Apache Kafka Training

Understand and deploy the concepts of Apache Kafka, Kafka Cluster, and its integration

  • 24 hours of Instructor-led training classes.
  • Acquire knowledge of Kafka Ecosystem and its components.
  • Master Kafka cluster and its integration with Big Data Frameworks like Hadoop.
  • Immersive hands-on learning on Apache Kafka.
  • Use cases on Content messaging queue, Kafka Stream API, Analytical pipeline.
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Why Learn Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is an open-source messaging infrastructure designed by LinkedIn and used by several major SaaS (Software as a Service) applications that we use on a daily basis. Kafka was designed to work with large scale data movements and offer seamless performance and reliability. Today when most IT professionals are dealing with a data deluge in the form of hundreds of billions of message, Kafka is the big data solution that you need!

Apache Kafka training will take you through the architectural design of Kafka that enables it to process large strings of data in real-time. Kafka stores, processes, and publishes streams of data records seamlessly as they occur and in a durable manner. The speed and performance of Kafka can be attributed to the fact that it is run as a cluster on multiple servers, enabling it to span across several data centers.

IT professionals can use Kafka certification to dive into the intrinsic architecture of Apache Kafka, understand Kafka API streams, learn how it is developed on Java and eventually develop cutting-edge big data solutions using Kafka.

Benefits of Apache Kafka:

Kafka course can enable organizations and professionals to process huge volumes of data and leverage the benefits of Big Data Analytics efficiently. Over 30% of today’s Fortune 500 companies use Apache Kafka.

Individual Benefits:

  • Get a clear understanding of the Kafka ecosystem
  • Write and develop your own applications using Apache Kafka
  • Get equipped to process large-scale data and kick-start a career in real-time analytics
  • Qualify for jobs like Kafka Developer, Kafka Testing Professional, Kafka Project Managers, and Big Data Architect in Kafka

According to PayScale, a Kafka professional can earn an average of  $140,642 p.a. The salary range varies based on the experience, skills, and designation of an individual.

Organization benefits:

  • Data centralization on Apache Kafka allows easy access to all data
  • Kafka is highly scalable, durable and reliable
  • Eliminates the need for multiple integrations
  • Kafka uses its own set of servers to receive and transfer data avoiding system crash
  • Uber, Netflix, Twitter, Yelp, LinkedIn, Airbnb, are some of the major players that are powered by Kafka

What You Will Learn


It is not mandatory for you to have a prior knowledge of Kafka to take up Apache Kafka training. However, as a participant you are expected to know the core concepts of Java or Python to attend this course.

Who should Apache Kafka Course

  • Data scientists
  • ETL developers
  • Data analysts
  • BI Analysts & Developers
  • SAS Developers
  • Big Data Professionals
  • Big Data Architects
  • Project Managers
  • Research professionals
  • Analytics professionals
  • Professionals aspiring for a career in Big Data
  • Messaging and Queuing System professionals

KnowledgeHut Experience

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Interact with instructors in real-time— listen, learn, question and apply. Our instructors are industry experts and deliver hands-on learning.

Curriculum Designed by Experts

Our courseware is always current and updated with the latest tech advancements. Stay globally relevant and empower yourself with the latest tools and training!

Learn through Doing

Learn theory backed by practical case studies, exercises and coding practice. Get skills and knowledge that can be applied effectively in the real world.

Mentored by Industry Leaders

Learn from the best in the field. Our mentors are all experienced professionals in the fields they teach.

Advance from the Basics

Learn concepts from scratch, and advance your learning through step-by-step guidance on tools and techniques.

Code Reviews by Professionals

Get reviews and feedback on your final projects from professional developers.


Learning Objectives: Understand where Kafka fits in the Big Data space, and learn about Kafka Architecture. Also, learn about Kafka Cluster, its Components, and how to configure a Cluster.


