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Learn to wrangle massive data sets and get ready to land lucrative job offers with our online Bootcamps and get proficient in both basic and advanced concepts with our Data Science certification courses. Acquire skills across programming languages and technologies including Python, R, MongoDB, TensorFlow, Keras, Tableau, Hadoop, Spark and more and build expertise in data manipulation, visualization, predictive analytics, Data Science, machine learning and AI, to launch or advance a successful data career.

KnowledgeHut is a globally recognized Market Leader in digital skills transformation. Our stellar pool of instructors comprises leading industry professionals with decades of technical experience across domains spanning Technology, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Health, Automotives, Energy, and Retail amongst others.

Get started with acquiring valuable skills right away, create a project portfolio to demonstrate your abilities, and get support from mentors, peers, and experts in the field. You'll gain work-like experience with cloud labs and build real-world-like projects to impress recruiters at top tech companies with.

Over the past decade, data professionals have become essential across industries all around the world. Without data science, companies, both big and small, would have great difficulty making informed decisions. People who excel in this space are highly trained, data-oriented thinkers with strong technical skills and a desire to learn more. With a remarkable ability to work with large data sets, design algorithms, and develop machine learning platforms with their peers in engineering to process and synthesize information and produce insights and strategies for their colleagues, these data professionals are truly in high demand. The need will only rapidly grow in the coming years as more and more businesses integrate more data environments into their operations.

Some of the top industries for Data Science professionals include Media and Entertainment, Sports, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Telecom, Automotives and Retail. Mastering Data Science gives you access to a diverse range of job opportunities. Some of these employment options include Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Architect, Business Analyst, and Machine Learning Engineer.

With the massive demand and professional perks of this exciting and rapidly growing field, it’s an ideal time to consider building job-ready skills with our rigorous training across the entire range of Data Science courses from data manipulation, visualization, and predictive analytics to machine learning, Data Science and more. 

Explore Top Data Science Courses

Build the skills to design Data Science and Machine Learning models and get noticed by organizations for your ability to help them harness the power of data. From Machine Learning and Data Mining to Data Analysis, we’ve got just the Data Science course to help you progress on your career path. In a world with no shortage of data, knowing how to make sense of it, the terminology to navigate it, and ways to leverage it to make a positive impact can be invaluable tools in your career.

Whether you have any technical background or not, you can leverage our outcome-based immersive learning programs, our proprietary Learning Experience Platform, and dedicated career services to reskill and meet Data Science needs of the 21st-century economy and pursue more lucrative careers in tech.

At KnowledgeHut, we’re all about outcome-based immersive learning. Our data bootcamps are specifically designed to prepare you for a career of your choice – including data science – in a short amount of time. They’re intensive but provide you with all the skills and concepts you need to know to hit the ground running as a top data professional, be it as a Data Scientist or Data Analyst or even a Data Engineer or AI Engineer.

While many data science concepts can be challenging to learn, our courses are beginner-friendly and will take you the basics of everything you need to know and take you all the way to an advanced level. As long as you come into our programs ready to learn and apply your knowledge, you’ll be able to learn data science in no time ready with the skills to make a career out of your chosen field.

What Learners Are Saying

The industry’s top Data experts deliver our Data Science courses. Our proven track record includes helping professionals across 100+ countries achieve their career goals and bringing them closer to their dream companies. Don’t just take our word for it. Let’s look at some of our past and present learners’ Data Science course reviews. Our mission is to transform lives through learning. And you will see this come through in what our learners say. If you’re willing to buckle down and do the work, we’re here to teach, guide, mentor and support you through every step of your journey to career success.

Data Science Lifecycle

Data Science processes or workflows are integral to Data Science projects regardless of the domain in which the project is undertaken, the challenges being addressed or the focus of the project. Key stages of Data Science projects typically include an understanding of the business objectives to put together a method of evaluation, leading to a detailed understanding of all activities that contribute to a data set.

Once the data set is in place, raw data needs to be made ready for data analysis and processing, post which a proper diagnosis and prescriptive analysis of data can be made. Then comes the development of a data model of all data for storage in the database, which would then need to be evaluated by analyzing and predicting the best data model for the future and integration of this model  into the existing environment.

