Certified Scrum@Scale™ Practitioner (CSaSP)

Learn to Scale Scrum through a combination of lectures & hands-on exercises

  • Earn a certificate signed by the creator of Scrum@Scale, Dr. Jeff Sutherland
  • High-quality interactive instructions from our S@S experts
  • Real-world case studies on the implementation of Scrum@Scale
  • Gain knowledge & skills to transform an organization into an Agile enterprise
  • Get Free E-learning Access to 100+ courses

Why You Should Become a Scrum@Scale™ Practitioner?

This Scrum@Scale course aims to take the core principles of Scrum and apply them to a scalable environment. The program promises to enable the transformation of all divisions within an organization towards becoming more efficient and coordinated. The course will prepare professionals to apply core Scrum principles such as lean product development across a wide range of teams.

Scrum integration provides many benefits to large organizations. It has helped large companies form ideal teams, open up effective communication channels, and optimize project handling times.

A recent study found that Scrum projects enjoy a 63% Success Rate, which is considerably higher than the industry average. Additionally, 97% of professionals using Scrum principles will continue using it in the future. Moreover, over 87% have daily Scrum meetings to engage in agile development.

According to Jeff Sutherland, a founder of the Scrum development process, organizations that work without the foundation of Scrum principles invest over 70% of their time on dark work. This includes working on products and features customers do not desire and need. Hence, this work often results in zero value for customers as well as for the organization itself. He believes organizations can transform decision making by reducing these negative numbers.


Scrum@Scale course promises to give you the skills needed to expand the core principles of Scrum to bring in more customers and satisfaction across a wide range of disciplines and industries. Some of these include hardware, software, operations, services, and R&D.

  • Scrum@Scale Certified practitioners can earn over $163,000 a year
  • Stay marketable with excellent career opportunities available in the market
  • As a Scrum@Scale certified professional, you can estimate and improve key Scrum metrics at an enterprise scale.
  • Scrum@Scale lets you facilitate cross-team collaboration with even 10,000+ people.
  • Optimization of resources and a happier workforce
  • Higher project success rates
  • Efficient communication leading to more customer satisfaction
  • Removes roadblocks to scaling and agile development process

Scrum@Scale certification promises a robust future outlook for the organization. The certification provides various benefits to executives and experienced professionals. On the one hand, it passes on essential wisdom from one generation to the other; and on the other hand, it establishes a clear and transparent understanding between various teams. Scrum@Scale certification prepares individuals and organizations alike for the growing and productive trend of agile product development. Many prominent organizations around the world use these practices to gain a competitive edge in the world today.

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What you will learn


There are no mandatory prerequisites for taking the Scrum@Scale course, but having the following certifications and knowledge is an added advantage.

  • A two-day Certified ScrumMaster Course (CSM®) or experience in Scrum implementations.
  • Completion of a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO®) course is also encouraged.
  • It is also recommended for you to read the official Scrum@Scale Guide prior to the class.

Who Usually Attend

  • C-suite leadership
  • Product Management
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Coaches
  • PMO Directors
  • Portfolio/Project Managers
  • Team Leads
  • Release Train Engineers
  • Program Managers
  • Solution Architects
  • Organizational Change Leaders

KnowledgeHut Experience


Learn from the real-world experience of accredited industry experts and advance your knowledge with in-class activities and simulations.


Interact with knowledgeable instructors who also have years of experience as active Scrum practitioners.


Learn directly from active practitioners engaged in implementing Scrum@Scale framework in real projects.


Get access to a wider community of active Scrum professionals and enhance your practical knowledge of Scrum.


Avail continuous support through monthly webinars, e-books, and conferences and keep pace with the latest industry updates.


Get access to tutorials, articles, interview Q&A and case studies prepared by the industry experts with latest updates in the Agile industry.

Scrum@Scale Course Curriculum

Let’s know why Scrum@Scale is used across different companies, industries, and continents irrespective of the team’s sizes. Also, how Scrum@Scale is used to solve the purpose of coordinating the new ecosystem of teams.

Dr. Jeff Sutherland has brought Scrum@Scale concept into existence based on the basic principles of Scrum that are originally outlined in the Scrum Guide. Learn the exact purpose and definition of Scrum@Scale in this section.

The components of Scrum@Scale include scaled roles, scaled events, and enterprise artifacts, and the protocols that will help any organization in customizing their transformational strategy and implementing the strategy to earn more benefits.

The value-driven culture helps to build a healthy organization. Scrum@Scale consists of values are Openness, Courage, Focus, Respect, and Commitment and the components include Scrum Master Cycle and the Product Owner Cycle.

Let’s get started with Scrum@Scale which is designed for scaling Scrum at an organizational level. This section will include the following topics:

  • Purpose of the Scrum@Scale
  • Definition  of Scrum@Scale
  • Values-driven culture in S@S
  • Components of the Scrum@Scale® Framework
  • SoS Roles, SoS events, SoS artifacts
  • Team Level Process
  • Coordinating the "How" - The Scrum of Scrums
  • The Scrum of Scrums Master (SOSM)
  • Scaling the SoS
  • The Executive Action Team
  • The EAT's backlog and responsibilities
  • Outputs/Outcomes of the Scrum Master Cycle
  • Coordinating the 'What' - The MetaScrum
  • The Chief Product Owner (CPO)
  • Scaling the MetaScrum
  • The Executive MetaScrum (EMS)
  • Outputs/Outcomes of the Product Owner Organization
  • Understanding the feedback
  • Metrics and Transparency
  • Organizational Design


A provider of Enterprise Learning Solutions (ELS), KnowledgeHut creates industry-fit talents through training, coaching, and consulting by globally-acclaimed trainers. Much of KnowledgeHut’s repute in co-creating business value stems from:

  • Training delivered in 70+ countries.
  • 250+ industry-relevant courses.
  • Consulting and coaching to transform organizations.
  • Trainers with experience in Retail, E-commerce, Energy & Utilities, etc.
  • 500+ Clients
  • Accenture
  • Coca-Cola
  • Honeywell
  • PWC
  • JP Morgan
  • Philips
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By registering in groups, you can save up to 15% on the course fees. The discount you can avail will depend on your group size.


