Kanban System Improvement (KSI) Certification

Improve and scale up Kanban systems 

  • Make informed decisions using advanced Kanban metrics 
  • Build feedback loops to implement continuous improvement 
  • Training from a silver licensed training organization of Kanban University
  • 400,000 + Professionals trained
  • 250 + Workshops every month
  • 100 + Countries and counting

Implement and Improve Kanban Systems

Learn to implement and improve Kanban systems across the organization. Manage evolutionary change and learn how to overcome resistance to change in the organization. In this 2-day course, learn how to use feedback loops to encourage continuous learning.  The program is delivered through live interactive classes led by expert trainers.

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  • Coaching by top-notch Kanban trainers 

  • 2 days of Live, Instructor-Led Sessions 

  • Balanced mix of classroom and practical sessions 

  • Learn to balance demand and capability 

  • Access to a digital library of learning resources 

  • Skills to scale and improve Kanban solutions 

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The KnowledgeHut Edge

Learn by Doing

We believe that the best way to acquire a skill is by practicing it and have adopted a project-based, immersive learning approach. 

Real-World Focus

We ensure that your skills are relevant to the real world by including actual business case studies and exercises. Skill up and get productive from the get-go. 

Industry Experts

Our trainers are experienced industry professionals with considerable experience, making them ideally placed to educate you on the best practices across industries. 

Curriculum Designed by the Best

Our courses follow Kanban University’s prescribed curriculum and are taught by top-notch trainers with Kanban experience. 

Continued Learning Support

We are committed to a delightful learning experience and have webinars, e-books, tutorials, articles, and interview questions to help you land your dream job. 

Best Practices

Learn all the latest techniques and best practices that professionals are using in the industry 


KSI Training Prerequisites

  • Participants must read Kanban by David J Anderson   
  • Participants can read Kanban from the Inside by Mike Burrows 
  • Prior training in the Kanban System Design class is required

Who should attend the course

Professionals familiar with Kanban

Professionals with experience in Kanban

Professionals who have undergone Kanban training


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What you will learn

Evolutionary Change

Utilize Kanban as the basis of driving evolutionary change across your enterprise 

Overcoming Resistance

Learn to use a humane approach as an effective method to deal with resistance to change 

Kanban Cadence

Use Kanban cadences to provide feedback loops to grow, evolve, and improve your Kanban system 

Manage Dependencies

Learn how to manage dependencies across multiple Kanban systems in your organization 

Kanban Metrics

Use fundamental Kanban metrics to extract insights and make better and informed decisions 

Continuous Improvement

Learn to implement continuous improvement to ensure sustainable customer satisfaction. 

Transform Your Workforce

Improve and Evolve Kanban Systems

Empower your teams to implement, scale, and evolve Kanban systems across the organization. Utilize Kanban to take more informed decisions.

  • Manage dependencies across multiple Kanban systems 
  • Leverage Immersive Learning 
  • Implement continuous improvement 
  • Manage evolutionary change 

500+ Clients

KSI Training Curriculum

Download Curriculum
  • Kanban Method’s evolutionary change approach.  
  • Learn System 1 and System 2 thinking approach 
  • Levels of Maturity in Kanban 
  • ScrumBan / Proto-Kanban evolution 
  • Types of Kanban boards  
  • Apply Kanban across the enterprise. 
  • Kanban Lens 
  • Scaling principles of Kanban 
  • Scaling dimensions of Kanban 
  • Upstream Kanban 
  • Kanban emerging roles 
  • Feedback loops (ML1 to ML4) 
  • Kanban cadences 
  • Strategies for improving capabilities 
  • Demand patterns 
  • Lead Time Distribution 
  • Manage dependencies and remove delays 
  • Approaches to handle variations 
  • Remove bottlenecks using theory of constraints 
  • Bring evolutionary change 


KSI Training FAQs

Kanban System Improvement Course will improve your understanding of topics like: 

  • Evolutionary Change 
  • Resistance to Change 
  • Feedback Loops and Continuous Learning 
  • Implementing and scaling out Kanban 
  • Demand and Capability 
  • Optimizing Flow and Predictability 

Getting a good understanding of these topics will help you manage, scale, and evolve Kanban systems. 

