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Gear up to land the hottest tech jobs with our wide range of specialized Data Visualization and Business Intelligence courses powered by the successful amalgamation of live instructor-led advanced Business Intelligence classes and experiential learning. Ride the wave of the data revolution and utilize your newfangled tech skills to impress top recruiters with the help of KnowledgeHut’s industry-recognized Data Visualization courses and Business Intelligence courses that helps you to acquire in-demand Business Intelligence certifications.

As the importance of data continues to rise and the phrase "Data is the new oil" gains even more prominence, the ability to visualize data has become one of the most coveted abilities, sought after by individuals and organizations alike. From Data Visualization with Tableau to Data Visualization with QlikView, Microsoft Power BI to Sisense BI, we’ve got you covered with the best courses that will set the pace for a remarkable career path.

KnowledgeHut is a global market leader when it comes to providing industry-demand courses that help individuals to upskill and organizations to transform their workforce. Over the years, we have helped close to half a million professionals the world over with skills and certifications across various domains. An instrumental force behind our solid track record is our immersive learning experience platform, powered by AI and gamification and backed by our stellar pool of instructors.

Our Business Intelligence and Data Visualization courses are delivered by top industry experts who have decades of experience spanning across multiple domains such as Automobile, Technology, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Manufacturing, Government, eCommerce, Financial Services, Telecommunications, and more. Interact with industry stalwarts and strengthen your fundamental knowledge with activities, exercises, recall quizzes, assignments, assessments, and more. 

Learn to decode massive data sets and offer insight-driven analysis to help stakeholders. You will get hands-on training and ace avant-garde Data Visualization technologies like Tableau, implemented by top companies like Facebook, Dell, Amazon, Google, and more. Acquire the hottest industry skills and get ready to notch high-paying and prestigious job roles in top companies such as Meta, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and many more Fortune 100 and 500 companies. 

The power of leveraging data and extracting meaningful insights can be the hottest skills that you will ever achieve. And now is the ideal time to be a part of this booming field. 

Explore Top Data Visualization and BI Courses

Gain the skills to harness the true potential of data and leverage revolutionary Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tools to help the management make informed business decisions. From Data Visualization and Business Intelligence training online to Sisense BI training, Sisense BI to Microsoft Power BI, we have just the right BI and visualization courses to help you get rolling.

In a world filled with data in every sphere, understanding essential data concepts, you are visualizing data, deciphering complex data structures, and converting them into meaningful insights are revolutionary skills that can accelerate your career growth. In fact, professionals with a solid understanding of Business Intelligence experience a great demand across multiple fields such as IT, Telecommunication, Railway, Infrastructure, eCommerce, Retail, and more. 

Whether you come from a tech background or not, you can dream big with our outcome-focused and immersive Data Visualization courses, earn sought-after Business Intelligence certifications, and become a pro in just a few months. That’s because understanding Business Intelligence is key, and we let you learn top concepts and get hands-on practice under expert assistance.

KnowledgeHut brings you a range of globally recognized certifications and training programs to validate your Data Visualization skills. Equip yourself with important Data Visualization skills and concepts such as Exploratory Analysis on Tableau, Dashboard and Designing, Conditional Formatting QlikView, Waterfall Chart, Managing Sisense, TIBCO Spotfire Base Deployment and Automation Services, and a lot more. Attend our live training, interact with industry stalwarts, get hands-on practice, acquire immediately applicable skills, and impress top recruiters.

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Powered by experiential learning and live classes by renowned industry experts, we have helped 450,000+ professionals across 100+ countries to upskill and land their dream tech job in prominent organizations. At KnowledgeHut, our main objective is to provide our learners with an unmatched learning experience that caters to their career goals. Our courses are specifically designed to provide learners with the perfect opportunity to learn, explore, and achieve. Let’s check out our BI and Data Visualization course reviews to discover what our past and present learners say about our courses. 

BI and Data Visualization Lifecycle

Businesses around the world are prioritizing Data Visualization to achieve business goals. Firstly, it enables businesses to make data-driven business decisions. Furthermore, it also enables businesses to gain a competitive edge.  

