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In today's digital world where over 175 websites go live every minute, web developers are at the forefront of all digital transformation. Whether you're looking to hone your Front-End Developer skills or Back-End Developer skills or develop well-rounded skills across the Stack, we've got just the program for you. Our web development courses are designed to help you build job-ready skills and fulfill your dream of landing high-paying tech jobs. From the fundamentals (JavaScript, React Developer Tools, Node.JS, Express, MongoDB) to the latest versions of key technologies (Jest, GitHub, Redux, Swagger,,, Heroku, Parcel), we cover them all.

KnowledgeHut is recognized around the world as a pioneer when it comes to upskilling and digital skills transformation. At the helm of all our offerings is our Software Engineering Advisory Board, which comprises industry veterans, renowned experts, and authors. Each of them possesses decades of rich technical experience across several industries - from Health and Financial Services to Energy, Technology, and Retail.

Web developers have been in great demand over the decade, and this demand is only going to increase through 2024. As per figures from Statista, the number of software engineers is expected to grow to 28.7 million in 2024. With such increasing increasingly high demand comes the need for an industry-ready supply of talent. With our numerous Web Development training on offer, and guidance from our Learning Advisors and industry mentors, you are sure to find the right course to help you upskill in key technologies in demand.

Of the various web-development roles that enterprises are hiring for, Full-Stack Developer tops the charts. Wondering what a full-stack developer is or why become a full-stack developer? In this age of social media and digitization, every business needs a robust, functional, and user-friendly website that informs its customers of the products/services that they provide. As a web developer, you're expected to learn how to design not only websites but also web applications, some of which may require up to 20 different job functions. It’s up to you to decide the skills you want to learn, in terms of front-end vs. back-end vs. full-stack. By the end of our programs, you will have the requisite skills to plan, design, and launch websites and web applications that are both user-friendly and functional from start to finish.

A key objective that you will accomplish with KnowledgeHut's programs is that you'll have acquired demonstrable skills that you can showcase right away on the job. Thanks to KnowledgeHut's outcome-based immersive learning, you'll get valuable practical experience by working on several real-world projects in Cloud Labs. Coupled with guided hands-on exercises, assignments, and assessments, you will be all geared up for success in interviews and on the job. Build an impressive project portfolio, impress recruiters at top technology companies, and land your dream tech job as a full-stack developer, web developer, front-end or back-end developer.

Explore Our Web Development Courses

Always been fascinated by the world of coding and design and looking for the ideal place to get started with developing job-ready skills? Well, you've come to just the right place. KnowledgeHut’s web design and development courses enable you to fully grasp and implement all the levels of web application development through immersive and real-world-like learning experiences.

Modern users expect a lot from websites, whether it's the right kind of information or a seamless view across multiple devices. High demand has led to a steady rise in the need for skilled web developers across every industry, ranging from aerospace, oil, gas, and energy and e-commerce to retail, pharmaceuticals, media, and entertainment. Creating robust websites and web applications isn't for everyone, however. It calls for several nuanced tech skills, as well as soft skills, including Agile project management to manage the entire software lifecycle.

Contrary to popular opinion, web developers aren't only tasked with the aesthetic side of things (imagery, graphics, visuals). They are responsible for their functionality, interactivity, and structure. Web developers must ensure that the website works well on both desktop and mobile and so, proper know-how of website testing is equally important. Web development activities do not come to a standstill once the website is taken live. Web developers are required to carry out regular updates as a part of maintenance activities, as mandated by the business or organization.

Now that you know the breadth of skills you need to become a skilled web developer, don't let it intimidate or deter you from starting a career as a web developer. It's one of the highest-paying career paths you can set foot and with KnowledgeHut's immersive learning programs, you're sure to find just the right courses or bootcamps you need to upgrade your skillset and leverage the several benefits that come with a career in web development - high earning potential, several growth opportunities, flexibility and more.

Pick any of our Web Development Bootcamps and leverage our invaluable tools (including Front-End Web Development Tools) With Node.js, React, Angular 12, MySQL, and Python to build websites that you are proud of and a portfolio that you can showcase to any global recruiter. 

