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John is a highly effective, adaptable, experienced and capable IT & business strategy, change and projects manager, with core, generic skills that have allowed him to successfully migrate and work across multiple industries.

He has 25 years recent international experience in Outcome Delivery, now specialising in project turnarounds, having worked on initiatives in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia, with wide sector experience across a number of industries. John has been engaged for the last 14 years as a senior projects manager on major ICT and business initiatives in the financial services, insurance, logistic/warehousing, manufacturing, ICT, local government, Telco and payments sectors (UK and AUS).

Prior to this he led ITC, e-commerce and payments strategy development at two major Australian banks after a similar role in Europe for a group of Australian subsidiary banks, and as systems development manager for a key UK bank, this followed consultancy and team leader role on a major UK payments initiative, EftPos UK. 

As an Agile, lean tutor and scrum master he has initiated agile transformation and helped roll out agile / lean approach, values and tools, to projects and initiatives across organizations. His qualifications include LeSS, CSM and other certifications.


The Agility Collective

Founding member - The Agility Collective 2017 - Present

As the Agility Collective we :

  • bring together leading practitioners across many business disciplines.
  • are lean from our bootstraps. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

The heart of our business is a ‘collective’ operating model based on the DNA of a Swedish company called Crisp.
Being a collective allows us to attract diverse people who are ‘the’ specialist in their respective areas. This means we can offer our clients an end-to-end solution, and deliver work of varying size and complexity.
We value connecting with anyone with a design thinking, lean agile mindset.  Especially if you have applied these in areas like: Business support, Governance, PMO, Accounting, HR, Risk, or Marketing.

nbn™ Australia

Lead Agile Lean Coach 2017 - Present

Lean Agile coach, mentor, leader and trainer to 12 technology teams across two portfolios, based in Melbourne and Sydney.
Training some 130 in the basic agile techniques (e.g. Mindset change, Pull model, Kanban, Scrum, XP, VMB, Lean and A3 Canvas, Story mapping, TDD and BDD), through a tailored iterative education program. As well as specific role based training for Iteration Leads (scrum masters), Product owners and managers.
Moving teams from the push,” hierarchal” and project management based approach to the agile team ”pull” / self-leadership model with community of practices (COP) defining the much wider team Guiderails, DOD & DOR for them to work and innovate in.
Leading the introduction of UX design into their agile process.
Coaching and leading teams through their journey from waterfall (SDF), to agile and onto scaled agile (Safe) across some 150 people.
Enterprise Coach - Consulting to SEO /IT / Business executive level on their journey of business and Technology agility, an agile PMO - Agile Investment Office (AIO), benefit realization, Release & SIT management etc., in an agile environment.

Menture - "Mentoring The Future"

Senior Agile Leadership - Training, Coaching & Professional / Personal Mentoring 2001 - Present

Delivering tailored training and coaching programs to mid size ASX listed organisations, as well as moving them to an agile business model.
Recent Clients include :

  • CPT global
  • E-centric Innovations
  • Knowledge Hut, BCL for lean / agile training delivery
  • nBn SEO & business
  • CrownBet - Service Delivery
  • Salvation Army PMO
  • BlueScope Steel - IT
  • Dept. Premier & Cabinet - DPC Vic
  • AusPost IT & Business Delivery
  • AIA Australia

Well versed, teaches and coaches in Lean ( Kaizen, 5S, 6S, PDCA, DMAIC, SIPOC, Kata, Visualisation, and Value stream mapping), Agile ( Kanban, Scrum, XP, VMB Lean and A3 Canvas, Story mapping, TDD and BDD), and Change Management ( Lean Change, OCM & Balanced Scorecard, Kotter, ADKAR, SCARF, Cynefin), and scaled techniques such as Xscale and SAFe.
Leading & supporting the role out of the scaled business agile model, supporting business agility transition and holocracy - "Xscale " in Victoria
Training / Coaching

  • Delivering training courses on behalf of IT education organizations in the scrum / agile / lean / chnage management practices arena, adding in depth experiential business / technology examples
  • Teaching agile basics and advanced concepts across large organizations, starting on their Agile journeys
  • Agile Coach, NLP and Lean6 practitioner
  • Business initiative facilitator and strategist
  • Networker with large individual and business network across Melbourne arranging successful events to further networking for individual benefit

CrownBet Pty Limited

Senior Agile facilitator / trainer 2016 - 2017

Agile / Lean Facilitator / Coach and Mentor at CrownBet

  • Agile Delivery Program Leader at CrownBet - 11 teams
  • Program levelling the agile values, principles, frameworks, cermonies and Leadership EQ skills
  • Agile skills, team and maturity audits
  • Agile / Lean Training lead to IT and Business organizations, including;
  • Agile / Scrum / Kanban basics and advanced
  • Lean Change Management, Lean Startup
  • Lean Canvas, BMC, Story mapping, Kanban Metrics, Design Sudio
  • Agile & Lean Boot-camp ( 2 days)
  • Facilitator for issues resolution, retrospectives, backlog grooming, sprint planning solution focus and team building


LeSS - Large Scale Scrum

Jan 2017 - Present

Xscale - XPM, XBA, XDO

Jan 2017 - Present

NLP - Practioner & NS Coach

Apr 2016 - Present

Scrum Alliance - CSM

Apr 2015 - Present

Lean Green Belt

Mar 2015 - Present



MGMAA 2013 - 2013

Scrum Alliance

CSM 2015 - 2015

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