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Programmers are central to the success of a product or a solution that businesses build. As a successful programmer, you are expected to not just know how to code, but also understand the root of a problem. Having this perspective ensures that your coding and testing skills come in handy when you build the solution and find its shortcomings.

A programmer can find a role in a variety of organizations with various kinds of roles. Programmers may be needed at the design phase, coding phase, testing phase, debugging phase, or the maintenance phase. These roles may require slightly different skills to perform but all of them will need to have a solid understanding of programming concepts. A good programming certification will cover all the essential concepts that you need to master. The languages that you should learn and tools to use would depend on a host of factors like the organization you work for, the type of program that you are working with, the devices that the program will run on etc.

As a skill, programming is not easily acquired. While you can easily learn programming languages, the functions, the statements, and learn to write code with the correct syntax, it is the application of logic and the effectiveness of the program in achieving the desired result that proves your mettle as a programmer. This skill comes from experience. We have our online programming training programs focused on an approach where you will get to work on and practice what you learn. Learning programming in this manner assures that you will acquire the skills that you will need in a job as a programmer in real-world situations.

As we live in a world where technology is advancing rapidly, more programmers are needed to bring new features and new thinking to accelerate the adoption of modern technology and the advanced features that it makes possible. There are around 387,000 jobs that need to be filled. Python, SQL, JavaJavaScript, and C are the most in-demand languages with 68,000 openings for Python alone.

With the near-constant development and upgrades in technology, you are required to keep up with the changes and ensure that your skills stay relevant. Not too long ago, C and C# were the go-to languages for programmers. While still relevant, they’re supplemented with Java, Java Script, R, Python, ScalaRuby, and many more programming languages with different, often specialized applications. Find a niche and master it. That is the path to success for a programmer. You can opt for any of our online programming certifications to add the most relevant skills to your profile. 

Programming Courses for the Successful Programmer

Programming is one of the most logic-driven, challenging, and rewarding professions today. Every industry, from healthcare to entertainment to manufacturing depends on programming, driving the demand for skilled programmers. KnowledgeHut’s Programming courses equip you with skills you can apply to develop products and solutions for any industry you choose to work in.

Unlike several others, programming is a field that depends on practical application of the skills acquired. The more you practice, the better your skill gets. Explore this array of the best programming courses in the market today and gain an understanding of the skills that will serve to advance your career in tech and prepare you to take on demanding programming roles. Master all the stages of development to learn how to develop advanced and complex applications. Understand the best practices in the industry and learn how to identify problems early and fix bugs for a smooth performance.

Programming is fundamental to producing high-performance apps, websites, software, and services. Most of the leading companies are looking for skilled programmers who would be key to executing the vision of the company by providing value to the users. The performance of an app or a product usually depends on the quality of programming that has gone into it. From this perspective talented programmers are key to providing a superior experience to users and hence key contributors to the organization’s success.

The following is a list of online programming courses that are designed to make you a skilled and versatile programmer who can write effective programs and build complex and high performing applications. To be a competent programmer, most professionals must master at least three programming languages. The programming course duration will vary depending on the course structure. Check the list and understand which course would be the best fit for you to develop your programming skills, learn the most useful programming languages from experienced trainers with industry experience.

What Learners Are Saying About Our Courses

Programmers who have leveraged the KnowledgeHut advantage and built thriving careers have benefited from our courses delivered by industry experts and powered by experiential learning.  KnowledgeHut is a learning solutions provider with a long track record of training professionals and teams in programming. We have helped professionals across 100+ countries to achieve their career goals by getting placed in renowned organizations around the world. Check out what learners have to say about our programming courses.

Read about the accounts of our learners and what they have to say about their first-hand experience with KnowledgeHut. Find out how the courses helped them advance in their career.

Programming Lifecycle

Programming is an important discipline that is practiced in organizations across the industry spectrum. That is why it is important for professionals pursuing programming to understand the process involved in it.

Below is a six-step process that can be observed in the programming roles. These steps may vary depending on the scope of the project and other contextual factors. Yet you may be able to see this familiar pattern at some level.

The process outlines various aspects that should be kept in mind during programming a product or an update. For example, if the requirement gathering is not accurate or not considered the resulting output may not match the market demand.

