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Full Stack Developer Resume Writing Tips

05th Sep, 2023
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    Full Stack Developer Resume Writing Tips

    A great career in full stack development does not start and end with skills alone. Presentation is as important, if not more, than skills alone. In this context, it is important to write your resume in a way that reflects your strengths as a developer, gets hiring managers to notice your profile, and demonstrates your expertise in full stack development.  

    Also, check out the details on top reasons to become a full stack developer.

    Let’s understand what goes into a full stack developer’s resumé and go over some tips and tricks that full stack developers and other developers can use while writing their resumé to stand out and make a strong impression. 

    Overview Of A Resume

    A typical full stack developer resume java full stack developer resume or entry level full stack developer resume should contain the following sections irrespective of their designation or years of experience. Every section should be short and precise. Recruiters have ess than 10 seconds to go through your resume and within that time, you need to impress recruiters to shortlist your resume. You can search for full stack developer resume examples on the internet and create one for you. Or, you can read on as KnowledgeHut makes your task easier by creating a full stack developer resume sample for your reference, you can consider the following sections while creating a resume. 

    Resume header section contains the critical details such as your name, contact information like mobile number, email address, quick links to your github, stack overflow link, personal blog link etc. You can also include the certifications link or courses you have taken, for example certification for full stack developer.  

    • Shankar Bhat 
    • Certified Full Stack Web Developer 
    • (987) 654-3210 

    Summary Of Qualifications 

    Dedicated, passionate, and accomplished Full Stack Developer with 4+ years of progressive experience in developing scalable websites/applications using a wide range of front end and back end skills such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, MySQL database etc. Build and Deployed more than 10+ applications from Scratch. Looking to further enhance HTML5, CSS3, JS Libraries as the future full stack developer at Future IT Solutions.  

    Work Experience 

    • Senior Full Stack Developer 
    • December 2019 - Till date 
    • Advaita Infotech, Bangalore 


    • Built and deployed more than three full stack web applications which process, manage, analyse and display data on the webpages 
    • Involved in the current projects by designing, developing  and coordinating the team members 
    • Communicating with the product owners to understand the business requirements of the application 
    • Communicating with project manager, testing team to find out the critical bugs, improving the testing methods and best practises  
    • Involved in various phases of Software Development such as modelling, system analysis, design, code generation and testing using Agile Methodology 
    • Meeting the deadlines by delivering the product on time with error free 
    • Constantly updating the application with latest versions of the technologies like React, Spring Boot and MySQL database etc. 

    Key Achievements 

    • Executed the unit test cases and load testing for high profile client application, which reduced system failure rate by 60% 
    • Increases the API execution time 2x by developing them using Nodejs and Express 

    Junior Full Stack Developer

    May 2017 - December 2019 

    Future IT Solutions, Bangalore 


    • Involved in various phases of Software Development such as modelling, system analysis, design, code generation and testing using Agile Methodology 
    • Solved challenging dataset problems by using ideas from distributed computing, large-scale design, real time data processing and data storage 
    • The technology used like HTML, CSS, Javascript library React and Spring framework in Java etc. 
    • Writing the unit test cases and performing the basic application testing.  
    • Developed, improved and operated web-based software 

    Key Achievements 

    • Increased the application performance 20% by converting REST APIs to GraphQL queries 


    • Full stack development with Java certification at NIIT, Bangalore 
    • Backend web development certification with Nodejs at JSpiders, Bangalore 
    • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 

    Add one with our complete web development course that comes with resume worthy projects and portfolio of real projects by the time you complete it.   


    • Rookie of the Quarter (Q3/2021) at Advaita Infotech 
    • Best coder of the Quarter (Q1/2019) at Future IT Solutions 


    • Association for Cloud Computing (ACC) 
    • Association of Machine Learning Professionals (AMLP) 


    • Kannada: Native Proficiency 
    • English: Expert Proficiency 

    Tips On How To Write Full Stack Developer Resume

    Now I want to first tell you a fact that an HR or a screening team actually has just six seconds to go through a resume usually so that’s the average time that an HR or resume screening person will actually give to your resume and entire six seconds you need to make sure that you have built an impact on your applied company or your screening team because as you can know that MNCs and large companies gets a hell lot of applications and the average time which is based in the industries around six seconds.  

