New skills for a new world

New skills for
a New World

Experience immersive learning and equip your teams with the skills of tomorrow.

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Experience learning like never before

Experience learning like
never before

Immersive Learning

On-demand videos, guided hands-on exercises, assessments, quizzes, assignments and projects.

Learn by Doing

Work-like experiences and real-world projects to build immediately demonstrable skills.

Cloud Labs

A fully provisioned developer environment, so learners can write code right in the browser.

Outcome-Driven Learning

Skill-based outcomes with advanced insights and analytics to track skills progression.

Blended Learning

Anytime-anywhere learning with live instructor-led sessions and on-demand, self-paced learning.

Industry Experts

Experts from across industries share current best practices and case studies from real-world experience.

Post-Training Sessions

One-to-one guidance on challenges in projects or with implementing technology at your workplace.


One-to-one mentoring and guidance from industry experts for six months.

Social Learning

Learning from like-minded peers in Discussion Forums and Community Groups

Discover your team's strength and weaknesses

Get visibility into what your teams know, where their skills stand today and where they need to skill up.

  • Measure your team’s skills
  • Do they have the skills to succeed in critical roles?
Our Approach Assess

Build the skills you need ahead of schedule

Build the expertise you need in an immersive learning experience.

  • Learn
  • Practice
  • Assess
  • Gain insights
Our approach UpSkill

Measure progress with the right data

Get the insights to ensure your teams are building on skills they need to deliver on business objectives.

  • Gain insights to track skills progression in critical areas
  • Help your team track toward goals with insights into completion and engagement.
Our approach Analyze

Customize roles to fit your business needs

Build teams you can count on and put the right people on the right jobs.

  • Upskill your teams into modern roles
  • Align skill development to your most important objectives
Our approach Scale

Want to find out where your teams skills stand today?
Get them started on a Free Diagnostic Assessment.

Want to find out where your teams skills stand today? Get them started on a
Free Diagnostic Assessment.

Start Free Assessment

The need of the hour


new jobs will require upskilling by 2022
World Economic Forum


of CEOs concerned about availability of key skills
22nd Annual Global CEO Survey, PWC


of all employees will require significant reskilling by 2022
World Economic Forum
Can your business afford the cost and time necessary to attract, hire, and retain skilled professionals?


Average hiring cost per every new employee*


Average reskilling cost per employee

* These figures are based on customer and industry data and includes the cost of time spent on hiring, recruiting costs and average length of time to hire. The potential results are based on averages. Your actual results may vary.

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Training Solutions

Agile Transformation

Equip your teams to implement agile frameworks, scale delivery, and enable agile transformations.

Digital Transformation

Upskill your teams with digital mindsets, technical capabilities, and a growth culture.

Competency Framework

Leverage the competency framework and equip your teams with the knowledge and skills to excel.

Customized Training Solutions

Drive measurable improvement to business priorities with solutions adapted to workforce needs.

Globally recognized certifications

With certified skills in their arsenal, your teams can execute faster and scale more reliably.


To succeed, retailers must correctly anticipate what their customers want and then provide those things. Big data and analytics provide retailers the insights they need to keep their customers happy and returning to their stores. In an IBM study, 62% of retail respondents claimed that insights provided by analytics and information provided them with competitive advantages.

A top retailer required data scientists and analysts who could navigate massive amounts of data to produce insights that inform business decisions.


The organization wanted to transform 400 employees into data scientists who could put their newly acquired skills into action immediately.


We launched the Data Science 400 Challenge, a reskilling program that uses assessments to determine data needs, pinpoint skill gaps, and skill employees into data roles.


Leading tech companies are using our immersive learning platform to leverage the latest developments in technology as they find new ways to serve customers.

A top technology company running a complex business—encompassing everything from selling data to clients, enhancing data, and implementing full blown marketing stacks and ecosystems—realized that as more and more of its clients wanted to do business in the cloud, it had to transform in order to give customers the highest-quality service.


The company needed a skills strategy that would allow them to move as quickly as the companies they serve.


They implemented a technology skilling program called Level-Up, where advanced insights helped the company make decisions on how well someone is progressing within their career field.

Life Sciences

In a future of health that’s defined by radically interoperable data, open yet secure platforms, and consumer-driven care, enterprises in life sciences must focus on scalability, business continuity and digital transformation. We’ve helped some of the largest life sciences institutions boost their teams’ abilities to embrace cloud and keep up with the pace of the disruption.

A leading laboratory testing company providing services ranging from food and environment testing to genomics and clinical diagnostics wanted to accelerate its adoption of cloud.


The company needed to fill pivotal technology roles in IT service management, DevOps and Azure, but struggled to upskill their teams through traditional training methods.


We partnered with the company’s learning and development team, launching a large-scale skilling program for over 1000 employees, helping them greatly speed up digital transformation efforts.


The rules of engagement in the global pharmaceutical industry are changing rapidly and building an agile workforce is key to thriving in the future. Top pharmaceutical companies use our assessment-led approach and customized workshops to cultivate business agility, equip their workforce with the skills of tomorrow and build a culture of learning and innovation.

An integrated multinational pharmaceutical company wanted to improve time-to-market, boost quality, raise employee morale, and become truly agile, starting with its product team.


The company needed an agile product team who could understand the importance of continuous improvement and provide Agile development direction across the enterprise.


In partnership with KnowledgeHut, the company undertook an Agile coaching and skilling program that lasted three months, creating the required talent pipeline from its existing product team.


As organizations adopt Agile for complex initiatives, team-level Agile is great, but no longer sufficient on its own. Scaling agile means going through a deployment that’s way more complex than Scrum. Top information technology companies use our assessment-led approach and customized workshops to take a people-centric and collaborative approach to scaling Agile across the enterprise.

A Fortune 200 company, providing consulting and information technology services, was struggling with slow speed to market, increasing competitive pressures and low employee engagement.


The company needed a common approach for all teams in the organization to benefit from synergies from improved collaboration and coordinate solution development across Agile teams.


We helped set up a year-long training and coaching program for leaders and teams, customized to the organization’s specific needs, generating incremental wins as a starting point for faster results.

Financial Services

The financial services industry has seen drastic technology-led changes over the past few years. Many executives look to their IT departments to improve efficiency and facilitate game-changing innovation – while somehow also lowering costs and continuing to support legacy systems.

A global financial services group with an integrated network spanning over 30 countries, realized that to keep their business model going they needed to embrace emerging technologies that would provide them the speed and flexibility to keep up with the pace of change.


The company needed to get its diverse workforce up to speed with new technologies so they could successfully execute on digital transformation while delivering innovation at an increasing pace.


KnowledgeHut’s Bootcamps along with an intensive immersive learning program were implemented to build a consistent baseline of skills needed for critical projects.

It's time to transform your talent.