What Learners Are Saying

Our Web Development Courses are designed with inputs from our Software Engineering Advisory Board, which is comprised of industry veterans and renowned experts in web development. We have a proven track record of helping both aspiring and existing web development professionals build and accelerate their careers across 100+ careers. From honing their skills to equipping them with fantastic project portfolios worthy of top technology companies, we deliver when it comes to transforming our learners' careers. But don't just take our word for it. Hear from our learners, in their own words, about their experience enrolling in our web development courses.

Web Development Processes

Web development is crucial in delivering better user experiences and increasing revenues for businesses. As businesses continue to increase their footprint over the internet, a good web development project is one that follows a structured process. Such a process not only enables the creation of a website or web application that's visually appealing, but also one that's easy to use, robust, functional, and intuitive. Below is an outline of a high-level web development process employed by teams. The exact steps and timelines would depend on the project and the business requirement.

At a high level, the process can be divided into two key parts - it starts with preliminary information gathering, and then needs to be broken down into the key stages of planning, and maintenance once the website is launched. Every project, big or small, comes with its own nuances and every website development step is significant. Knowing these steps helps you stay on top of the entire process, understand why and how things get done, and gives you control over the project.

Life cycle

Upcoming Schedules for Our Web Development Courses

Looking to get started on an in-demand Web Development course like Full-Stack Development, React, NodeJS, or any other? Check out our upcoming schedules. If you spot the workshop schedule that best suits your needs, go ahead and enroll. If you need assistance with thinking through the various options, our Learning Advisor can guide you with the best path for your circumstance.

As a premier Web Development and Design course provider, we provide courses ranging from the entire spectrum of web development including the latest technologies like Angular 12 training and Web Development using React. Powered by Immersive Learning, our courses are delivered by renowned experts and augmented with hands-on exercises on Cloud Labs, capstone projects, assignments, assessments, and more.

If you're wondering about Front-End vs. Back-End, you should know that there's no one way that you should approach the decision of which course to go with. Lean on the key reasons you want to pursue a career in technology. If what you're after is a promising high-paying career path, there's many ways to go about it with our in-demand Web Development programs.

At the helm of all our Bootcamp programs is our Software Engineering Advisory Board, comprising industry veterans, renowned authors, and experts in the Web Development domain. These Bootcamps also come with career and interview preparation support to help you land your dream job and accelerate your web developer career.

Course Name

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Eligibility and Prerequisites

  • There are no prerequisites required to attend most Bootcamps 
  • However, a minimum of bachelor’s degree is essential for any web development course 
  • The right aptitude and a drive for curiosity will hold you in good stead 
  • A creative ability and logical approach to problem-solving is also required 
  • For other courses, eligibility requirements vary depending on the technology being taught 
  • A fundamental understanding of HTML, CSS and other computer languages may be beneficial for some courses. 
  • For certain programs, an understanding of server-side development is a must.
  • Basic knowledge of Math and Statistics may be beneficial for some courses, though not mandatory. 

Who Should Take Our Web Development Programs

  • Students 
  • Novices 
  • Freshers 
  • Developers 
  • IT Industry Professionals 
  • Professionals in a tech-adjacent role 
  • Professionals from any industry  
  • Anyone looking to build a career in web development 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Web development involves everything that goes into designing and developing a website. It includes various aspects like web programming, web designing, web publishing, and database management. The term "web development" is made up of the following two words: 

  • Web: Websites, web pages, and everything else that operates on the internet are included. 
  • Development: It includes creating an application from scratch. 

Websites are an integral component of any business. According to research by techjury, there are approximately 4.3 billion internet users in the world, which makes the internet the single largest source for an audience. You can start with an introductory web development course to learn about this field.

Applied Web Development focuses on front-end and back-end development to build a high-quality website.  Learn to design and code websites through programming languages like HTML5, CSS3, and much more. 

Front-End Web Development includes the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the process of creating a website's graphical user interface so that visitors can view and interact with it. Back-End Development includes working on the server side of the application like; data storage, security, site performance, back-end logic, architecture, and more.

To get started on building functional web apps, check out our in-demand courses.

If you’re wondering why Web Development, then the answer is straightforward – Web Developers are in great demand, and they will be in further demand as businesses will keep leveraging the digital world. Web Development as a career provides immense career opportunities, and you can be a part of it. You can opt for any web development courses online with a certificate.

