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Full Stack Developer Internship: Job Opportunities & Tips

29th Nov, 2023
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    Full Stack Developer Internship: Job Opportunities & Tips

    Full stack developer is one of the most promising career choices in this modern era of digitalization. And internships are a great way to gain work experience during your academic career. It will help you to gain first-hand practical skills that will be very useful to demonstrate your proficiency in full stack development. Before you start a Full Stack Software Developer course and apply for a full stack developer internship online, read the following blog to learn about the tips and best practices to land a full stack developer internship.

    Full Stack Development - An Overview

    Full stack development refers to the development of a website or an application on the front end and back end (also known as client end and server end). A full stack developer intern's salary $1,02,911 per year. The exact pay for a full stack developer intern depends on many factors like the company, experience, skillset, etc.

    What Do Full Stack Developer Interns Do?

    Some of the roles and responsibilities of a Python full stack developer are mentioned below:

    • Assist the regular full stack developer in software development projects
    • Learn new skills and tools relevant to the job position
    • Apply the new skills and tools learned to complete the allocated web development tasks
    • Report daily/weekly/monthly updates to the manager and the professor from the university 
    • Curate an internship defense report that describes your software development project in detail and your role in it. 
    • Curate an internship defense presentation, including the introduction, principle, suggested solutions, working principles, methodology, etc. 

    How to Land a Full Stack Development Internship? [Step-by-Step Guide]

    We have mentioned some basic steps that will enable you to land a software engineering internship:  

    Step 1: Build Solid Web Development Fundamentals

    Building solid fundamentals in the Computer Science domain is the first step to landing a full stack internship. One of the priorities is to improve your Math skills since Computer Science depends on mathematical concepts like logic, arithmetic, probability, etc. Next, you need solid programming skills.  

    One way is to pursue a Computer Science degree. Otherwise, you can also opt for a Java Full Stack Developer course online to learn the tools, technologies and frameworks essential for web development to acquire basic programming skills. Furthermore, you need to develop a habit of being updated on what is new in the tech industry. Finally, you need to make sure you apply these fundamental skills to complete some academic projects to demonstrate your ability in programming. 

    Step 2: Create a Full Stack Developer Intern Resume  

    Creating a resume is an important skill in itself. It is estimated that a recruiter spends about 6 seconds reviewing a resume. You need to make your resume such that it makes an impression in those 6 seconds. Here are some awesome tips to build a resume: 

    • Try to complete your resume within one page. 
    • Do not add designs and colors to it (unless you are a designer). 
    • Try to stick to the standard format of font and style. 
    • Do not add fluff words, keep it concise. 
    • Use action keywords like accomplished, developed, headed, executed, etc to describe your achievements. 
    • Use tangible phrases to describe your achievements. Do not use ‘Helped in increasing profits’, rather use ‘Increased profits by 20%’. 
    • Try to add specific details of every achievement that you think might be relevant to the job. 
    • Lastly, try to customize your resume according to the job description of the position you are applying for.  

    Step 3: Apply for Full Stack Developer Internships

    Most application processes are either conducted online or via college placements. Before you start the application process, you need to ensure that you have the following things ready for each application: 

    • Resume 
    • Cover Letter
    • References (2-3 ) 
    • Transcript

    If you know a person within the company you are applying for, seek referrals from them. You might have to apply for multiple roles to land a few roles to select from. You can also submit physical candidatures during career fairs in schools and universities. Also, try to avoid unpaid or free full stack development internships. 

    Step 4: Ace Your Full Stack Developer Interview  

    A typical interview process includes the following process: Coding challenge, initial telephonic interview with the recruiter, telephonic interview with the hiring manager, and face-to-face interview. The exact process varies from company to company.  

    • The coding challenge for full stack developer intern positions is generally simple and straightforward. You won’t be asked to develop a complete webpage, rather, you will be asked to write code snippets for a particular problem statement. You can practice solving some example coding challenges online to prepare yourself. 
    • The initial telephonic conversation with HR is full of behavioral questions. The recruiter might ask you about your academic training, previous work experience, motivations, etc. 
    • The telephonic interview with the hiring manager comprises technical questions and other questions about your skill set, motivations, etc. For this interview, you need to prepare your fundamentals of the subject. 
    • The final face-to-face interview can involve multiple rounds of interviews with a break in between. For this round, you will be invited to their work office. These interviews might involve hackathons, case studies, conversations, etc. Make sure you have dressed appropriately and carry a notepad & a pen. Prepare yourselves for this interview by giving mock interviews and solving example case studies. 

