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Hugo Lourenco Portugal

Agile & Scrum

Hugo is the Chairman of Scrumday Portugal, and an Agile& Lean Coach, PMP Trainer, Scrum/Kanban/LeSS Trainer/Coach, Governance, Digital Transformation Consultant and DevOps Trainer.
His expertise areas are business analysis, project management, agile, lean, service management, governance, Integrated Cyber Defense Operations, Customer User Experience Strategies, and challenging leaders to drive the future. Hugo believes the foundation drivers and enablers are Integration, Communication and People.
He is most passionate about getting new ideas, refactoring and make lives easier.

He researches and implements global trends among senior executives and organizations across Healthcare, Defense, Oil and Gas, Telecom and IT industries from product strategic advisor to creating discovery teams for MVP.

Hugo has a strong personal drive. Targets motivate him strongly, but a major incentive is the idea of creating a sustainable peace and welding influence over others.

He loves the combination of bringing a new idea through the various phases of development and execution. “Where there is a will, there is a way,” is perhaps the best way to describe him. A perfectionist, he tends to be a workaholic, most likely because it takes an incredible amount of dedication, time and hard work to push through an idea or initiative that hasn’t yet caught on. Also he has mentors to help him on his retrospectives.

An intense colleague, he feels passionately about why he does what he does and tends to be considered as a risk-taker.

Specializations: Communication, Creativity, Facilitation, Management, Influence, Negotiation, Strategic advisor liaison, Project Manager Office and Risk Manager Professional, Training, Counselling, Mentoring, auditing and governance advisor.

Expertise Business Areas: Healthcare, IT, Telecom, Bank and Insurance, Military


AGLX Consulting, LLC

Executive Agile Coach for High-Performance Teaming™ 2017 - Present

Assessing your organization is vital to determine how best to leverage our services and skills toward achieving your goals. Solutions like High-Performance Teaming™ apply in many situations, but before wasting your time (and money), we conduct contextual analyses.

Ranger4 Limited

Executive DevOps Advisor (Scrum, Kanban, Automation with OSS) 2017 - Present

 Ranger4 are DevOps transformation and tooling specialists based in central London. Typically we start an engagement with an assessment of an organisation's current state and build a roadmap to a desired future state.
    Our transformation projects tackle cultural and organisational change as well as deep process improvement and tooling and automation implementations. Wherever you are on the DevOps Maturity Scale we can take you where you want to go.
    We make DevOps deliver real, quantifiable results that align to the investment cases we've collaborated on with our customers. We deliver systems that measure feature value from idea inception to usage, real time.


Executive Senior Advisor & Trainer 2017 - Present

We transform organisations by releasing the potential of your people through training, coaching and consulting, delivery, visualisation, and bringing in the best people to deliver measurable results at all levels.

    We grow revenues, reduce costs, increase customer and employee satisfaction, and improve efficiency and effectiveness. We help you deliver value rapidly, frequently and consistently.

    Our success stories reach back to 1998, covering a wide range of renowned organisations in the public and private sector – view some of our case studies here. Our clients value our experience and our thought leadership in all areas of Agile business transformation.

    Radtac is recognised by clients as the place where smart, ambitious people, who value their integrity and independence want to work. Our success comes down to our people – and we only work with the best. Our selection process is challenging: it’s designed to identify people who have the deep technical knowledge, and, most importantly, the unique blend of people skills that differentiate a Radtac professional from the rest.


Executive Senior Advisor, IDC Portugal 2016 - Present

My current focus is on how businesses are dealing with digital transformation, using Governance and agile practices and how this impacts how they choose to go to market and how they operate. My aggregated experience of working closely with the leaders of many of the globe’s most powerful brands has convinced me that the future enterprise must seek to rationalize the legacy product portfolio marketing programs and emerging business models to create sustainable processes that bring new innovation to marketplace. I am a member of Project Management Professional Institute, Chairman of SCRUM Portugal, Chairman of Business Analysis Portugal, active member of ISACA Lisbon Chapter, Togaf Group and Lean Startup breakfast meetings. I'm entrepreneur and love prototyping ideas.

Scrumday Portugal

Chairman of the Board of Directors 2012 - Present

Traditional consulting and training entails gurus providing recommendations, leaving you and your team to execute their solutions. If you're successful in implementation, how will you drive adoption and sustainment? Whether you seek simple project-based initiatives with one-time deliverables - often their transactional engagements fall short of expectations. Are you ready for a simple, scalable, holistic solution you and your team can own? SCRUMDAY Portugal creates a shared common environment of support that aligns and enables accountable action in your daily work.


Chairman Of The Board Of Directors (Portuguese Chapter) 2015 - Present

International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) is an independent non-profit professional association serving the growing field of business analysis. For individuals working in a broad range of roles – business analysis, systems analysis, requirements analysis or management, project management, consulting, process improvement and more – IIBA® can help you do your job better and enhance your professional life.

    IIBA was established in 2003 as a Canadian Corporation and has become the leading association for business analysis around the globe. We help professionals working in the business analyst role develop their skills and further their careers by providing access to unique and relevant content.


Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT)

DevOps Certified Trainer

ISO 20000

ISO 27000


Universidade Católica Portuguesa

PAGE 2012 - 2013

Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Master Degree 2010 - 2011

Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Master Dregree 2009 - 2010

Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa

Licenciatura 1995 - 1998

Portuguese Navy

Lieutenant 1994 - 1995

Escola Secundária Emídio Navarro

12º Ano 1991 - 1994

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