How to start with Web Development is a common question among many people. The fact is that you can become a successful web developer even without any technical knowledge. A Web Development full course will include a variety of topics, tools, frameworks, and languages. You can start by opting for a specialized Web Development complete course to get a complete understanding of essential web development concepts and fundamentals step by step from top experts. You will also get hands-on experience with projects and case studies to acquire in-demand skills.

The different types of web development are Front-End Web Development, Back-End Web Development, and Full-Stack Web Development. As a Front-End we developer, you shall be responsible for the look and feel of a website. As a Back-End web developer, you shall build and maintain the codes that run websites.

As a Full-Stack Web Developer, you shall be responsible for both Front-End and Back-End activities and shall be accountable for the development of all the facets of a website – from server side to user interface. Check our online web development courses for more information. 

Let’s face it, you cannot think of a modern-day business without a website. In fact, every business needs a web developer. A developer’s work is not just designing and build a website. A web developer also needs to maintain the website and keep on modifying it as per the market demands. Web development has a staggering future and kudos to you if you have already entered this field. If not, you can simply sign up for a web development course online.

There is no denying that Web Development offers lucrative career opportunities - a reason why many people are willing to switch careers to Web Development. Regardless of your educational or professional background, you can make the switch to a career in web development by registering for a web development course offered by a credible web development training institute like KnowledgeHut.

As a premier online web development course provider, we provide a range of advanced web development courses like Java, Angular, React, UI/UX Designing, and much more. There are courses of varying lengths, delivered in on-demand, live training or blended learning formats. Web Development course durations would depend on the specific needs of the learner.

Web development job opportunities will increase exponentially in the next few years, so this is the right time for you to start your career in Web Development. The best part is that you can become a successful web developer even without any prior technical expertise. All you need to do is sign up for a web development course from a recognized training institute and learn directly from top experts.

A web developer possessing in-demand skills can experience a gratifying career. That’s why at KnowledgeHut, we aim to deliver a complete learning experience that comes with practice while learning - this helps you develop next-gen Web Development application skills like HTML/CSS, JS library, back end, testing, and debugging skills, and a lot more.

To be a successful web developer, you need significant coding skills. Since writing code is at the heart of web development, web developers need to be highly skilled programmers who are proficient in a variety of programming languages and libraries.  

However, you don’t need coding experience to start your Web Development journey. The web development course syllabus will help you get hands-on coding training. Learn to write code for web apps that control a website like LinkedIn and Facebook. Write front-end and back-end code by learning programming languages like HTML, CSS Java, Python, JavaScript, Java, and Ruby amongst others. 

A Web Development course comprises an intensive curriculum containing all the critical web development concepts and fundamentals. Live sessions conducted by industry experts power KnowledgeHut’s Web Development training. Plus, you get an online certificate in web development to bolster your CV once you complete a web application development course.

The demand for web developers is continuously increasing. Today, web developers are experiencing high demand across many industries such as Banking, eCommerce, Manufacturing, Insurance, and much more. This demand will only be increasing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an 8% increase in job growth for web developers and designers by 2029. Enrolling for any of the web development courses online with certificate will give you a good start in understanding web development concepts.

Anyone can take up Web Development training as it doesn’t require any prior technical experience to sign up for an introductory Web Development course online. However, a bit of technical knowledge is always a plus for an advanced Web Development online course. 

Various courses are available to students and aspiring professionals looking gain web developer skills and boost their tech careers. Some of the popular courses are: 

  • Front-End Web Development 
  • Back-End Web Development 
  • Full Stack Development 
  • Java Development 
  • Web Development Using React 
  • Web Development Using Angular 
  • Web Development with Python and Django 

You can view our list of top Web Development Courses to kick-start your Web Development career! 

Web Development is booming, and the demand for web developers is constantly rising. According to a report by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, web development job roles will increase by 8% by 2029. 

Websites are a crucial part of every organization. The internet is the single largest source of an audience, with an estimated 4.3 billion people worldwide, according to a study by techjury. Web developers are in high demand across industries due to the need for website development, revamping, and maintenance. As a Web Developer, you have a wide range of opportunities to consistently develop your skills and secure a lucrative career. 