A failure in adequate testing will end up costing the organization through glitches and other negative user experiences. Each stage of the process provides an important perspective to programming as a discipline and depends on each other to deliver value to the user.

Life cycle

Eligibility and Prerequisites

  • Candidates do not need to fulfil any prerequisites for beginner level courses 
  • Freshers and Experienced professionals can both attend these courses 
  • Experience in understanding programming basics will be an advantage 
  • A basic interest in problem solving is essential for any Programming course 
  • Logical reasoning and creativity are beneficial traits in Programming 
  • Eligibility criteria will be different for advanced courses. Please check the course pages for details 

Who Should Take Our Programming Courses

  • Programmers 
  • Testers 
  • Web designers 
  • Graphic designers 
  • Front-end developers 
  • Web developers 
  • Engineers 
  • Beginners in Programming

Programming Course Duration & Fees

We provide a selection of programming courses ranging from C# Certification to Advanced Python Course. Our courses are curated by top experts and powered by immersive learning. Here is a glimpse of the duration and programming course fee for all our courses.

You should pick a course depending on your background, interest, and job requirements. As every programming language has its own advantages and disadvantages, you should learn programming with a few languages that complement each other. Do check the eligibility requirements before enrolling. Advanced level courses may require you to have at least a basic level knowledge of programming concepts.

Course Name

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Frequently Asked Questions

Programming is the process of writing code that tells a machine (computer) to execute specific tasks. It is a fundamental skill every organization needs to deliver value to their customers. Organizations that realize the importance of programming will hire skilled programmers. Such organizations will have a clear competitive edge over their competitors.

Programmers are instrumental in quickly delivering value to customers and adapting to new requirements. As technology evolves the speed of taking value to the customer also increases significantly. Hence the need for quality programmers will keep increasing.

A programming language is the medium used by a programmer to communicate with a computer about the tasks that need to be executed. There are many different programming languages that are widely used. Every programming language has its own advantages and disadvantages. Most programmers learn a few languages so that they know which language to use in different contexts. 

Knowing a variety of languages is an advantage for a programmer and makes them more versatile.

There are low level languages, middle level languages, and high-level languages. Low level languages are machine languages that can be run on a machine without any interpretation or compilation. Mid-level languages are a bit more complicated for the machine but easier for the programmer. The high-level languages are programmer friendly but need a greater degree of interpretation and compilation from the machine for execution.

Object Oriented Programming is a type of programming where a data set is treated as an object. Programs are written based on interacting with such object(s).

Using objects can make sure that the data is organized, and the code is clean. Data is stored and manipulated with reference to the defined objects. This is useful in keeping data secure and allowing it to be accessed only in specific ways.

Dynamic programming is a method that works by breaking down complicated problems into simpler sub-problems. Use the solutions to solve similar problems and finally assess the complicated problems in the new light of having solved a host of smaller problems. 

A variable is a name and data type that is declared and can hold data in a specified format.  This value can be changed. Using variables is necessary since a program must work on data not entered in the database at the time of coding.

A variable is a placeholder that can be assigned a value that can change. Using variables makes it easier for programmers to create data structures that work seamlessly even if the data is dynamic in nature.  

Multi-threaded programming introduces the concept of having two or more threads or tasks running at the same time while running a program.

This enables multitasking. As computers are faster today with higher processing power, they can run programs in a faster way if programmers use a multithreading approach. 

Linear programming is a mathematical method of programming that achieves the best outcome through a mathematical model. It is apt for programs that require optimizing, maximizing, or minimizing a particular value that is mapped in a linear fashion to other attributes.

This is an important concept in computer science and is used in many places. Building mathematical models that can identify trends and plot the data to make meaningful predictions. There are tools that can be used to solve linear programming problems that a programmer may encounter. Python has several libraries that you can use when you work with linear programming. 

Functional programming is the use of programming based on mathematical functions using expressions and declarations.

It is an approach in programing that uses mathematical concepts. Haskell, Lisp, Python etc. are popular programming languages that use a functional programming approach.

Functional programming results in cleaner bug-free code that is efficient since they can be divided into independent units. This also means that several tasks can run at the same time independent of each other.

Functional programming is gaining popularity in recent years due to its extensive use in Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled applications like Language Processing and Machine Learning (ML). 

In programming an algorithm is a set of well-defined and unambiguous instructions that are designed to solve a problem.