    Highlight Your Full Stack Developer Resume Skills

    Adding Full Stack Developer’s skills is another most important section in the Resume writing. Your technical skills in both frontend and backend should stand out from the crowd and highlight to the recruiters that you are the right candidate for the job that they are looking for.  

    An important point to remember is that, if you give rating on a scale instead of experience in years for each and every skill, it makes it easier for the recruiters to know how well-versed you are with a particular skill set. 

    Following are some of the full stack developer skills that you can include in the resume along with the rating: 

    • HTML (5/5) 
    • CSS (4/5) 
    • Javascript/ES6 (4/5) 
    • Vue.js (3.5/5) 
    • Git (3.5/5) 
    • Core Java (4/5) 
    • Spring Boot (4/5) 
    • MySQL (3.5/5) 
    • AWS (3/5) 
    • Docker (3/5) 
    • Jenkins (3/5) 

    By looking at the rating that you provided, the recruiter knows how about the extent you are skilled in each area and the interviewer can ask questions based on your rating.

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    Tailor Your Full Stack Developer Resume To The Job Post  

    Another best way to stand out from the crowd is to add some information from the job portal into your resume. Recruiters will be happier with the skill sets mentioned in the job portal and the skill sets you mentioned both are matching.

    To make more impact on recruiters, include some of them in the resume: 

    • The projects you have worked previously that are on the same domain 
    • The skill sets you mentioned in the resume are the same skill sets used in the company project 
    • Your personal goal should align with the company goals and vision 

    Add Hard Numbers To Your Achievements 

    If you are a full stack developer, the best way to showcase yourself is using the Hard numbers. These hard numbers give the idea to the recruiters that what you are capable of being a full stack developer and what success you brought into the table in your previous organisation in the company's growth. What are your some of the achievements, leadership qualities etc. 

    Here is an example of what you can write: 

    “Convert REST APIs to GraphQL queries which increases the application performance by 20%” 

    Format Your Experience To Clearly Illustrate Career Progression  

    Being a full stack developer it's important to format your resume by adding experience and education qualification. The best way to add education details and qualifications is by adding them in the chronological order meaning the latest experience first and mention the projects you have worked on recently. 

    If you have recently passed out from the university then maybe you can add your highest qualification first and the projects you have worked on in your graduation. 

    Let’s Get This Bread!

    So far we have discussed a lot. Writing a resume is one of the most important and crucial things while changing/searching for jobs. If your resume is impressed by recruiters then half of the job is already done. Information you have included in the resume like skill sets, professional experience, qualifications, achievements, accomplishments can help the recruiter know why they should hire you. Your certification fofull stack developer from KnowledgeHut will give the necesary boost. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1How do I write a Full Stack Developer resume?

    Full Stack Developer resume includes your professional experience, achievements, accomplishments, expertise, certifications and most importantly both front end and back end skill sets. By looking at the resume recruiters should be impressed.  

    2How do I write a resume for a web developer?

    Web developer resume includes the technologies used like Java, Spring Framework, HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. You should also include projects and the technologies used in the project. You can also add how your goal should be aligned with the company vision.

    3How do you put full stack developer on resume?

    Building an impressive resume is most important to stand out from the crowd.  

    • Include both frontend and backend skill sets, tools used in the previous projects. 
    • Include the designations like Junior Full Stack Developer or Senior Full Stack  
    • Developer etc. Your roles and responsibilities should include both at frontend and  
    • Backend. 
    4What is tech stack in a resume?

    Following is the sample tech stack you can add in the resume: 

    • Front end technologies:HTML, CSS, Javascript 
    • Front end frameworks: Angular, React 
    • Server side programming: Java, Python 
    • Backend frameworks: Spring Boot by Java, Django by Python 
    • Database :MySQL, Oracle 
    • Development IDEs: Eclipse IDE, Visual Studio Code 
    • Version control: Git, SVN 
    • Build Tools:Maven, Gradle

    Bushan Sirgur


    Bushan is a dedicated, passionate, and accomplished Full Stack Developer with 5+ years of progressive experience working as a Software Engineer for an IT company in Banglore and growing his educational Youtube Channel that helps others to learn programs and other technologies. He has acquired a wide depth of knowledge and expertise in using my technical skills in programming, computer science, and software development to help organizations increase productivity, and accelerate business performance. My primary skill set includes Java/J2EE, Spring Boot, Angular, MySQL, and UI design. People like working with him because he can explain technology to everyone, from staff to executives who need him to tie together the details and the big picture.

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