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DevOps Engineer Salary

Before we start discussing the salary of DevOps Engineer, let’s understand what DevOps is? DevOps is a software development strategy which bridges the gap between the developers and the IT staff. It enables organizations to release small features very quickly and incorporate the feedback which they receive very quickly. Its benefits are less software failure and shortened the lead time between fixes.As a DevOps Engineer, you get a clear understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle along with various automation tools for developing digital pipelines (CI/CD pipelines). Glassdoor ranks DevOps at second among the 50 Best Jobs in America. But who can become a DevOps Engineer? The journey of becoming a DevOps Engineer is pretty long. However, you can become a DevOps Engineer even as a fresher. Further, working as a Developer, Ops person, Quality Assurance also prepares you to work in this role. The 2019 Tech Salary Report released by Dice shows that the salary of DevOps Engineer ranks in the Top 5 salaries with an average of $111,683.According to Experts, the popularity of DevOps is going to reach its peak in 2019. The above chart shows the Google trend for the term DevOps in the year 2019 projecting a hypothesis of its growth.Salary of DevOps EngineerWith all the skills and expertise as a DevOps Engineer, it is important for you to know where you stand in terms of salary. The salary you can earn as a DevOps Engineer in the major countries are as follows:CountriesCurrenciesSalary of DevOps Engineer (per annum)IndiaINR6,42,692UK£40,883USA$92,054CanadaCA$76,357Experience also plays a pivotal role while determining your salary. Now let’s take a look at the experience-wise salary of DevOps Engineer across the globe:CountriesCurrenciesSalary of DevOps Engineer (per annum)Entry-levelMid-CareerExperiencedIndiaINR3,52,23310,47,56716,12,255UK£29,59848,56160,629USA$72,966100,576117,161CanadaCA$61,19182,27789,198Further, the maximum and minimum salaries that DevOps Engineers earn in the above-mentioned countries can be seen in the following chart:CountriesCurrenciesMinimum Salary (per annum)Maximum Salary (per annum)IndiaINR3,07,00020,00,000UK£26,00067,000USA$63,000134,000CanadaCA$55,00099,000Company-wise salary in various countriesAs we have seen the average as well as the minimum and maximum salary in the major countries, now let’s take a look at a company-wise salary in those countries. First, let’s take a look at the top companies hiring DevOps Engineers in India and the salary paid by them:Company NameAverage Salary (per annum in INR)Tata Consultancy Services4,92,545Accenture6,40,043IBM4,35,534Cognizant Technology Solutions4,43,759Amazon11,15,053Now, let’s take a look at the average salary paid by the top companies to DevOps Engineer in the United Kingdom:Company NameAverage Salary (per annum in £)Cloudreach35,222Accenture33,198KPMG58,575ClearScore55,827Sky44,642The top companies hiring DevOps Engineer in the United States and the salaries offered to them are as follows:Company NameAverage Salary (per annum in $)IBM112,432Cognizant Technology Solutions96,381Accenture107,086Amazon110,779Capital One100,344The following are the top companies hiring DevOps Engineer in Canada and the salaries offered to them are as follows:Company NameAverage Salary (per annum in CA$)IBM104,170Cloudreach74,068SAP105,500Blackberry89,500Global Relay83,544Why DevOps Engineers are paid highly?DevOps is one of the most spoken and popular terms in IT. As you can see in the above charts that apart from being in demand, DevOps can set you on a promising journey in terms of your career prospects. Now let’s take a look at a few reasons which make DevOps Engineer the most demanded job:1. High ROIDid you ever imagine why companies are ready to invest in paying high salaries to DevOps Engineers? The reason for the demand is high ROI. Implementation of DevOps helps an organisation to increase its annual profit, resulting in companies searching for such engineers.2. DevOps lead the futureReports tell that DevOps is going to remain an essential part of IT projects. This is another reason that leads to high demand in job. This increase in demand for hiring DevOps engineers as the experts believe that it’s going to be more vital for businesses in the future.3. It’s cloud-basedIn this era, when most of the applications are changing to cloud-based platforms, you might be glad to know that it’s important for you to have some DevOps experts by your side. The clouds and infrastructural processes applied through DevOps are complementary. Organisations need to deploy proper processes to successfully change the applications in the main platform. This is the core reason behind IT projects and businesses looking to hire DevOps Engineers.4. Triggers sufficiencyDevOps focuses on increasing the sufficiency. You are able to interact with the applications easily as well as all the changes are confirmed a fast as possible once you apply the practices and updates more frequently. This reduced reputation-threatening errors.5. CompetitiveAnother reason for DevOps’ demand is that it is capable of pushing you up the list. From IT-based company to business application company, DevOps can keep it going without fail.On a concluding noteTo conclude, a DevOps Engineer is equipped with the skills of testing, building, integrating, coding, and deployment along with problem-solving skills. Also, as a DevOps Engineer, you need to multitask and handle challenges that arise from multiple roles in order to justify your designation. It is suggestible to opt for a DevOps training with a reputed training provider and get DevOps certified to explore its benefits.The skills and expertise that you possess as a DevOps Engineer also makes you eligible to move towards a promising career with a good salary. This blog will give you a clear idea about the earning prospect around the globe as well as the top companies hiring DevOps Engineers across the globe. All the best for your DevOps career!
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DevOps Engineer Salary

Before we start discussing the salary of DevOps En... Read More

Why learn Angular?