Life cycle

Data Science Prerequisites and Eligibility

  • Basic programming knowledge will be beneficial 

  • Mathematics skills are a big plus 

  • Experienced candidates or even freshers can opt for our Data Science courses 

  • Graduate degree in Math or Statistics is NOT mandatory 

  • You do not need to be a programmer to learn Data Science 

  • SQL skills are beneficial, but not mandatory to join our Data Science courses 

  • Anyone interested in learning more about data science can benefit 

  • Some courses may require knowledge of object-oriented programming languages 

  • Specific eligibility criteria may vary from course to course 

  • Our Data Science programs are beginner-friendly 

  • Go from beginner to pro with our hands-on Data Science programs 

Who Should Take Our Data Science Certification Courses

  • Statisticians
  • Beginner Data Scientists
  • Beginner ML Engineers
  • Python Developers
  • Applications Architects
  • Data Analysts
  • AI Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • Graduates from any discipline
  • Professionals looking for a career change
  • Anyone looking to make sense of big data and leverage it to make an impact

Data Science Course Duration and Fees

We provide an array of specialized Data Science courses ranging from Python Certification to Deep Learning. Our courses are curated by top experts and powered by immersive learning. Here’s a glimpse of the duration and Data Science course fee for all our courses.

Whether you’re at a beginner or intermediate level or whether you’re an expert looking to accelerate your Data Science career as a Data Scientist or AI/ML Engineer, you will find the course for you, replete with a best-in-class curriculum, industry expert trainers and mentors, projects, assignments, guided hands-on exercises on Cloud labs and more.

Course Name

Next Cohort



Data Science Case Studies

Discover case studies that contain detailed and systematic data analysis of people, objects, or entities focusing on multiple factors present in the dataset. Take a look at some of our top Data Science case studies so you can understand how businesses from many sectors have benefitted from Data Science to boost productivity, revenues, and more. Dive in to learn more about the Data Science domain and how organizations are improving their processes and projections based on data.

Learn more about our outcome-based, hands-on Data Science online courses that equip you with the right skills to take on industry challenges and excel.  

Jan 2022 Regression Analysis and Its Techniques in Data Science

Understand regression analytics, the different technologies used in regression analytics, different types of regressions, and more.

Read More

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Impress Recruiters With Stellar Data Science Project Portfolios

We have handpicked special projects for our learners that cover every aspect of Data Science. You can put your newly acquired skills to test while practicing and developing an impressive portfolio to impress top recruiters. You will build professional projects like the top 1% of Data Scientists and create a solid, job-worthy portfolio worthy of Tier 1 companies.

Land your dream job as a data professional, whether a Data Scientist or an AI Engineer, with ease. Here’s a peek at some of the projects you’ll build: 

Bookshelf Social Network

Data science courses are in huge demand in the modern era. that allows users to create a curated virtual bookshelf with reviews.

NutriGro Food and Drink

Build intelligence to predict user’s healthiness based on past grocery orders and recommend healthier options.

AnomaData Manufacturing

Build intelligence to understand the health of machinery using Machine Learning and predict anomaly data/events.

For-Rest from Fires 
For-Rest from Fires Tools

Build intelligence using Convolutional Neural Networks to detect fire accidents in buildings and forests.  

MoodForMusic Music

Building an application that detects the mood using still images or videos and recommends the music accordingly.  

VoiceBox Productivity

Build your own virtual voice assistant using NLP and Python (on similar lines of Alexa and Siri).  

Propensify Business

Build a Propensity Model to learn how likely certain target groups customers may act under certain circumstances.  

SrapIt Business

Build intelligence using Machine Learning to predict the scrap percentage in manufacturing.  

DocAssist Health and Fitness

Build intelligence to analyse patient data to help doctors decide the best treatment.  

ByDefault Banking and Finance

Build a Credit Risk Modelling Application via Machine Learning to predict a customer's creditworthiness.  

Recommender Shopping

Build intelligence to help customers discover products they may like and most likely purchase.

Data Science Course FAQs

Data Science is the combination of programming, mathematical, and statistical skills to get valuable insights from different forms of data. It is a discipline that has been growing in importance as it provides immense value to decision makers in organizations to make data driven decisions. 

Since it is a skill that needs a complex and cross disciplinary skillset, the training in Data Science is based on learning through practice and developing skills that can be readily applied in the real-world context. Data Science has become one of the most in demand disciplines for which organizations are looking to hire professionals.

