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Become a Skilled React Developer

You will learn client-side routing using React Router, global state management and transitions using Redux, server-side rendering and testing using Jest, Enzyme, and more. Our React JS training is delivered both in a Blended Learning and Self-Paced mode.


20+ Hours of Instructor-Led Sessions

82+ Hours of On-Demand Self-Paced Learning 

32 Hands-On Exercises 

17 Auto-Graded Assessments 

4 Comprehensive Assignments 

Real-World Capstone Project 

Live Interactive Doubt-Solving Sessions

Why React?

React JS Training

According to Stack Overflow, JavaScript’s React is the library that most developers want to work with (>71 percent). React is powering the mobile revolution and is a critical skill that developers need to innovate and reach more users on mobile platforms. To date, this JavaScript library fuels 46 percent of all the world’s websites and applications.


It is no wonder that many big tech giants have embraced React. Faster time-to-market, ease of use, quick rendering with V-DOM, efficient design, and developer tools are just some of the reasons React has become so popular. The list of top global enterprises leveraging React doesn’t cease to impress: Instagram, Twitter, Netflix, Yahoo! Mail, WhatsApp, DropBox, Atlassian, Salesforce, New York Times, etc.

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Immersive Learning
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