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Jan 30, 2019 09:00 (EST)


How to work with people you hate!

It is not necessary that you will like everyone in your team, project or company. Or even in your neighborhood. But circumstances most often force us or require us to work with individuals we don't necessarily get along with. Or may be you are a team lead/Manager who has such cases in your teams.

In this training, we will help you identify such individual cases, scenarios behind them and how to handle them so that things bring positive results for everyone's well being without forcing anyone to be friends with people they don't get along with.

We will teach you how to handle conflicts to bring peace and desired results. We will cover topics like:

a) Why do conflicts occur in office and personal life?
b) Getting to the bottom of issues and addressing them?
c) How to keep emotions separate from problem?
d) How to bring warring parties together for a discussion?
e) How to create a winning solution that helps everyone in long run without forcing anyone to become friends with each other.

An Overview
• Certification Intro 
• Certification Eligibility Criteria
• Certification Benefits (Careers/Job Market/Individual Benefits)
• Deliverables
• A quick run through the course content 

Course Module Training Demo
• Training demo covering one of the modules from the curriculum

Q & A Session
• A chance to clarify all your doubts/queries about the certification

Certified Conflict Management faculty who will take you through the session agenda and will help you explore the strength of the certification and answer all your queries.

Seats are limited and will be blocked on first come first base confirmed basis.

Joining Link:

Webinar ID: 459-983-260

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