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Six Tools For Student Entrepreneurs Students need to focus on learning - and they still should as young entrepreneurs. Knowledgehut is an e-learning platform that students can use to fill essential knowledge gaps. Top behavioural skills IT professionals need for a faster hiring Authored by Madarapu Nagaraju, Co-founder and Director, KnowledgeHut. Q&A With Business Education Expert I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Subramanyam Reddy, Co-founder and Managing Director at KnowledgeHut, where we discussed the future of online business learning. Reshaping Education: KnowledgeHut's Recipe For Success KnowledgeHut, which is celebrating its 5th year in online education business, aims to develop skill and education of people to meet the expectations of leading corporations. KnowledgeHut – Subbu Gets Ready for More Helping professionals upskill just in time, at an affordable price and at their own pace is what KnowledgeHut is all about, and when I see more and more professionals opt to do this with us, it’s really exhilarating. How To Make Your Education Better? KnowledgeHut provides classroom training which enables the participants to interact with the instructors. They also provide virtual classroom training and corporate training programs. Practice makes perfect: These 4 extremely useful entrepreneur skills will come in handy someday Knowledgehut offers a 35-hour course taught by a certified instructor and provides easy access to all the information you will need. 5 Tips For Successful Project Management In many organisations, the project managers meet with the entire team after project delivery and celebrate success and also talk about what went wrong and how they can improve. Essential IT Skills that will Get You Hired as an IT Professional in 2017 Infographic courtesy of KnowledgeHut

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