Review image

Awesome course and facilitator! I wouldnt have had it any other way. I am looking forward to working with KnowledgeHut as a trainer myself.

Olufemi SONUGA

Agile Coach
Attended Certified Scrum@Scale™ Practitioner (CSaSP) workshop in October 2019
Review image

This was an exciting course. Mohammed was a fantastic instructor and educator. This was clearly demonstrable by the fact he had hands-on practice at his client sites. The materials were clear, and put across the point of Scrum@scale effectively. This coupled with Mohammed's clear enthusiasm made for an engaging course, and ensured we all had sufficient knowledge to pass the test easily. I would recommend this course and Mohammed to anyone considering scaling Scrum.

Alistair Williams

Attended Certified Scrum@Scale™ Practitioner (CSaSP) workshop in October 2019
Review image

The session was awesome as the trainer, Jeff Lopez Stuit made it very interactive. The profound knowledge shared by the trainer helped me to clear it with 100%. 

Ramanathan Yegyanarayanan

Agile Coach
Attended Certified Scrum@Scale™ Practitioner (CSaSP) workshop in May 2019
Review image

Overall, the training session at KnowledgeHut was a great experience. I learnt many things. I especially appreciate the fact that KnowledgeHut offers so many modes of learning and I was able to choose what suited me best. My trainer covered all the topics with live examples. I'm glad that I invested in this training.

Lauritz Behan

Computer Network Architect.
Attended PMP® Certification workshop in May 2018
Review image

The trainer was really helpful and completed the syllabus on time and also provided live examples which helped me to remember the concepts. Now, I am in the process of completing the certification. Overall good experience.

Vito Dapice

Data Quality Manager
Attended PMP® Certification workshop in May 2018
Review image

I am glad to have attended KnowledgeHut's training program. Really I should thank my friend for referring me here. I was impressed with the trainer who explained advanced concepts thoroughly and with relevant examples. Everything was well organized. I would definitely refer some of their courses to my peers as well.

Rubetta Pai

Front End Developer
Attended PMP® Certification workshop in May 2018
Review image

The KnowledgeHut course covered all concepts from basic to advanced. My trainer was very knowledgeable and I really liked the way he mapped all concepts to real world situations. The tasks done during the workshops helped me a great deal to add value to my career. I also liked the way the customer support was handled, they helped me throughout the process.

Nathaniel Sherman

Hardware Engineer.
Attended PMP® Certification workshop in May 2018
Review image

The teaching methods followed by Knowledgehut is really unique. The best thing is that I missed a few of the topics, and even then the trainer took the pain of taking me through those topics in the next session. I really look forward to joining KnowledgeHut soon for another training session.

Archibold Corduas

Senior Web Administrator
Attended Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)® workshop in May 2018

Meet your instructors

Become an Instructor

Mohammed Rowther

Scrum@Scale Trainer | Agile Leader | Enterprise & Team Coach | CAL I | CSP-CSM®| CSP-CSPO®

Scrum@Scale Trainer | Agile Leader | Enterprise & Team Coach | CAL I | CSP-CSM®| CSP-CSPO®

Mohammed Rowther is a Scrum@Scale Trainer, a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), and Certified Agile Leader 1. He comes with over 17 years of experience in the IT industry and currently works as an Agile Consultant or Coach for various clients across the UK, adding immense value to each agile transformation. A man with many feathers to his cap, he is a Facilitator, a Scrum, Kanban, LeSS, and Scrum@Scale practitioner, an expert trainer in Agile and User Story workshops; and promotes Agile Testing approaches using Automation through his multiple efforts.

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KnowledgeHut Support on your Scrum@Scale Journey

This course is apt for anyone who wants to understand how to apply Scrum in an organizational setting.

A typical audience would include:

  • C-suite leadership
  • Product Management
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Coaches
  • PMO Directors
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Team Leads
  • Project Managers
  • Release Train Engineers
  • Program Managers
  • Solution Architects
  • Organizational Change Leaders

There are no specific requirements to attend this workshop.

Scrum@Scale has been designed to enhance not just productivity but also cut costs, improve quality of products and create a good work environment. Most importantly, it helps Agile leadership once again bring back focus to the priorities and implement Scrum tenants. This is needed not just for IT companies but any large organization that wants to reap the benefits of Scrum.

This workshop will help you understand the nuts and bolts of the framework and gain the Certified Scrum@Scale™Practitioner certificate signed by the creator of Scrum, Dr. Jeff Sutherland.

Your instructors are CSTs who collaborate with Jeff Sutherland in conducting Scrum@Scale workshops.

Any registration cancelled within 48 hours of the initial registration will be refunded in FULL (please note that all cancellations will incur a 5% deduction in the refunded amount due to transactional costs applicable while refunding) Refunds will be processed within 30 days of receipt of written request for refund.

Kindly go through our Refund Policy for more details: https://www.knowledgehut.com/refund-policy

Please send in an email to support@knowledgehut.com, and we will answer any queries you may have!

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