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Power BI Salary-Earning Potential of a Power BI Individual

Power BI, a business analytics service by Microsoft, offers interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities using a simple interface for end users, thus helping them create their reports and dashboards. The services, known as Power BI Services provided by Power BI, are cloud-based and possess a cloud-based interface, Power BI Desktop.Data warehouse capabilities including data preparation, data discovery, and interactive dashboards are some of the features provided by Power BI.Rise of Power BI’s popularityIf we look at the Google trends graph below, then we will see that Microsoft Power BI became very popular over the past five years. Such has been the interest of people to know about Power BI, what it is and how a career can be made out of it.Below-mentioned are the main achievements of Power BI.Power BI established itself as one of the far more cheaper alternatives compared to other BI tools such as Tableau, Domo and SisenseOnce the KPIs are determined, Power BI is an unbelievably simple tool to usePower BI seamlessly integrates with Office 365 and other Microsoft tools.A Career in Power BIHaving in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in Power BI will help you immensely with implementing larger scale projects if you get into using Tabular models, provided you use Tabular models.Forming a career in Power BI is exciting and fast-paced. Power BI’s interactive community is growing at a considerable pace providing a host of options to learn and socialise with Power BI user groups. Below mentioned is a list of all the potential job roles that are open for professionals skilled in Power BI. There is no dearth of opportunities for professionals skilled in Power BI.BI ArchitectBusiness AnalystData AnalystBI DeveloperBenefitsThere are a lot of benefits in using Power BI which has brought in a revolutionary and simplified change in the business analytics field. Power BI, a progressive step forward in business intelligence, is perfect for businesses which need more reporting power and analytical strength than they can get from Excel. Power BI assists such businesses with assembling, visualising and scrutinising data throughout the organisation. This results in organisations having a more in-depth assessment of their progress and performance. Doing so lets them use formal data as a base to take more informed decisions.Here are a few of the many valued benefits that the Microsoft Power BI tool offers:It integrates seamlessly with existing applicationsBoasts a rich personalized dashboardsHelps publish reports securelyThere are no memory and speed constraintsSimple and packs performanceMicrosoft Power BI consulting tool supports Advanced Data servicesHuge quantities of data can be taken into Power BI, something that many other platforms would struggle to processPower BI is cloud-based resulting in users getting state of the art and up to date intelligence capabilities and powerful algorithms.Salary and Companies hiring Power BI DevelopersAccording to search results, the average annual salary of an entry-level Power BI developer in India is Rs. 293,544(Rs 38,000 - Rs 445,000), going as high as Rs. 445,000. Experienced Power BI developers earn incredibly high as Rs 1,248,962(Rs. 882,000 - Rs. 2,000,000) on average and the highest being Rs 2,000,000.In the USA, the demands of Power BI developers are rising with the average annual salary of an entry-level being US$70,050 (US$51,428 - US$88,000) and experienced ones earning as high as US$114,298 with an average of US$114,298 (US$91,000 - US$134,000).Salary range for Power BI Professionals in various countries:CountryCurrencySalary Range (Entry-Level)Salary Range (Experienced)The USAUS$51,000 - 88,00091,000 - 134,000India₹138,000 - 445,000882,000 - 2,000,000CanadaC$45,000 - 71,00067,000 - 95,000UK£22,000 - 38,00041,000 - 71,000AustraliaAU$56,000 - 108,00078,000 - 137,000Which major companies are hiring Microsoft Power BI Developers?Accenture Technology SolutionsInfosys LimitedTata Consultancy Services LimitedIBM Global ServicesWipro Technologies LtdCognizant TechnologyAlliance Global ServicesAnchorage Consultants LLCNext Generation Recruitment & Staffing AgencyTechnical ConnectionsAnthemAmazonCompaniesAverage Salary in the USA per year (US$)Anchorage Consultants LLC133,983Next Generation Recruitment & Staffing Agency130,000Technical Connections113,309Anthem107,022Amazon106,853Why Power BI professionals are paid so muchProfessionals skilled in Power BI have a host of job roles to work in. Nowadays, having a great data analysis strategy is extremely important for businesses. This has lead to a rise in the demand for business intelligence professionals. Such demanding work in an important field of analytics definitely implies that the individuals skilled in Power BI are paid very well with respect