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Paul Consalvi Japan

Specializes in PMP

Paul has 25 years of multi-cultural business experience in Japan. He started in Mitsubishi Oil Company‘s Overseas Project Department and worked his way into a senior position with ING Bank and then started setting up his own ventures. His wealth of experience include: contracts and negotiations, international business, project management, online communities, event marketing, and strategic partnerships.

He has been sharing his experience as a trainer for over 12 years. He designs and delivers action learning and project based learning programs which enable businesses to think strategically, deal with uncertainty, ambiguity and paradox, and have more confidence to handle risk and make changes.

Paul founded Japan Solutions and Tokyo Business English, both of which offer inter-active workshops run by Experienced Business Professionals that improve the skills and expertise necessary to successfully communicate and conduct business in a globally competitive environment. Paul specializes in training and mentoring managers on how to utilize diversity to become highly effective. His qualifications include certifications in Decision-Making Fundamentals, Communicating with Confidence and several other credentials.


Tokyo Business English

Founder 2006 - Present

Tokyo Business English (TBE) was founded based on the following:Mindset: "I intend to learn" NOT "I want to be taught"TBE coaches English Learners to take control of the learning process. TBE directs ambitious learners towards setting and achieving ambitious but realistic learning goals. The most important part of the learning process is using English in actual business situations. TBE ensures that learners have the opportunity to use English in natural business situations.TBE Learning Process has three very simple components:1) Learners are recommended very inexpensive online learning tools to work on basics or strengthen weaknesses in grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension.2) Learners choose actual work-related skills (presentation, negotiation) and relevant topics (marketing case studies, videos) or actual work material (marketing studies, emails, contracts)3) Experienced businesspeople with coaching experience will assist learners establish and reach ambitious goals which could include language acquisition, business skills or completing a project such as a strategic initiative.Japanese who have ambition to do business internationally.
Japanese businessmen and businesswomen working for companies which need them to communicate better in English.
Young Japanese with career ambitions to communicate in English.

Japan Solutions: Training that sticks- Communications, Negotiations, Presentations, Team Building

Cross-Cultural Negotiator, Presenter, Facilitator and Business Skill TrainerCross-Cultural Negotiator, Presenter, Facilitator and Business Skill Trainer 2008 - Present

Japan Solutions offers a wide selection of Seminars & Workshops run by Experienced Business Professionals that improve the skills necessary to successfully communicate and conduct Business in English.
Recent projects include:
A two part cross-cultural negotiations project. Part one is a series of negotiation training for primarily Japanese global business professional in Tokyo. Part two takes place in San Francisco, and entails providing insights into the nuances of Japanese negotiations as part of global sales training workshops for enterprise sales teams. The second part is delivered for one of the fastest growing Performance Improvement companies in the United States, providing training services to improve productivity in Sales and Marketing, CRM, Management, Negotiations, Presentations, Customer Service, and Time Management.

Macro-Economics at Gakushuin University

Adjunct Professor- Economics Department 2016 - Present

Design and deliver workshops and practical worksheets that promote higher order thinking about Macroeconomic theory and policy and focus on putting knowledge to work to understand Japan's current economic situation.

Hitotsubashi University Asian Public Policy Program (APPP)

Adjunct Professor: Critical Reading, Analysis, Discussion and Thesis Writing 2016 - Present

Design, development and delivery of a 2 Year course incorporating: Critical Reading, Analysis, Discussion and Thesis Writing
Hitotsubashi University offers the two-year Asian Public Policy Program (APPP) at the School of International and Public Policy, leading to the degree of Master of Public Policy (Public Economics). The program targets young professionals in Asian governments, central banks and other policy-related organizations. The APPP has been and continues to be an important stepping-stone for such individuals to become fully-fledged fiscal or financial economists, economic planners, policy analysts, and policymakers in their governments as well as in international organizations.
The course distinguishes itself from other graduate programs offered in the public policy area with its strong focus on economic policy, with almost all of the required and elective courses structured around economics and its applications to policy. The program aims to equip its graduates with the knowledge and skills to analyze and develop policies against a sound knowledge of economic theory.
The Program is also especially attractive for the personalized attention it provides to the students. The class sizes are quite small – at most around 15, and each full-time faculty supervises around 4 student per annual intake, and is able to give close guidance to the student’s academic undertakings. The small size of the Program also allows students to build strong ties with their fellow students, which can last a lifetime, and will be a valuable asset in his/her career.


Decision-Making Fundamentals

Jul 2015 - Oct 2017

Communicating with Confidence

Jul 2015 - Oct 2017

Communicating with Confidence

Jul 2015 - Oct 2017

Business Analysis Fundamentals

Jul 2015 - Oct 2017

Business Analysis Fundamentals

Jul 2015 - Oct 2017


University of Chicago

BA Economics 1983 - 1987

International University of Japan

M.A. 1989 - 1991

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Maheswaran Valluvan IT Manager
The training was good. Overall, all my expectations were met.

Attended PMP® Certification workshop in September 2019

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