Luke Walter United States


I help organizations manage the inherent uncertainty of product development so they can increase learning, deliver value more frequently, and evolve beyond competitors or prior limitations. We reduce the chaos and waste of ad hoc, event-driven decision making with practices promoting transparency and rigor, regularly testing assumptions and growing a culture of incremental and continuous improvement. I guide management in evolving organizational structures to support autonomous learning teams, reducing the transaction costs of delivering value. Along the way, we often notice happier, more productive employees, and more engaged & satisfied customers.

• 8 years' consulting experience, coaching and training clients at large corporations, small businesses, and government agencies in Agile and Lean development practices.
• 8000+ hours dedicated service on stable, high performing Scrum teams in 14 years of high-fidelity Scrum practice.
• 25 years in product development, including over 21 years in software design management and user experience at consultancies and corporations including Microsoft and Getty Images.

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