Winnie Wang China

Specializes in project management

Winnie is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), and certified Chevy Leadership coach who specializes in life skills. As an instructor, mentor and counsellor, she has helped 60+ leaders, employees, mothers, and college students to enhance their leadership capabilities, manage their emotions, overcome obstacles, find life goals, and pursue a more meaningful & happier life. She was a Sr. Manager, internal coach, and trainer in PwC. She built, grew, and led the Microsoft team with strong offshore and local delivery capabilities. As an internal coach, she has worked in several organizations and supported team members and leaders to grow.



Lead Software Engineer 1996 - 2001

William O'Neil + Co. Inc.

Developer 2001 - 2003


Project manager 2005 - 2009


Sr.Manager 2009 - 2016

Internal Trainer
With the company quick expansion and growing in the number of the projects, there is an urgent needs to enable general resources to manage their own projects. Winnie built two trainings: “Introduction to Agile Scrum” and “Successful Delivery in SDC China”. She delivered numerous training sessions inside PwC, feedbacks from the audience was high. One audience quoted “This training is very useful to my daily work and should be mandatory to all employee”.
Microsoft Team leader and coach
Winnie built, grew, and led the Microsoft team with strong offshore and local delivery capabilities. She led the team to support business proposal with different new and existing Microsoft technologies and won many projects in US and China. She monitored and provided supervision to the projects in the team from the smooth kick off to the success delivery. As an internal coach, she provided supports to team members and leaders, and helped them to grow.
Program Manager
Winnie is a certified Scrum Master and program manager. She has successfully managed numerous systems implementations across Financial, Manufacture, Retail and eBusiness. In SDC China, she has managed more than 10 medium to large size offshore deliveries with Agile (Scrum), and traditional SDLC models. With her excellent pm, communication, and client skills, she has been recognized and built good relationship with US partner, engagement manager, PM, and end users.


Leadership Coach & Trainer 2016 - Present

Winnie has two running workshops on Communication which are based on the deep listening and nonviolent communication. The students have learned the effective methods in the workshop, applied them to the work/life, and received the instant rewards.
Winnie has been helping more than 30 clients ranging from manager, team lead, young employee, mother to college student. Some have successfully found the dream job, and one got promoted. All of the clients have found the internal energy not only to face the difficulties, but to enjoy and grow from these life challenges.


Certified ScrumMaster

Jan 2012 - Present


East China Normal University

Bachelor’s Degree 1979 - 1985

Georgia State University

Master’s Degree 1989 - 1990

Georgia State University

Master’s Degree 1991 - 1992

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