During this 2-day course, a variety of topics will be covered in the context of Kanban Systems. With this knowledge you will be able to understand how to:  

  • Implement continuous improvement 
  • Leverage evolutionary change  
  • Deal with resistance to change 
  • Utilize the Kanban cadences  
  • Provide important feedback loops to improve your Kanban system  
  • Manage dependencies across multiple Kanban systems 
  • Use Kanban metrics to make informed decisions 
  • Balance demand and capacity 
  • Manage variability 
  • Improve flow 
  • Use the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) 

A Kanban Management Professional Certification proves your ability to understand a Kanban system, develop it, scale it across the enterprise and evolve it according to requirements. 

KMP Certification FAQs

This certification is offered by Kanban University to participants who can successfully complete the two-day course, provided they also complete the KSD training. As a silver licensed training organization, we help you to get Kanban certified after completing this course.  

  • Attendees are expected to have read Kanban by David J Anderson or Kanban from the Inside by Mike Burrows.  
  • Prior attendance in the Kanban System Design class is required for certification.
  • You can get enrolled for the 2-day training with a Kanban Trainer. 
  • Complete the course and course requirements assigned by the trainer. 
  • Get certified on completing the course. (Completing the KSD training is also a requirement)

To get more details about the exam and certification you can refer to the official Kanban University course page for the course.

KSI Workshop Experience

Currently all our courses are offered online as live, interactive, trainer-led sessions where you will get to learn directly from the trainer with opportunities to discuss and clear doubts. 

Our instructors are top Kanban trainers with several years of industry experience. They also have hands-on experience and will be able to tell you the practical aspects of what you are learning.  

Our courses are delivered through live interactive virtual classrooms and can be structured over two days or more. 

Our training focuses on interactive learning. Most class time is dedicated to hands-on exercises, lively discussions, and team collaboration, all facilitated by the trainer who is an experienced Kanban practitioner. The focus is on finding practical solutions to real-world scenarios in various projects environments, both big and small. 

No, Kanban University courses are live trainer led sessions. Recording of these sessions is not allowed. 


Madeline R Front-End Developer

I know from first-hand experience that you can go from zero and just get a grasp on everything as you go and start building right away. 

Attended Full-Stack Development Bootcamp workshop in July 2022

Peter Cozyn Data Engineer

I now have a job offer! The hands-on learning really helped. For someone like me who is completely new to this field, it was easy to learn all the Data Science and Machine Learning tools, especially Time series forecasting, machine learning and recommender engines. I have a job offer from Uber and am so grateful!

Attended Data Science Bootcamp workshop in July 2021

Dave Murphy Web Developer

Best quality in the market today In today’s world, Data science is among the best career options for an IT professional. Having already done a bunch of courses from KnowledgeHut, I was already sure of the quality of the training. And I was not disappointed. Their Data Science Bootcamp was an intensive yet refreshing course that has made me very confident to look for a job as an analyst. Thank you KnowledgeHut!

Attended Data Science Bootcamp workshop in July 2021

Zach B Front-End Developer

The syllabus and the curriculum gave me all I required and the learn-by-doing approach all through the boot camp was without a doubt a work-like experience! 

Attended Front-End Development Bootcamp workshop in June 2021

Amanda H Senior Back-End Developer

You can go from nothing to simply get a grip on the everything as you proceed to begin executing immediately. I know this from direct experience! 

Attended Back-End Development Bootcamp workshop in June 2021

Raina Moura Network Administrator.

I would like to extend my appreciation for the support given throughout the training. My special thanks to the trainer for his dedication, and leading us through a difficult topic. KnowledgeHut is a great place to learn the skills that are coveted in the industry.

Attended Agile and Scrum workshop in January 2020

Marta Fitts Network Engineer

The workshop was practical with lots of hands on examples which has given me the confidence to do better in my job. I learned many things in that session with live examples. The study materials are relevant and easy to understand and have been a really good support. I also liked the way the customer support team addressed every issue.

Attended PMP® Certification workshop in May 2020

Matteo Vanderlaan System Architect

I was totally impressed by the teaching methods followed by Knowledgehut. The trainer gave us tips and tricks throughout the training session. The training session gave me the confidence to do better in my job.

Attended Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)® workshop in January 2020