OverviewAngular is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework developed by Google’s Angular team along with a community of individuals and corporations. The development of Angular applications involves writing the code using Typescript, a superset of Javascript, along with HTML, CSS, etc. Then the code written in Typescript compiles to Javascript and is rendered in the browser. This allows developers to create Single Page Applications (SPAs) and therefore, gives the user very reactive user experience. The HTML is extended into the application and the attributes are interpreted in order to perform data binding.Popularity And VersionsAngular is the most widely used Javascript framework, used by developers for building web, desktop, and mobile applications. There have been seven version releases of Angular till date. They are:Angular 2.0 - released on September 14, 2016Angular 4.0 - released on March 23, 2017Angular 5.0 - released on November 1, 2017Angular 6.0 - released on May 4, 2018Angular 7.0 - released on October 18, 2018Angular 8.0 - released on May 28, 2019.There have been talks of future releases fuelled by the expected release of Ivy, an entirely new engine that is backward compatible and is based on the incremental DOM architecture. Engineered considering tree shaking, the application bundles will only include the parts of Angular source code that is actually used by the application.Career and Salary as an Angular developerBy learning Angular, you will get a comprehensive knowledge of Angular development and be able to pursue your career as a Front-End Developer, Software Engineer, Software Developer, etc. You will get all the proper skills, exposure, a hands-on approach and moreover, be able to concentrate in particular areas of development.Payscale reports state that on average, an Entry-Level Front End Developer earns US$65,661 per year with the highest figure being US$96,392 with the experienced Front End Developers earning an average of US$86,502 and earning as high as US$127,102 per year.An Entry-Level Software Developer earns an average of U$65,995 per year going as high as US$93,853. The experienced ones earn an average of US$89,756 every year, the highest earnings going up to US$123,445.The Software Engineers enter the frame too and earn quite well when compared to Front End Developers and Software Developers. Every year, Entry-Level Software Engineers get paid $78,958 on an average with the highest salary going as high as $117,107 while the Experienced Software Engineers earn a whopping US$101,022 on an average and as high as $144,090 per annum.Job Roles with Angular skillsEntry-Level Experience salary in US$/yearExperienced salary in US$/yearFront End Developer65,661Highest 96,39286,502Highest 127,102Software Developer65,995Highest 93,85389,756Highest 123,445Software Engineer78,958Highest 117,107101,022Highest 144,090You will be able to work with various companies working on Angular. Being an Angular equipped Software Developer is such a prolific, growing, and interesting career option because of Angular being so popular amongst the major software companies with the future looking very bright indeed.The major companies hiring Angular Developers are as follows:Google, Inc.International BusinessMachines (IBM) Corp.Microsoft CorpIntel CorporationCisco Systems Inc.The most fascinating thing to hear is all of the above organisations do not only hire the experienced Angular Developers but the entry-level ones as well, thus providing a lot of scope for progressive growth at the beginning of the career.BenefitsNow, the benefits. The angular framework is popular for various reasons, and there are numerous benefits of learning Angular for both the developers and employers. Its framework is improved and more simplified, making software development easier and a popular choice for the major companies. Here are the various benefits of using Angular.Individual benefits:A solid understanding of the Angular framework helps you in the following manner:Reduced coding: Angular 7, one of the latest versions of the Angular framework, supports Model View Controller (MVC) Developers which helps in writing shortcodes reducing time and effortAngular Edge: Upskilled with Angular, developers can now stand up against the rising demands for Angular framework in the software industry giving them an edge over others in finding high-paying jobsMultiple Job Roles: Developers skilled in Angular can work in multiple job roles like Front-End Developer, Software Developer, Software Architect, etcCreate with Ease: Create your own customizable, full-featured production applications using the flexible and reliable interface of the Angular framework.Organisational Benefits:The top organisations use the Angular 7 technology and here are the reasons why:Angular supports Single Page Applications (SPAs): Angular supports the development of SPAs which present better user experience as it reduces the wait time for reloading of the full webpage significantlyTwo-way data binding: The ngModel directive is used to implement two-way data binding in Angular 2.x. Two-way data binding helps automatic retrievals from and updates to the data store, with the UI updating instantly along with the data storeAngular is modular: Angular simplifies functionality by organising and separating the codes into modulesTypescript Base: Written in typescript, it is a superset of javascript that promotes high securityGoogle Long-Term Support: Angular comes with Google Supported Community with additional support from IntelliJ IDEA and Visual Studio .NET IDEsOpen-source: It is a TypeScript-based open-source web application frameworkClearer and Readable Code: Angular facilitates clearer readability of the code and maintains consistencyDeclarative Language: Angular uses a declarative language, HTML to define the view part of an applicationEasy integration: Angular offers easy and seamless integration into prebuilt into multiple frameworks such as Ionic, Wijmo, and Telerik’s Kendo UI.ConclusionAngular is a wonderfully flexible and customizable Javascript framework to work with. Due to its popularity in the software industry, more Angular developers are and will be required. Ranging from prototype to global deployment, the productivity and scalable infrastructure that supports Google's largest applications are always delivered by Angular.What we discussed in this article was just the tip of the iceberg. However, we have come across various reasons, benefits and outcomes of deciding to learn Angular, the Future of Enterprise-Scale Web Applications.
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Why learn Angular?