Data Science involves scientific methods, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge from both structured and unstructured data forms and convert them into actionable insights. This is why Data Scientists are in huge demand and you can capitalize on this growing demand by enrolling for the best Data Science courses in India.

If you are thinking ‘why Data Science?’ then you must know that there will be an estimated 11.5 Mn new Data Science jobs by 2026. That makes learning Data Science a wise choice. The immense demand for Data Science jobs is being driven by industries like Banking, Infrastructure, Finance, Healthcare, Travel, Gaming, and more.

Data Science is also important to organizations. We live in a world where an increasingly large amount of data is generated and managed. The organizations that can make timely decisions by managing, analyzing, and interpreting this data are sure to outperform the organizations that are not able to do it. 

If you’re wondering how to start with Data Science or how to start learning Data Science then you will be happy to know that there are no prerequisites for our course, and anyone can be a Data scientist. Our course comes with live instructor led sessions conducted by top experts along with doubt-clearing sessions.

Data Science is one of the most in-demand fields. Currently, there is a great demand for Data Science professionals and there would be more. According to a report, there will be 11.5M new Data Science jobs by 2026. You can enroll for a Data Science certification and leverage this great demand and achieve a successful career. 

Data Science is one of the most booming fields and people from different fields are looking to get into this domain and enjoy a rewarding career. Anyone can make a career in Data Science with proper guidance. You can enroll for a Data Science certification course, get trained by top experts and clear the exam to get certified. You can then apply for Data Science jobs across top companies.

Data Science vs Business Analytics is a very important topic. Let’s understand the basic difference between Data Science and Business Analytics.

Data Science 
Business Analytics 
Data Science involves the study of data using algorithms, advanced statistics, and technology 
Business Analytics is the study of business components and data to obtain business insights. 
You need to understand Python terminologies and master coding skills to be a successful Data Scientist 
You can become a successful business analyst with limited coding knowledge. 

In case you’d like to know more about the various Data Science programs we offer, please refer to the Data Science course details section.

Data Science vs Business Analytics is a very important topic. Let’s understand the basic difference between Data Science and Business Analytics. 

Data Science 
Business Analytics 
Data Science involves the study of data using algorithms, advanced statistics, and technology 
Business Analytics is the study of business components and data to obtain business insights. 
You need to understand Python terminologies and master coding skills to be a successful Data Scientist 
You can become a successful business analyst with limited coding knowledge. 

In the modern era, Data Science vs Machine Learning is quite a common topic. Let’s understand the main differences between Data Science and Machine Learning.

Data Science 
    Machine Learning 
Data Science is the process of extracting data from structured and unstructured data. 
Machine Learning itself involves Data Science along with Machine to improve the usage of data. 
In Data Science, the main focus is on Data. 
In Machine Learning, the main focus is on Learning. 
To make a career in Data Science, you strong need domain expertise and strong SQL language
In Machine Learning, you need strong understanding of Math and Python knowledge.  

Now that you’ve understood the primary differences between Data Science and Machine Learning, it’s easier for you to understand which field to pursue. However, while you explore courses, please look at their respective prerequisites (if any). For e.g., for Data Science, it’s a good idea to look at the Data Science course eligibility across programs. 

Both Python and R are excellent programming languages with an extensive community. 


Used for various purposes including web app development and data analysis
It is used mainly for statistical modelling  
It is basically used by Data Analysts and Data Scientists 
It is basically used by Data Engineers and Developers.  

We have Data Science training programs that involve both Python and R, such as our Python for Data Science and Machine Learning with R.  

Top search engines such as Google, Bing, AOL, and more use Data Science algorithms to deliver search results. In fact, Data Science has a wide application across multiple industries. In fact, if you enroll for Data Science certification course and become a Data Scientist then you can apply for top jobs in not just IT but also in manufacturing, banking, gaming, and a lot more.

A Data Scientist typically has a decent level of coding knowledge. However, if you don’t have any coding skills you can still apply for our best online Data Science courses and learn coding from top instructors. Data Science is a discipline that covers many skills. There are plenty of roles in Data Science that may not require the knowledge of coding, but a data scientist will find the knowledge of coding to be very advantageous.  

Coding skills are not mandatory for a data scientist. Having coding skills can significantly enhance their performance. Some data scientists may not use coding at all or use it very sparingly, while others may use it as a core skill depending on their style of work and organizational requirements. 

