Sarbojit Madhab

Sarbojit Madhab Bose Singapore

DOI Certified trainer

Always serving my learners to gain wisdome.
A Trainer or Educator or Facilitator or Coach, who is equipped with the relevant certifications and the experience gained over the past 26 years, to impart knowledge, skills and influence to build a positive attitude in a learner regardless of the age, gender, race, etc. Such that the learner is able to apply the newly acquired skill and knowledge to solve a practical problem or a situation, geared by the can-do attitude. The role metamorphosed from the over 17 years of successful Project Delivery Profession in ICT Infrastrucrue and Security, working for MNC and local organisations across 4 continents of the World.
Succesfully, adding value to the customers, individual or Corporate, by ensuring that they are able pursuade towards their objective and earn a positive ROI against the money, time and effort spend.
Constantly, upgrading and evolving to raise my capability to deliver the most relevant and sought for skills and knowledge.
Relentlessly, observing the future trend to avoid being redundant. This endavour prompted me to concerntrate more into the world of Security 10 yrears back when the field was fairly less travelled and known. That step along with the passion to transition to a new career path helped me to become a traveller in this highway, where traffic is much more higher these days and the trend will continue. Rendering this profession fail proof for the next decade or so.
The acxelerated transformation of the face of crime and warfare from the physical to the cyber world contributes vigorous to the aperite of the ICT industry for security professionals. We are tasked to feed that huger with the right skilled and minded professionals.
Capable of providing Project Assessmant, Health Check Reporting, Business Case Analysis, Risk Assessment & Mitigation, Compliance Conformity and IT Audits.
#ACTAv5 certified #Authorised to run WSQ funded trainings# 

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