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Become a skilled React developer

Understand how to adopt a Test-Driven Development approach by using Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library etc.  Familiarize yourself with the skills and tools required to become a skilled React developer.  You will also learn to build components that can interact with APIs and services.


32 Hours of Live Instructor-Led Sessions

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Why learn React in Baltimore?

React JS Training

React is the most popular JavaScript library today. It is powering the most widely used apps and pages online. Mastering React can open new opportunities for you as a React developer in Baltimore and other cities. With React you can develop captivating interfaces and components that are fast and light that the current market demands.


React developers earn $81,764 on an average in cities like Baltimore. Stand to gain from the growing demand for React developers from all over the world. Get hired by the leading companies that build fast interactive apps that are loved by users around the world. 

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Immersive Learning
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