A Data Visualization lifecycle can help you understand how businesses are leveraging various aspects of Data Visualization on a day-to-day basis to achieve desired results. There are a variety of steps involved in the visualization lifecycle that includes data source, data analysis, database, data filtering, and visual demonstration. Let’s take a closer look at the different elements of the Data Visualization lifecycle.

Life cycle

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Eligibility and Prerequisites

  • Specific eligibility criteria vary from course to course. You should check out the respective courses to find the prerequisites.
  • A prior knowledge of data is a big plus. 
  • Experienced candidates and even freshers can enroll for our Business Intelligence classes. 

Who Should Take Our BI and Data Visualization Programs

  • Data Scientists 
  • Statisticians 
  • Business Analysts 
  • Project Managers 
  • Business Intelligence Professionals 
  • Testing Professionals 
  • Data Visualization Analysts 
  • Functional Experts 
  • Professionals Interested in Analytics Domain 

Data Visualization and BI Course Duration & Fees

We specialize in providing a range of futuristic BI and Data Visualization courses ranging from Microsoft Power BI training to Data Visualization with Tableau training that helps you to master the most important Business Intelligence principles, gain sought-after Business Intelligence and Data Visualization skills, and acquire top Business Intelligence certifications that allow you to land high-profile jobs in esteemed organizations. KnowledgeHut’s Data Visualization and BI courses are delivered by renowned instructors who have years of experience in this field. Here is an overview of our Data Visualization and BI courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Intelligence (BI) is an umbrella term comprising technologies and strategies for data analysis and business management. It represents data in a simple way so that everyone can understand it. As a result, it helps businesses make data-driven decisions and achieve organizational goals. If you are fond of strategies and want to be a part of a group of in-demand data professionals, then opt for our specialized Data Visualization and Business Intelligence certification courses and we also provide a plethora of Business Intelligence for beginners courses. Get an opportunity to learn from the best instructors and achieve your career goals.

Business Intelligence is a booming industry. Top businesses like Facebook, Amazon, Dell, and more have already implemented BI tools to boost their success rate. As more and more companies begin to use BI, the demand for skilled Business Intelligence experts will always be on the rise. You can leverage this immense demand and start today. KnowledgeHut offers a range of expert-led Data Visualization and Business Intelligence courses ranging from Data Visualization with Tableau to Microsoft Power BI training. These expert-led courses help you acquire the tech skills that top recruiters are looking for.    

Business Intelligence is a fascinating subject. You can ace critical BI concepts to leverage data, use advanced tools like Tableau, analyze and represent data, and more. You can get started with KnowledgeHut’s BI courses and master key concepts directly from top BI experts.

Business Intelligence is an advanced concept. However, you don’t need to be a coding expert or have years of technical expertise to study Business Intelligence and acquire the best Business Intelligence certification online. Most of KnowledgeHut’s BI and Data Visualization courses have no prerequisites.  However, the Business Intelligence requirements vary from course to course.  

Business Intelligence consists of a combination of strategies and the latest technologies to drive business growth. While you can get a lot of online videos, it’s advised to learn directly from experts and get hands-on practice. You can get all that in KnowledgeHut’s specialized Business Intelligence and Data Visualization courses powered by live expert-led sessions, case studies, hands-on training, group exercises, exam assistance, and much more to help you acquire key Business Intelligence Data Visualization skills and impress top recruiters.  

Business Intelligence revolves around crucial terminologies, state-of-the-art technologies, and a fair chunk of soft skills. Our Data Visualization and Business Intelligence courses are structured so that you can grasp key concepts and master essential technologies under the guidance of top experts. You can become a skilled and job-ready professional in just a few weeks with the help of in-demand Business Intelligence certifications.  

You will find a lot of Business Intelligence resources online. However, If you are looking to prepare for Business Intelligence from scratch, you should enroll in our BI Data Visualization training. Gain a complete Business Intelligence overview from top experts, practice while learning, ace key concepts, work on live projects and become a successful Business Intelligence analyst.