to their job roles.Let us assess the importance of these professionals based on their job roles and responsibilities.Business Intelligence ArchitectBI Architects manage databases, data warehouses, and different storage infrastructure. They also develop data structures, which in turn helps in organising platforms and utilise data more efficiently and effectively. Managing and analysing a company’s data results in the BI Architect coming up with tactics that help them come up with better, more productive decisions and support more successful outcomes.Business AnalystsBusiness Analysts are partly technical, partly business-based professionals. They need to possess an understanding of business requirements and the data skills so that they are competent enough to model and analyse data respectively. A Business Analyst always strives to develop and propose new business intelligence solutions, and report-writing so that organisations get more out of their data.Data AnalystsData Analysts produce reports, design data, and analysis and then translating it into understandable data with a vision, one that can be used to create actions for the business.BI DeveloperLike any other kind of software developer, BI Developers design and develop tools and solutions for apps and services. Their main job is to translate business needs into specifications, improve and extend business intelligence platforms doing which will lend them a helping hand in meeting the needs of their users in a much better way.It is quite understandable that Analysts skilled in Power BI have an enormous range of skillset with the rapid demand for forming perfect data analysis strategies resulting in huge demand for Power BI professionals. The future holds firm with these individuals on the job and thus they get paid quite handsomely.ConclusionThis is just the beginning of Microsoft Power BI’s growth that that world has been witnessing for the last couple of years. Its power-packed but its simplified features will bring new significant changes in the world of Business Analytics. A career as a Power BI analyst is one of the most lucrative, interesting and prolific jobs around.
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Power BI Salary-Earning Potential of a Power BI In...

Power BI, a business analytics service by Microsof... Read More

Selenium vs Testcomplete

Test automation is one of the most cost-effective and time-saving methods to test software products with long maintenance cycles. TestComplete and Selenium are the two most important automation testing tools which provide an open platform for you to easily build continuous testing frameworks to test non-stop with a lightweight execution engine and distributed testing.Let’s dive deeper and understand these popular automated testing toolsets with their differences.1. TestCompleteTestComplete is an Automated UI Testing Tool developed by SmartBear Software. TestComplete has the ability to create automated functional tests for desktop, web, and mobile applications. It also has native support for Behavioral Driven Development (BDD).This tool is said to be very easy to use with Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is fast and easy to create, maintain, and execute functional tests which will increase test coverage and ensure you ship high-quality, battle-tested software.It has unmatched hybrid object recognition engine with artificial intelligence. Its object recognition combines property-based and AI-powered visual recognition to find dynamic UI elements quickly, easily, and accurately.It is also called a Script or Scriptless tool. The reason behind this is that if you want to script, you can presently do so in seven different languages (JavaScript, Python, VBScript, Jscript, DelphiScript, C#, and C+). If you do not want to script, then you can use its record and play feature.   It is a paid tool by SmartBear. You can bundle options or customize your order. You can view its price here.Brief History:-TestComplete was developed in 1999 by AutomatedQA which is currently based in Somerville, Massachusetts. The current stable version of TestComplete is 14.0 which was launched in January 2019. SmartBear Software is one of the subsidiary companies of AutomatedQA corp.Career Aspects:-It is a highly paid tool which makes it difficult for many organisations to use it. They provide a 30 days free trial. Some good product-based companies use this tool. There are fewer job openings on this tool currently. It is always difficult to learn a paid tool on your own. Although it is a very powerful tool, it is not widely used. TestComplete resources are paid more. It will have less career growth as this tool has everything inbuilt in it and can drastically reduce the number of resources needed to write automated tests.If you are planning to start your career in TestComplete then taking up Automation Testing using Testcomplete Training will be an added