    Step 5: Evaluating the Offer

    Once you have aced the interview process and received an offer, you need to evaluate the various components of the offer to see if they match your requirements. You will need to evaluate components like your salary, additional benefits, location, etc. Here you will also need to use your negotiation skills to make the offer more to your liking.

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    What are the Skills Required to Get a Full Stack Web Developer Internship? 

    To get a full stack internship, you need to acquire the skills in the front end and back end development listed below: 

    These front end developer skills are categorized into the following: 

    • Basic Web Development Tools: HTML, CSS, TypeScript, JavaScript 
    • Integrated Development Environments (IDE): Visual Studio Code IDE, Sublime Text 3 
    • Front End Frameworks: Angular, VueJS, React 
    • User Interface (UI) Libraries: Material UI, Bootstrap CSS 
    • Back-end Development: The back end developer skills are categorized into the following:  
    • Java Build Tools: Maven, Gradle 
    • Integrated Development Environments (IDE): Intellij IDEA, Spring Tool Suite 
    • No SQL Databases: MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, RavenDB, Redis 
    • Relational Databases: MySQL, MS-SQL Server, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL 
    • Cloud Databases: DynamoDB, Cosmos DB 
    • Build DAO/Repository Layers: Spring Data JPA, JPA/Hibernate 
    • Build REST APIs: RestEasy framework, Jersey REST framework, Sprint Boot 
    • Secure REST APIs Using Spring Security: JWT, Authentication, Role-based authorization 

    5 Pro Tips for Landing a Full Stack Web Development Internship

    Below are 5 pro tips for landing a full stack web development internship: 

    • Try to practice with mock interviews to ace the interview section. This helps in boosting confidence and makes you ready for the real interview. 
    • Do not forget to customize your resume according to the job description of the specific position you are applying for. 
    • Your cover letter should not be an extended version of your resume. Highlight your motivations to join the role and the company. You can also add specific skills that make you stand out from the crowd. 
    • If you are applying for a full stack developer internship work from home, your interviews might be conducted online. But make sure that you are dressed appropriately from top to bottom. You can also opt for a Web Development Certificate online 
    • We recommend you start your internship application as early as possible. Remember this is an internship position. They are not looking for an expert, so you need not lie about qualities that you don’t have. Rather you should showcase your motivation and enthusiasm to learn new skills and tools via the internship. 

    Full Stack Developer Internship Job Opportunities

    Some of the full stack developer internship jobsare as follows: 

    • Web developer
    • API developer
    • Software development engineer 
    • Google Cloud engineer 
    • Desktop developer
    • Mobile application developer  
    • Graphics developer
    • Game developer


    full stack developer intern is responsible for web development on the client end and the server end. Completing a full stack development internship is a great way to learn new skills and start your journey as a professional full stack developer. Enroll in KnowledgeHut’s Full Stack Software Developer bootcamp to boost your knowledge in the entire stack list to land a full stack web developer internship.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1What companies are hiring for full stack developer internship jobs?

    Some of the companies hiring for full stack developer internship jobs are: 

    • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) 
    • Cognizant Technology 
    • Meta 
    • Google 
    • Amazon 
    • IBM (International Business Machine) 
    2What are the top cities with open full stack developer Internship jobs?

    Some of the top cities with open full stack development internship jobs are Los Angeles (USA), Paris (France), Sydney (Australia), California (USA), London (UK), Toronto (Canada), Bangalore (India), New Delhi (India), Mumbai (India), etc.  

    3What does a full stack developer intern do?

    A full stack engineer intern is in charge of the following: 

    • Assist the senior full stack developer or managers in software development projects 
    • Learn new skills and tools 
    • Try to apply the new skills and tools learned 
    • Report daily/weekly/monthly updates to the manager 
    • Curate an internship defense report and a presentation 
    4Can a fresher get a full stack developer job?

    Yes, a fresher can get a full stack developer job. They need to make sure that they are proficient in the development of the client end and server end. They need to be skilled in all the popular tools, approaches, frameworks and architecture relevant to full stack development.  


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