product Backlog Refinement?
* My designation is development manager. Does this mean I have no role in Scrum?
* How is Scrum Empirical?
* Can Scrum Master and Product Owner be the same person?
* We don’t have a Scrum Master. Are we still practicing Scrum?
* What does Self-Organization really mean?
* How does Scrum embrace the four values and twelve principles of the Agile Manifesto?
* Please share a case study on Scrum based product development? Trainer and Agile Coach 2015 - Present

Professional Scrum Trainer and Coach with License to offer the premium certification courses
* Professional Scrum Foundations
* Professional Scrum Master
* Professional Scrum Product Owner
* Scaled Professional Scrum
* Professional Scrum Developer Trainer and Agile Coach 2010 - Present

Agile Training and Coaching – Building Agile Center of Excellence (COE), Strategy & Visioning, Assessments, Scaled Scrum tactics – Team of Teams, Evidence-Based Estimations, Anonymous Retrospectives, Collaboration, Feature Readiness; Cultural change, Product Roadmap & Release Planning, Metrics & Reporting, Facilitation & Mentoring, Building high performing Agile teams, Gamification, Executive Coaching, Change Management, Continuous improvements, Story-mapping workshops, Gap Analysis, Organization wide Retrospectives, Training – Professional Scrum Series, Professional Scrum Product Owner, Professional Scrum Master, Professional Scrum Developer, Scaled Professional Scrum.

LULU Forex

Agile Training and Coaching 2015 - 2015

Scrum Training and Coaching.

Tesco HSC

Agile Coach 2011 - 2015

As a lead Agile Coach, led Scaled Agile adoption for TESCO.COM to take their Grocery Online International business unit with over 100+ engineers delivering their Dotcom operation to 8 countries across Europe and Asia.


Agile Coach 2014 - 2015

Agile transformation in Germin8 for about 70 engineers belonging to engineering, sales, customer care, support, HR, and product management teams.



Feb 2015 - Present


Feb 2012 - Present


Dec 2017 - Present


May 2006 - Apr 2013


Bharati Vidyapeeth

B.S 1992 - 1995

University of Massachusetts at Lowell

MS 1999 - 2001

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