A Data Science course involves a wide curriculum that helps you to master important skills like Python, R, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and a lot more. The course is a comprehensive program that covers the basics and gradually progresses to more advanced and complex concepts.  

Our Data Science programs also have projects where you will get to practice what you learn in realistic scenarios. Learning in this manner will give you many opportunities to develop your skills as a data scientist. You will also be able to apply your skills to your job immediately. 

Data Science is a growing field and can provide you with a tremendous career option. In fact, there will be 11.5M new Data Science jobs by 2026. The best Data Science certification course will help you to acquire in-demand skills and embrace a lucrative career path. 

You don’t need to have to meet any      to obtain Data Science certification. A minimum of bachelor’s degree is essential for any Data Science courses. Data Science professionals come from various backgrounds as it is an inter-disciplinary practice. You can consider taking up Data Science irrespective of your background. 

Masters in any STEM subjects can prove to be quite beneficial when you’re starting a Data Science online course. While coding is not a prerequisite, having a knowledge of coding will be beneficial. Knowledge in Mathematics, Statistics etc. will also be beneficial but not a requirement for eligibility.

Data Science is one of the most booming fields in the modern world. There is currently a great demand for Data Science professionals and there would be more. According to a report, there will be 11.5M new Data Science jobs by 2026. You can enroll for a Data Science course and leverage this great demand and achieve a successful career.

You can update your Data Science skills by enrolling for a Data Science course and appear for different job roles like:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Machine Learning Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • And a much more... 

Data Scientists embark on a highly paying career. The average salary of a Data Scientist is $145,150 per annum. A fresher can start their career at an annual salary of $88,285 while people with a few years of experience can easily notch a salary of up to $238,803.

Data Science is a growing demand and there is a great demand for Data Scientists. A Data Science course online helps you to learn key skills and apply for top job roles like Data Engineer, Database Administrator, and more.

If you’re looking for a top Data Science certification, then KnowledgeHut has got you completely covered. KnowledgeHut has helped students across 100+ countries to bolster their career. All KnowledgeHut’s Data Science courses are prepared by top experts, and you can boost your career by enrolling for one of them. Data Science with Python Certification, Data Science with R, Natural Language Processing with Python Training, and more are some of the most career defining courses offered by KnowledgeHut.  

KnowledgeHut provides a wide range of top Data Science courses for working professionals that are powered by immersive learning and live sessions by industry-renowned experts with extensive experience working in the Data Science discipline. The Data Science course fees vary from course to course depending on the duration, the topics covered, the tools used, and the type of course. The course fees will also vary depending on your location. 

These full-time Data Science courses include training sessions, case studies, projects, assessments and more. The course fee includes all these components. Data Science is an extremely lucrative career and hence the course fee becomes an intelligent investment for a professional wanting to get into Data Science or to get ahead in a Data Science career. 

From Data Science Training with R to Data Science with Python certification, KnowledgeHut’s courses are packed with the industry-vetted curriculum. The Data Science certification syllabus covers all important topics like NLP, AI, Python training, and a lot more. We keep updating the curriculum to reflect the needs of the industry.

Our Data Science courses are designed to skill professionals with tools and techniques that they can readily apply on the job. Our trainers have active experience of working with Data Science and are familiar with the industry standards and requirements.

There are many Data Science videos and blogs available on the internet that you can refer to. However, you need to have proper certifications to get a job and you can achieve that in just a few months. Enroll for a Data Science certification course, learn from top experts, clear the exam, get certified, prepare a Data Science resume, and land a top job in just a few months. 

There is a tremendous demand for Data Science professionals. That is why you can get a lot of interview opportunities, once you get any Data Science certification. You need a fair technical expertise and a strong understanding of Data Science fundamentals to clear a Data Science interview. 

Learning about the concepts and tools will only give you theoretical knowledge. But this isn’t akin to a complete Data Science course and wouldn’t be enough to convince an interviewer. It is through practice that you develop your skill as a data scientist. Once you are familiar with how to apply your skills in Data Science you will find answering questions in an interview to be a lot easier. 

For a lot of people, it may seem that getting a Data Science job as a fresher is a very difficult task. However, the truth is that you can get a Data Science job as a fresher in just a few months. You can get started by simply enrolling for the best Data Science course, get trained by top experts and acquire Data Science skills before applying for top jobs.