Subrahmaniam S.R.V India

Enterprise Agile Coach | OKR Coach | SAFe specialist

Subbu is an Agile consultant with deep, substantive change management & transformation experience in Product houses & GICs. His holistic offering includes coaching, consulting and thought leadership in areas of OKRs, Agile, culture and organisation development

Subbu had a rigorous stint for 10 years in Enterprise class software development across varied domains such as automobile, telecom, utilities, homeland security and defence. Inducted into Agile in 2007, Subbu has been leveraging Agile and servant leadership principles extensively to drive successful product development and business adoption outcomes. His innovations in this space have been showcased in industry forums and conferences.

Subbu has facilitated Organisational goal setting through OKR workshops. This has resulted in large and small firms, set and track OKRs, looking to seamlessly blend the Agile philosophy with OKRs to enable alignment and achievement of organisational outcomes.

Subbu heads one of the chapters of Business Agility Institute and is part of their global research team.

He has specialist experience in Scaled Agile Framework - large scale SAFe transformations in diverse contexts - in Auto IT and UBS space and implementing SAFe Solution trains and Portfolio set-ups. Have used other frameworks like Nexus too. I would think I am agnostic to agile frameworks and would be comfortable combining seemingly contradictory practices from different frameworks, if it suits the given context.

Public Speaker on Agile Testing, Scaling Agile, Organisational culture, Kanban, DevOps & technical practices. Reviewer for Global Scrum Gatherings.Chennai chapter co-organizer for agile meet-ups.

Reviewer for recent conference - Agile Gurugram 2019. The second batch of the new workshop on Agile Leadership is also happening soon.

My latest presentation on Agile Transformation from a Change Management view is available here.

Expertise in consulting and training in OKR, SAFe, Kanban, Agile Testing, Agile Leadership and Product Ownership and application of Training from back of the room approach and techniques 

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Satish Kumar Batakala Digital Consulting Manager
SAFe Agile training was interactive and we had good discussions among group. The instructor patiently answered all questions and also leveraged his rich industry experience to provide examples. Great learning experience with KnowledgeHut.

Attended Leading SAFe® 5 Certification workshop in July 2020

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