You can think of it as a step-by-step process that can be executed in a set sequence to complete a task. This can include conditions to be fulfilled, iterations to be done, logical statements to be checked etc. An algorithm decides the logical flow of information in a software, or the breakup of the process involved in delivering the desired output.

Writing a clear and effective algorithm is a key skill that any programmer requires to write a clean and working code. 

There are thousands of programming languages in the world. Depending on the criteria you use to qualify what constitutes a programming language, the total number may vary. There are around 50 languages that are widely used. If you count the ones that are only used by smaller groups of people, the number is closer to 9000

It is generally considered that a good programmer should know at least 3 to 5 programming languages to develop high performing products. Most programming languages have limitations, so a programmer who knows only one or two languages will struggle when it comes to writing programs that are not suitable for those languages. 

Syntax is the set of rules that govern how to use characters and symbols while coding. Each programming language has a Syntax unique to it. Learning Syntax is how one understands the basics of working with any programming language. Some languages have rigid rules while others are more flexible.

Modern high-level languages have scripts that are easier to understand, while low level languages have a syntax that would be hard to understand for someone who is new to that language. Knowling the correct Syntax will help you keep your code clean. A strong knowledge of Syntax will also help you debug your code because a lot of bugs occur because of incorrect Syntax.

Java is the most common language used for developing android applications. There are other languages as well that can be used, but Java is the most popular one currently. Google also supports Java as a preferred language for android app development. 

There are other languages that are commonly used, Kotlin, has been declared by Google as the official language for Android App development replacing Java which used to hold that distinction. C++, C#, Python, Dart etc. Are other commonly used languages. 

You can also create web apps by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. By learning React Native you can significantly increase the scope of such apps.

Computer programming involves writing code in a programming language that can be executed by a computer. Computer programming training lets you learn and practice this skill.

At the basic level programming is about writing code that a computer uses to get any task done. This makes computer programming a core feature of anything we want to get done that requires any kind of computing. 

This code is usually written in a programming language that suits the purpose and context. There are hundreds of programming languages that are in use today, a programmer needs to prioritize which ones to use depending on their specific area of work. 

Competitive programming is a practice where multiple programmers or teams of programmers try to solve the same problem in their own way, resulting in a contest-like environment.

This gives a good chance for programmers to test their skills in an environment where they are actively focused on solving specific problems. This gives valuable experience to budding programmers about how to find solutions to practical problems that one can encounter in programming. It is also an opportunity to learn from others by seeing how programmers find solutions to problems. Participating in events like this gives programmers a broader perspective on the practice of programming. 

Java, Python, and JavaScript usually top the lists of best programming languages. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are learning to pick a language to start your programming career you can pick one based on what suits the kind of programming, you want to do.

Programmers are usually well-versed in multiple languages. This gives them the option to use languages best suited for the functionality to be achieved. Using only one language will expose the product to shortcomings of that language. Using multiple languages creates a product that utilizes the strong points of each language. 

Structured programming is the method of programming where a clear structure flow is maintained. It could be sequential, have iterations, or selections. Having a clear flow can provide many benefits.

It is clear to understand since the flow is easy to identify even for a new programmer. This also makes it easier to collaborate between programmers. Debugging becomes easier when the structure flow is clear. It is also easier and faster to develop and maintain code when structured programming is followed.

Having a clear structure also makes it easier for programmers to collaborate on the same projects as they can understand the logic and flow. 

A framework refers to a set of tools that can be used to build programs faster by using the pre-built components so that you do not have to build everything from scratch.

Frameworks are extremely useful for building products quickly since time is always limited when it comes to delivering value. In a competitive environment the organization that responds the fastest to market demand will be the one that attracts and retains the most customers.

Using popular frameworks also makes the products more consistent and reliable as frameworks that are widely used would have been rigorously tested and perfected. It also makes it easier to collaborate with other programmers. 

A programming course would teach you the basics of how computer programming works and how to write programs that are effective. Programming certification courses are an effective way for a professional to build their credibility.

These courses can differ in scope and duration. You can select a course that suits your specific needs and background. There are many programming languages in use today. Depending on your interest or requirement you can decide on which language to learn based on how it will benefit you.

Examine the course outline before you enroll, some courses may require you to have a basic knowledge of programming. 