The Business Intelligence market is growing at a blitzkrieg pace. In fact, the Business Intelligence insights are fascinating.

According to a study by Yellow Fin BI, the average ROI for enterprises using Business Intelligence and data analytics is 1300%!

That’s because Business Intelligence and Data Visualization has a plethora of benefits like:

  • Accurate Reporting and Analysis
  • Data-driven Business Decisions
  • Increased Efficiency
  • ROI-Driven Business Processes
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Business Intelligence is the future, and the future is now. That’s because businesses worldwide are using advanced Business Intelligence tools and concepts to achieve organizational goals. Top-tier companies like LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook are implementing advanced Business Intelligence frameworks to drive organizational success.

As organizations begin to understand the need of Business Intelligence, the BI market is forecasted to reach a mammoth $33 billion by the end of 2025. As a result, the demand for skilled Business Intelligence professionals will keep increasing. You can capitalize on this Business Intelligence growth and embrace a dream tech career by enrolling in our expert-led Data Visualization and Business Intelligence online courses. Earn sought-after Data Visualization certification by completing a Data Visualization and Business Intelligence training and impress top recruiters.

Business Intelligence is an umbrella term with a lot of essential aspects associated with it.

Here are the most critical stages of Business Intelligence:

  • Data Sourcing
  • Data Analysis
  • Situational Awareness
  • Risk Assessment
  • Decision-Making

 Our comprehensive Business Intelligence and Visualization courses provides a detailed insight of all the key metrics and stages of Business Intelligence. The best part is that there are no Business Intelligence prerequisites. As a result, you can enrol for most of our BI and visualization training courses even without any prior tech knowledge.

Both Data Visualization and Business Intelligence are integral in any Data Science project. Business Intelligence is used to simplify data and understand helpful information. On the other hand, Data Visualization portrays the story behind every critical piece of information. Enroll in our Data Visualization and Business Intelligence training to accelerate your tech career.  

A Business Intelligence system is used to find essential patterns from existing data. Processing data and vital information create it. The BI system comprises strategies and technologies companies use to analyse data.  A Business Intelligence system comprises of 3 main parts – collection of data, assembling and presentation of data, delivery of data in a convenient manner to help relevant stakeholders to make data-driven business decisions. BI systems are adopted across various industries and there is a massive demand for individuals who are proficient in advanced BI tools. 

Business Intelligence is widely used to help businesses utilize and analyse data to make better business decisions.

Data is the most valuable asset an organization has. Organizations that can use this to their advantage are the ones that will succeed. This is where Business Intelligence comes in. In this process large volumes of data is analysed and interpreted in a way that becomes useful to decision makers.

Data driven decisions help businesses to be future-ready, enhance business operations, and achieve long-term business objectives and goals. 

Business Intelligence processes are implemented to streamline business processes and achieve greater operational efficiency.

The BI system comprises essential tools and software. It also consists of stored organizational data. Business Intelligence systems are used to extract raw data from historical information. Data integration platforms are also a part of Business Intelligence that ensures data consistency and enhances the efficiency of data analysis. Suppose Business Intelligence fascinates you, and you are wondering how to become a business analyst. In that case, you can start by enrolling in our best Business Intelligence courses online and become a skilled expert.

Top companies are leveraging Business Intelligence to help them solve key problems such as:

1) Issues with Productivity: Business Intelligence helps to streamline business processes and enhance productivity. Making data driven decisions makes the effort you put in more focussed and meaningful. It can also identify where you need to cut down effort.

2) Delayed Market Response: Advanced BI tools accelerate time to market and help in market penetration by identifying customer needs and user behaviour.

3) Dissatisfied Customers: BI tools leverage customer data to produce a personalized experience, analysing the user patterns, decision makers can work on improving the user experience.

Business Intelligence strategies are created using advanced concepts and modern data analysis tools and techniques. When you are making a Business Intelligence strategy, you should keep the following things in your mind:

  • Assess Current BI Ecosystem: Review company data to understand short-term and long-term business objectives.
  • Identify Key Stakeholders: Understand the objectives of respective stakeholders.
  • Define Architecture: Define enterprise architecture and the technology scope
  • Data Map: Build a data map to streamline data flow and integrate data from various sources.