Website development describes the activities involved in designing, creating, and managing websites and web applications that are used to access information online through a browser. It also includes database management, web programming, and web design. 

Web Development is a very lucrative career option as you can unlock multiple rewarding career paths once you complete a course and earn an online web development certificate. You can opt for in-demand roles in Web Development like: 

  • Database Developer 
  • UI/UX Designer 
  • Quality Analyst 
  • Front-End Web Developer 
  • Back-End Web Developer 
  • Full Stack Developer 
  • Java Full Stack Developer and more 

This would depend on your skill level and experience as a Web Developer. You can increase your earning potential by gaining in demand Web Development skills ranging from front-end to back-end development technologies. 

Skilled web developers enjoy highly paying careers. The average salary of a Web Developer in India is around 5 LPA. A fresher can start his career around 3 LPA while mid-level and senior-level developers can easily notch a salary of more than 12 LPA.

View our list of best Web Development Courses geared to leave you confident and future-ready with proficient Web Developer skills. 

Web development job roles are on a constant rise. The demand for web developers is growing with every passing day. The job growth rate in Web Development is way higher than in any other field. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that there will be more than an 8% rise in Web designing and Development job opportunities in the next few years.

As a leading Web Development training institute, KnowledgeHut aims to deliver the best Web Development course content with the help of industry-recognized experts. We provide a range of in-demand Web Development courses which are:

Web Development course costs would depend on the type of course and the training provider you choose. We offer a range of in-demand web development courses, and the Web Development course fees vary from course to course.

Our comprehensive Web Development courses are designed to provide you with immediately applicable skills through hands-on exercises and working on real-world projects. You will exit training with a job-worthy portfolio of apps deployed by you to impress potential recruiters. To view details of our web development course prices, please visit the schedule page of the course you are interested in. 

Various Web Development courses would have their own unique syllabus. Depending on the course you choose, you will learn the specific technologies and tools to power website applications. For example, in front-end development, you will learn programming languages like HTML, CSS, and Java, as a back-end developer, you will explore programming languages like JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and PHP. 

From UI/UX Designing to React Training, any of KnowledgeHut’s web development entire course is powered by an industry-best curriculum that covers essential topics in Full-Stack Development, Back-End Development, PHP, MySQL, and a lot more.

You will find many videos and blogs on Web Development available on the internet that you can refer to. However, you need proper certification to validate your skills. You can enroll in a web design and development course online and get an opportunity to learn from top experts. You receive a certificate on completing the course that you can use to impress top recruiters around the globe. The best part is that all these can happen within just a few months.

Preparing for a web development interview involves being ready to answer technical questions thrown at you and your ability to describe how you would use your expertise to solve certain problems and accomplish tasks. 

Web Development courses are a great way to accelerate your learning process and gain the confidence you need to ace any interview question and win over hiring managers. 

There is a tremendous demand for web developers around the world. You can earn many job interview opportunities once you get certified in web development. Our courses will help you to boost your tech skills and help you strengthen your base. Hence you can approach job interviews with total confidence.

You will be happy to know that even freshers with no prior coding skills or tech expertise can land lucrative job opportunities in the web development domain if they follow the right path. As a fresher, you can enroll in the best online course for web development from a top course provider. Learn from leading experts, acquire top skills, complete the online course, get certified, and then land your dream tech job. Finding a job as a fresher can be a challenging and time-consuming process, so here are the best ways to find a job

Web Development and Software Development are the two most discussed topics in the Dev world. Let’s find out how they differ

Web Development 
Software Development 
Web development involves everything related to website design, development, and maintenance. 
Software development involves developing products with features.  
It deals with the Web development lifecycle (WDLC) 
It deals with software development lifecycle (SDLC) 
Web dev apps are apt for data centralization  
Software is apt for performance enhancement 
Web Development 
Android Development 
A web developer develops websites and web apps. 
Android developer builds apps for android platforms.  
A web developer must have an adequate knowledge of programming languages such as Java, CSS, HTML, Python, and more.  
A web developer must have an adequate knowledge of programming languages such as Java, CSS, HTML, Python, and more.