Programming is behind what makes anything work in a software or an application. Programming is how you instruct what an app or device should do based on each of the user’s interactions.

What this implies is that programming plays a critical role in providing any kind of service or value if it is provided over a website, an electronic device, or an app. Skilled programmers can enhance the way a service is delivered to the customers and act fast to improve the service or to fix limitations in the service. 

As a career programming is a promising option with the demand for skilled programmers expected to increase in the future.

Programming offers a wide range of career options depending on your area of interest. Skilled programmers are always in demand across industries and geographies. 

Programming is an important skill that can open exciting opportunities for professionals in any industry across the world. It is a basic and essential skill that any organization will need in the modern business environment. 

A skilled programmer can access high paying jobs at leading organizations since they play a key role in the way the stakeholders interact with an organization. These interactions have a direct impact on how the organization is perceived by the customers. 

Any programming course will teach you the basics of programming, but to be good at it you will need to practice on real projects to get the skills that are required to make a career out of programming. You could start with a programming course on C# or Python as they’re considered programming essentials and used widely too.

Depending on your needs or requirements you could learn more programming languages that will add to your skillset. Every language will have its advantages and limitations which is why programmers usually learn multiple languages so that they can have a good understanding of which language to use for what purpose.

Most services have found a way to reach their customers through a mobile app or through other smart devices. The trend is only growing more. With a focus on IoT, AI, and automation the demand for skilled programmers will only grow in the future.

Programmers are important for organizations who want to deliver value to the customers in a timely fashion. Organizations that fail to do this will keep losing customers to their competition. Skilled programmers can build products that are intuitive and can also update the products or fix glitches in a timely manner so that the user experience is not negatively impacted.

Programming is a fast-growing profession, there is always a growing demand for skilled programmers. You can learn coding at any stage of your career as long as you have enough time to devote to it. Once you understand the basics and get comfortable with at least one programming language during coding classes then you can test your skills by working on real projects or collaborating with other programmers to build your skill set.

Once you reach a level of comfort and develop an active interest in building products and solutions, you are ready for a career in programming.

To start a career in programming, you will need to learn how to code in at least one programming language. You could work on projects that let you test your coding skills on real or realistic applications. It is advisable to know more than one programming language to have a successful career in programming.

Once you learn the fundamentals of it, learning languages and practicing coding will become easier. The only way to get better at programming is through practice. Working on real projects where you can see the impact of your work is the most efficient way to learn programming.

Anybody interested in learning to code can do online computer programming courses for beginners. The ability to solve problems clubbed with the knowledge of programming languages and tools will make you a skilled programmer. Online computer programming certificate courses are available to anyone interested in learning to code.

The languages and tools you can learn to be a good programmer are only limited by the learner's interest. Most programming courses do not have specific eligibility requirements. The exception is the advanced courses where you may need to have at least a basic understanding of programming. Programming as a skill is transferable across most languages once you learn the correct syntax, features, and functions.

A programmer can find employment in various positions and departments across the spectrum of industries. All industries across the world need programmers to deliver value to their customers. Programmers play a key role in any organization that needs to stay competitive. As a skill, programming is useful in many fields in a wide variety of contexts. While it is hard to make an exhaustive list of professions where programming is a key skill, here are some of the popular job roles that employ programmers:

  • Programmer 
  • Developer 
  • Architect
  • Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Database Designer
  • Ops Designer
  • Network Designer
  • Tester
  • Product Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Systems Operator
  • Coach

Your salary as a programmer will depend on several factors. Your experience, your geographical location, the industry you work in, and the specific role you are in determine your salary as a programmer. On average, a mid-career Programmer would earn $72,401 annually. 

A beginner at programing can have a starting salary of at least $47,721 per year. An experienced programmer with the right skills can earn an annual salary of up to $109,845. There are plenty of other factors that will influence the salary you will receive. This includes the country, the city, the organization, the designation, etc. among other factors. 

Python ProgrammingMastering Java and a range of other software programming courses are available on KnowledgeHut for any professional who wants to learn programming. You could start with the top programming certifications for beginners and then move to more advanced computer programming training courses. 

The right course for you will depend on your level of experience, the role you are in, and your areas of interest. Find out which are the languages and tools that would be most useful for you and what role you are most interested in. These are factors that will guide you in picking the best programming course for you.