Our expert-led Business Intelligence training helps you understand the core concepts of Business Intelligence and create stellar Business Intelligence strategies.

The Business Intelligence market is growing at an incredible pace.

According to a study by Yellow Fin BI, the average ROI for enterprises using Business Intelligence and data analytics is 1300%!

Organizations are leveraging Business Intelligence due to the following reasons:

  • Data-Driven Business Decisions
  • Enhanced Organizational Efficiency
  • In-Depth Analysis
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

Data Visualization plays an integral part in Business Intelligence. Data Visualization helps process-relevant data from a large chunk of data and perform necessary analysis to provide in-depth and valuable insights.

Ultimately Business Intelligence and Data Visualization are tools that aid decision makers to make intelligent and timely data driven decisions. Business Intelligence is responsible for the quality of the information analysed and interpreted and visualization presents that data in an impactful manner where it’s easy for decision makers to see trends that can be used while deciding the future course of action.

Data Visualization and Business Intelligence are essential to the Data Science process. Business Intelligence is used to identify historical trends, and Data Visualization extracts information to create forecasts. In simple words, Business Intelligence reflects ‘what has happened?’ and Data Visualization reflects ‘what will happen?’

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization are related disciplines that complement each other. Business Intelligence is vital to extracting the relevant information from the volumes of data available. In the Data Visualization stage this information is presented in a way where it is easy to identify patterns and forecast trends for the future.

Power BI is one of the most widely used and advanced Business Intelligence tools. You can enroll for our Microsoft Power BI course and other top Business Intelligence training courses and learn from top experts.

There are a host of other tools that are widely used like Tableau, Sisense, Qlik Sense etc. You should examine these tools to understand which one would be the most suitable one for your organization’s specific needs. Each tool will have its strengths so learning from experts with experience will let you understand which tool is best for each context.

The average salary of a Business Intelligence analyst in the US is $87,135 per year. If you are wondering how to become a Business Intelligence analyst, then you should enroll in our best Business Intelligence training courses and acquire in-demand skills and impress top recruiters. Talking of Business Intelligence course fees or Business Intelligence pricing, our Business Intelligence studies courses are very pocket-friendly and is complete value for money.

Your starting salary would be at least $59K per year and it could go up to $129K per year as you learn more skills through courses and gain more experience. 

Organizations around the globe are reliant on new-age Business Visualization tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and more to analyse data, collect key insights, and gain competitive edge.

If you check our Business Intelligence course details, you will find that you get hands-on practice using key Business Visualizations tools. 

Tableau, PowerBI, Sisense, Qlik Sense, and Yellowfin BI are some of the most popular tools that are commonly used in Business Visualization. The use of these tools make data easy to understand. It’s easier to plot trends and make predications based on visualized data.

Here are some examples and uses of Business Intelligence to help you understand the importance of Business Intelligence in the real-world:

  1. Supply Chain: Business Intelligence aids supply chain with key insights for decision-making.
  2. Business Operation: Powered by real-time updates and data reporting, Business Intelligence helps in ensuring seamless business operations.
  3. Sales Analysis: Business Intelligence is used to provide meaningful data and insights that bolsters the sales process.
  4. Marketing: The data provided by Business Intelligence helps in evaluating key marketing KPIs and to develop a stellar market strategy.

Business Analyst is a wider job role than that of a BI Analyst. Following are a few ways where both related disciplines show differences

Business Analyst 
Business Intelligence Analyst 
Analyze the data provided by Business Intelligence for forecasting. 
Collect and analyze data from historical events. 
A business analyst focuses on the efficiency of different departments in a company 
A Business Intelligence analyst focuses on the overall output of a company 
Uses tools to collect, manipulate, and interpret data 
Uses tools to interpret and present data to give insights 
Works with both structured and unstructured data 
Works with structured data