OverviewAngular is a TypeScript-based open-source ... Read More

15 Major Benefits of Power BI

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytic solution, which is used to analyze data from a wide range of data sources. It is simple to use as well as user-friendly. The insights obtained can be shared across an organization and can be rooted in the organization’s app or website. With Power BI, you can create as well as productive with the reports and analytics.  With Power BI, you can mash up data as per your need as it has a very powerful mashup engine.  With In-Memory super fast engine in Power BI, you can model the data, add measured or calculated columns or build a star schema on your own. With the help of data visualization elements, visualize data and customize it to tell a story behind the data. Work with Azure/cloud as well as On-premises based data sources. You can do more than this with Power BI, which you can’t with other products this easily.The following lists some of the valued competencies of Microsoft Power BI tool:1. Integrates smoothly with the existing applications:With Power BI, you can easily adopt analytics and reporting capabilities as Power BI easily integrates with your current business environment.2. Personalized dashboards:The information dashboard can be customized according to the needs of an enterprise. To provide unified user experience, the dashboards and BI reports can be easily embedded in the application.3. No memory or speed constraints:While shifting an existing BI system to a powerful cloud environment with Power BI embedded, there aren’t any memory or speed constraints which ensure that the data can be quickly retrieved and analyzed.4. Publish reports securely:With tool available in Power BI, you can set up automatic data refresh and publish reports securely, which allows users to resort to the latest information.5. Specialized technical support is not required:There isn’t any need for specialized technical support as Power BI provides agile inquiry and analysis. It supports the use of intuitive graphical designer tools and natural language interface.6. Balanced simplicity and performance:The DAX scripting language and in-memory analysis technology depicts that there is a balance between simplicity and performance.7. Extracts business intelligence rapidly:Transform your enterprise data into rich visuals, hence extracting business intelligence for better decision making.8. Supports Advanced Data services:The Microsoft Power BI consulting tool can be integrated with advanced cloud services like Bot framework or Cortana.9. Your data can be accessed easily:Along with Microsoft techs such as SharePoint document or SQL databases, Power BI integrates with non-Microsoft solutions as well. PowerBI connects to around 60 common software solutions that businesses already use and draws a centralized, easy-to-digest dashboard. To name a few: Spark, Hadoop, SAP, Google Analytics, Salesforce, etc.10. Easy implementation:The demand for engineering or IT resource is less in order to implement Power BI. Sometimes there are instances where no engineering is required at all. Managers create an API key and plug it into the software.11. Low costs and fast turnarounds:By analyzing recent data, businesses can make informed decisions on the growing and underperforming market. Moreover, businesses can perform analysis internally so that money can be saved.12. Innovation is Constant:New functions and features are updated every month in Power BI products.  13. Power BI Reports can be viewed across multiple platforms and devices:You can access your Power Bi reports from your mobile device as well as a laptop, as long as you have an internet connection. Native apps are made available for iOS, Android and Windows devices.14. Drag-and-Drop functionality:You can create your own ad-hoc reports through drag-and-drop functionality, which is a very easy process.15. Growing online Power BI community: Power BI is used by more than 200,00 organizations and has over 5 million subscribers. The online community has grown tremendously over the past few years, where people share their ideas on building dashboards.To Conclude:The ever-growing set of tools that Power BI contain holds the potential to provide with real, compelling and actionable insights from data, via dashboard-style reports. Power BI has various benefits that can help you and your organisations improve on your business intelligence. With this, you now have a clear picture of various working ways of Power BI, which will help you execute the same.
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15 Major Benefits of Power BI

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytic soluti... Read More