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Samual Ashcroft Australia

Co Founder,Mechanical Engineer and Programmer

This self-taught programmer with over 25 years’ experience is a Python expert and his interests lie in robots, 3D printing (since 2010), laser cutting, Milling, CAD design and especially programming. 
Robotics is a passion for him and he can program a SLAM capable robot at the embedded level with no libraries from scratch (he makes a point in personal projects of making a library himself before using an existing one that does the same thing).
Sam is one of those relentless self-driven learners, who can very easily become enthralled and obsessed by technical areas of study and he makes it a point of understanding everything he ever uses (technology), at least in general control system terms and often in electro-mechanical implementation.
He is a Python instructor coach with KnowledgeHut and imparts his years of programing expertise through hands on practical training workshops.


Forgacs Engineering Pty Ltd

Intermediate Rigger/Dogman 2010 - 2012

Working as an Intermediate Rigger and machine operator in many varied capacities over many ship refurbishment projects. This was a Contract Role.


Vacation Scholorship student and Industrial Trainee 2014 - 2015

During my vacation scholarship with CSIRO I refurbished an open source grade 3D printer, designed manufacturing processes for laymen and designed many multi-material 3D printed parts for robotic applications. This project was successfully completed in time and in budget, and as a result I was invited to undertake my final year Bachelor of Engineering thesis project as an industrial trainee with CSIRO. During the industrial traineeship, I gathered a team of fellow final year thesis Engineering students to complete a project on indiscreet modular robotics for an autonomous confined space robot. In this project, I was responsible for mechanical design and for programming the locomotion control algorithms on each of the separable modules. This experience gave me the opportunity to learn CNC milling and improve my documentation skills.

Enhanced Labour solutions

General hire Intermediate Rigger/dogman 2007 - Present

Working as an Intermediate rigger for a few dozen different crane companies in a varied capacity across varied tasks. This is an on-call contract role.


IT trainer, Python 2015 - Present

Training the basics of Python in various major cities around Australia. This is a contract role.


Co Founder, Mechanical Engineer, Programmer and Production manager 2016 - 2017

We founded RAWrobotics because there is a gap in the market for robotics tools accessible to educators at the high school and university level. There are toys, and then there are several hundred thousand dollar robots for research and industry. Our team has experienced this issue first hand having used sub-standard tools throughout our education experiences.
There are currently no robotics education tools available to educators that allow students to develop the skills they will need for the jobs of tomorrow. There are plenty of 'robotics kits' and 'STEM kits' available but these often are essentially toys. A kit means that educators must spend precious class time assembling components, instead of getting on with the really important learning outcomes; such as programming, sensors, motion, control systems, decision making.
At RAWrobotics, we build real world relevant robotics education tools for high school and above. Our mission is to enable learning outcomes above and beyond current standards, equipping students for the jobs of tomorrow. Our platform is not a kit, our products work out of the box so students can get on with learning. We pack real world robotics tech into our products, so students can have a go at the same problems that researchers and engineers are.
We do this by scaling down features from real robots used in research and industry into a package accessible for education. We're not in the business of making toys. We wrap our robots with easy to use yet powerful software, and provide all resources needed for students and educators to get the best learning outcomes possible from our products.
My role within RAWrobotics :
• Mechanical design, CAD, CAM, FEA, CFD.
• Programming, system architecture design, physics related high throughput control systems, FPGA, embedded C, python and labview.
• Production; Design of manufacturing processes, CNC operation, injection mold manufacture, 3Dprinting, Assembly, design of quality control processes.


Port Moresby International High

Year 9 Highschool 1996 - 1998


Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanica 2012 - 2016

QUT (Queensland University of Technology)

Bachelor of Computer Science 2016 - 2018

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