advantage.Cons of TestComplete:-License cost is high.Only supports Windows.No much help available through open communities.Not easy to start with official documentationThe tool has stability issuesCheaper than QTP but not as powerful and stable as QTP2. Selenium:Selenium is a suite of tools to automate web browsers which means it can be used to automate an only web-based application. The more precisely only front end of a web application across different browsers and platforms. It can be used with many programming languages and testing frameworks.Different tools in Selenium:-Selenium consists of four tools:-Selenium IDESelenium RCSelenium WebDriverSelenium Grid.Currently, Selenium 4 is about to launch and the alpha version is already launched as of this article is being written.History of Selenium:-Selenium was developed by Jason Huggins in 2004 at ThoughtWorks in Chicago. Later it was made open source and it has become a more powerful and popular tool for web application automation.Career Aspects:-Selenium is an open source tool which increases its popularity in organisations which are mainly service based. Its flexibility of integration with major programming language makes it more adaptable.Selenium has more future growth and a higher number of job openings. You can easily learn and practice as so many free online tutorials and help communities are available. Also, you can take up Selenium training to advance your career.Let’s Compare TestComplete and Selenium :-As we have seen a basic introduction about TestComplete and Selenium, you must be confused about which of these tools is the best and how you can select a tool which properly suits your requirements. Don’t worry, we will compare both tools here so that it could solve your problem.Comparison BasisTestCompleteSeleniumSoftware TypeIt is a Windows-based tool. TestComplete is essentially Windows-based application and thus cannot run on Linux/Unix systems.It is a set of APIs which can be used on at least three major operating systems:- Windows, Linux, and Mac.CostIt is a highly paid tool. You can bundle options or customize your order. You can view its price here.Open Source/Free tool. You can download and use it for free. You can download it from here.Developed BySmartBear Software (A subsidiary of AutomatedQA)Initially developed by ThoughtWorks later made as open source.Application TypeIt supports desktop, web, and mobile applicationSelenium can be used only for Web-based applications. However, WebDriver based tool called Appium can be used for mobile applications.Application LayerTestComplete can be used to automate front end and API of the application.Selenium can be used to test only the front end or interface layer of a Web Application.Supported LanguagesIt supports seven different languages including JavaScript, Python, VBScript, Jscript, DelphiScript, C#, and C+Java, C#, Ruby, Python, Perl   Javascript, R, etc.Supported BrowsersChrome, Firefox, IE, EdgeIE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Headless browsersSupported Operating SystemsOnly Microsoft WindowsIt supports Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, LinuxSupported IDESupports only inbuilt TestComplete IDEEclipse, Intellij and any other IDE which supports JavaSupported TechnologyYou can test web applications developed with any programming language, server-side technology, and frameworks including HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, Web Components (Shadow DOM and Custom Elements), AngularJS, ASP, ASP.NET (including Web Pages, Web Forms and MVC), Ajax, Backbone.js, CGI, JavaServer Pages (JSP), PHP Ruby on Rails.Selenium struggles while automating SAP, Salesforce, mainframe applications.Supported Testing TypesFunctional (or GUI) Testing, Regression testing, Unit testing, Keyword testing, Web Testing, Mobile application testing, Distributed Testing,Functional and load testing of web services, Coverage Testing, Data-Driven Testing, Manual TestingFunctional (or GUI) Testing, Regression testing, Unit testing, Keyword testing, Web Testing, Data-Driven TestingObject Recognition EngineIt has an unmatched Object Recognition Engine now including Artificial Intelligence.There is no such feature provided by Selenium.Record and Play FeatureYou can easily build automated GUI tests using the script-free record-and-replay function in TestComplete.Selenium IDE provides Record and Play GUI tests only for Web-based applications on Chrome and Firefox browsers only.Built-In FrameworkTestComplete has several built-in sample projects for desktop, web, and mobile test automation, to help you get up and running quicker than ever before.Selenium has no built-in framework ready to use.Test ReportWith TestComplete, you can get real-time information on the progress and status of your desktop, mobile, or web functional GUI tests from a single interface. The tool enables you to share images, videos, or detailed logs that you captured