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Griselda Williams Marketing Manager at AppierSchool from Dublin, Ireland
It was really easy to find the information I needed to choose the right course, and then sign up to attend, at the last minute, using Knowledge Hut. They organised a lovely convenient location and facilities were excellent, including good food! Our course instructor, Marco Mulder was exceptional.
Brian Wilson Fraud Team Lead at Riot Games from Dublin, Ireland
The course was really well led by Alexandre Magno. He showed incredible knowledge and patience throughout the course giving us real tangible examples of how to use the material and where misunderstandings about what the course was and wasn't came up. This cleared a lot of the mist for me about agile in general and being a product owner compared against a scrum master in specific. I'm very glad I went on this course and can apply this content in my work.
Tobias Meinzer Senior Technology Consultant at SAP Deutschland from Germany, Berlin
Overall a great workshop, interactive learning, understanding SCRUM by practicing the method during the workshop, good preparation for the exam, enthusiastic teacher.
Saad Mohiuddin Sr. UI Engineer at SAP from Chicago,IL, United States
I attended a CSM workshop in Chicago on a very chilly day. It was a two-day very interactive jam-packed session that included team activities, videos, lecture on the agile/scrum methodology. The instructor was very knowledgeable with over two decades in the field and took time to answer all the questions. Definitely recommended.
Svetlina Al-Anati Development Manager/Scrum Master at Vizor from Dublin, Ireland
I recently attended the SA course offered by KH in Dublin. The instructor was knowledgeable and able to answer questions related to practice and experience beyond theory. I met experienced Agile professionals and we discussed practices, global industry and local scene, trends, common issues and solutions.The course extended my knowledge and helped me to successfully pass the certification exam with full 100% on my first attempt.I recommend KH as a solid provider of industry recognized courses.
Devraj Choudhuri Project Manager at Office of the Secretary of Defense from Washington, DC, United states
The workshop was great. I learned the methodologies well and passed the exam.


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