during test execution, or even export your logs in multiple formats such as JUnit, HTML or MHT, to easily share details with other team members.Selenium needs to be integrated reporting tools to generate test reports.IntegrationSelenium can be easily integrated with TestComplete which can be integrated with many third-party tools.Selenium needs to be integrated with many other tools to make a powerful framework.Technical SkillsTestComplete is best suited for both Technical and Non-technical resources.You must be good in the programming language to start working with Selenium.Test Development and Execution TimeIt saves a lot of test execution time as it has a powerful record and playback feature, AI-based object recognition, scriptless test creation, etc.You need to spend a lot of time in creating test scripts. Chances of creating faly test cases are more. You need good programming skills to write better tests using Selenium.Test Script MaintenanceMaintenance is easier compared to Selenium.Maintenance becomes challenging with growing test scripts.SupportSince it is a paid tool, so SmartBear provides good and proper support.Since it is an open source tool, no professional support is provided. But Selenium has a larger community volunteer.Career GrowthFewer jobs, limited scopeMore jobs, more growthOfficial Website TestComplete is a script-less tool which does not require mandatory programming skills to start with. It is very easy to use and helps in creating robust scripts. It is much more powerful and feature-rich compared to Selenium. But the cost of TestComplete is higher and companies go for open-source tools like Selenium. Selenium has more career growth and learning opportunities as you need to be good at programming. TestComplete has fewer job openings as like Selenium, you do not need more resources in a project.So TestComplete is best suited for an average-skilled team and restrict timeline projects for faster creation of test scripts. Project budget can be adjusted by reducing the number of resources needed. 
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Selenium vs Testcomplete

Test automation is one of the most cost-effective ... Read More

Why a Career in Big Data Is the Right Choice for You?

Are you in that job market where the Big Data skills are more appreciated? Confused about whether to make a career shift in Big Data or not? What will be the next career options available for me after Big Data? Just spend some time reading this blog and know the answers to all these questions and the reasons for making Big Data as a career choice.  “Big data is at the foundation of all of the megatrends that are happening today, from social to mobile to the cloud to gaming.” – Chris LynchReasons to Must-Have Big Data in your career1.Increased Job Opportunities for Big Data professionalsWith the technology reaching greater heights, undoubtedly Big Data is becoming a buzz word and a growing need for the organizations in the upcoming years. But, as Jeanne Harris, a senior executive at Accenture Institute said- “Data is useless without the skill to analyze it.”Today, Big Data professionals have a soaring demand across organizations worldwide. Organizations are making huge use of Big Data to stay ahead of the competitive market. The candidates with Big Data skills and expertise are in high demand. According to IBM, the number of jobs for data professionals in the U.S will increase to 2,720,000 by 2020.2. Salary GrowthThe strong demand for Big Data professionals is affecting the wages for qualified professionals. According to Glassdoor, the salary provided by various organizations based on the employees working in these organizations in the US region are as follows:CompanySalaryJ.P. Morgan$93K – $100KCognizant Technology Solutions$92K – $98KCSAA Insurance Group$133K – $144KZipRecruiter$81K – $89KThe salary of Big Data professionals is directly proportional to the factors like the skills earned, education, experience in the domain, knowledge of technology, etc. Also, one needs to understand and solve the real-world Big Data problems and a good grasp of tools and technologies.   3. Massive Big Data adoptionForbes stated that- Big data adoption in enterprises is increased from 17% in 2015 to 59% in 2018, reaching a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 36%. Big Data is steadily spreading its wings across numerous sectors including sales, marketing, research and development, logistics,  strategic management, etc.According to the 'Peer Research – Big Data Analytics' survey by Intel, the decision has incurred that- Big Data is one of the top priorities of the enterprises taking part in the survey as they believe that it improves the performance of their organizations. From the survey, it is found that 45% of the respondents trust that Big Data will offer more business benefits to rank on the top of the Big data market.    “Bigiota Insight out forecasted that the Big Data market is expected to grow to $80 billion from current $40 billion making a revenue of $187 billion.”4. Various options in job titles and responsibilitiesBig Data professionals have an array of job titles open depending on the skills they have achieved so far. The options for the Big Data job aspirants are many where they are free to align their career paths based on their career interests. Some of the job roles Big Data professionals can play are as follows:Data EngineerBusiness Analyst,Visualization SpecialistMachine Learning ExpertAnalytics ConsultantSolution ArchitectBig Data Solution ArchitectBig Data Analyst5. Usage Across numerous firms/industriesToday, Big Data is used almost in every firm. The top 5 industries recruiting Big Data professionals widely are Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (27%), Information Technology (19%), Manufacturing (15%), Finance and Insurance (9%), Retail Trade (9%) and Others 21%.The career path of a Big Data professionalAlthough the term Big Data is used commonly nowadays, there are many career paths available for the Big Data professionals to stand out in the industries that can be explored as per one’s potentiality and interest. The career paths that Big Data professionals can play are:Data ScientistBig Data EngineerBig Data AnalystData Visualization DeveloperMachine Learning EngineerBusiness Intelligence EngineerBusiness Analytics SpecialistMachine Learning ScientistLet us see them in details:Data Scientist:This is the most sought-after career path in Big Data careers. The Data Scientists are the individuals who use their technical and analytical skills to extract meaning from data. They are responsible for collecting, cleaning, and manipulating data.Big Data Engineer:Big Data Engineer is a well-known and more demanding career option. Data Engineers are the professionals responsible for building the designs created by Solution Architects. They are responsible for developing, testing, managing, and maintaining the big data solutions in the enterprises.Big Data Analyst:Being a command on the big data technologies like Hadoop, Hive, Pig, etc. and analytics skills, Data Analyst finds out relevant information from the datasets. This is also most demanding in Big Data career.Data Visualization Developer:The data visualization developers have the responsibilities of designing, conceptualizing, developing the graphics or data visualization, and supporting the data visualization activities. They should have strong technical skills for implementing visualization using tools.Machine Learning Engineer:Today, Machine Learning has become a crucial part of Big Data. Being an expert in machine learning (Machine Learning Engineer) responsible for building the data analysis software to run the product code without human intervention.Business Intelligence Engineer:Business Intelligence Engineer is in more demand today as around 90 percent of IT professionals are planning to increase spending on BI tools, as stated in the Forbes report. BI engineers are responsible for managing the big data warehouses with the help of Big Data tools and solving complex issues related to Big Data.Business Analytics Specialist:Business Analytics Specialist is an expert in Business Analytics field who aids in developing the scripts to test scripts and carrying out testing. They are also responsible for taking up business research activities to analyze the issues for developing cost-effective solutions.Machine Learning Scientist:Machine Learning Scientist work most probably in the research and development department. They are responsible for developing the algorithms to use in adaptive systems, adding product suggestions, and forecasting the demand for the same.Conclusion:As per Entrepreneur, Businesses that use Big Data saw a profit increase from 8 to10 percent and almost 10% reduction in overall cost. Another survey from Forbes states that IBM predicts demand For Data Scientists will reach 28% by the year 2020. As the data pours in, many high-rated companies like Google, Apple, NetApp, Qualcomm, Intuit, FactSet, The MITRE Corporation, Adobe, Salesforce, and so on are investing in Big Data.   According to the most recent McKinsey report, companies based in the U.S. are seeking for hiring 1.5 million Managers and Data Analysts with the strong knowledge and experience in Big Data. One can attain the most in-demand Big Data skills by taking specialized training in Big Data to go for any of the Big Data careers available in the job market.With the rising demand that industries are witnessing, it is an ideal time to add Big data skills to your curriculum vitae and offer yourself the wings to fly in the job market with the ample of Big Data jobs available today!  
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Why a Career in Big Data Is the Right Choice for Y...

Are you in that job market where the Big Data skil... Read More