  • Introduction to Big Data           
  • Big Data Analytics                         
  • Need for Kafka             
  • What is Kafka?              
  • Kafka Features              
  • Kafka Concepts             
  • Kafka Architecture                      
  • Kafka Components                     
  • ZooKeeper                     
  • Where is Kafka Used?                
  • Kafka Installation                         
  • Kafka Cluster                 
  • Types of Kafka Clusters    


  • Kafka Installation
  • Implementing Single Node-Single Broker Cluster

Learning Objectives: Learn how to construct a Kafka Producer, send messages to Kafka, send messages Synchronously & Asynchronously, configure Producers, serialize using Apache Avro and create & handle Partitions.


  • Configuring Single Node Single Broker Cluster
  • Configuring Single Node Multi Broker Cluster                  
  • Constructing a Kafka Producer               
  • Sending a Message to Kafka                   
  • Producing Keyed and Non-Keyed Messages                   
  • Sending a Message Synchronously & Asynchronously                 
  • Configuring Producers               
  • Serializers                       
  • Serializing Using Apache Avro                 
  • Partitions        


  • Working with Single Node Multi Broker Cluster
  • Creating a Kafka Producer
  • Configuring a Kafka Producer
  • Sending a Message Synchronously & Asynchronously

Learning Objectives: Learn to construct Kafka Consumer, process messages from Kafka with Consumer, run Kafka Consumer and subscribe to Topics.


  • Consumers and Consumer Groups
  • Standalone Consumer
  • Consumer Groups and Partition Rebalance                   
  • Creating a Kafka Consumer
  • Subscribing to Topics                  
  • The Poll Loop                 
  • Configuring Consumers             
  • Commits and Offsets                 
  • Rebalance Listeners                    
  • Consuming Records with Specific Offsets                          
  • Deserializers                  


  • Creating a Kafka Consumer
  • Configuring a Kafka Consumer
  • Working with Offsets

Learning Objectives: Learn about tuning Kafka to meet your high-performance needs


  • Cluster Membership
  • The Controller            
  • Replication                      
  • Request Processing                    
  • Physical Storage                           
  • Reliability                         
  • Broker Configuration                  
  • Using Producers in a Reliable System                  
  • Using Consumers in a Reliable System                
  • Validating System Reliability                    
  • Performance Tuning in Kafka             


  • Create a topic with partition & replication factor 3 and execute it on multi-broker cluster
  • Show fault tolerance by shutting down 1 Broker and serving its partition from another broker

Learning Objectives: Learn about Kafka Multi-Cluster Architectures, Kafka Brokers, Topic, Partitions, Consumer Group, Mirroring, and ZooKeeper Coordination in this module.


  • Multi-Cluster Architectures
  • Apache Kafka’s MirrorMaker                  
  • Other Cross-Cluster Mirroring Solutions                            
  • Topic Operations                          
  • Consumer Groups                       
  • Dynamic Configuration Changes                            
  • Partition Management              
  • Consuming and Producing                       
  • Unsafe Operations       


  • Topic Operations
  • Consumer Group Operations
  • Partition Operations
  • Consumer and Producer Operations

Learning Objectives: Learn about the Kafka Streams API in this module. Kafka Streams is a client library for building mission-critical real-time applications and microservices, where the input and/or output data is stored in Kafka Clusters.


  • Stream Processing
  • Stream-Processing Concepts                  
  • Stream-Processing Design Patterns                     
  • Kafka Streams by Example                       
  • Kafka Streams: Architecture Overview     


  • Kafka Streams
  • Word Count Stream Processing

Learning Objectives: Learn about Apache Hadoop, Hadoop Architecture, Apache Storm, Storm Configuration, and Spark Ecosystem. In addition, configure Spark Cluster, Integrate Kafka with Hadoop, Storm, and Spark.


  • Apache Hadoop Basics
  • Hadoop Configuration               
  • Kafka Integration with Hadoop              
  • Apache Storm Basics                  
  • Configuration of Storm              
  • Integration of Kafka with Storm                            
  • Apache Spark Basics                   
  • Spark Configuration                    
  • Kafka Integration with Spark    


  • Kafka integration with Hadoop
  • Kafka integration with Storm
  • Kafka integration with Spark


Content messaging queue in The New York Times

At The New York Times they have a number of different systems that are used for producing content. Furthermore, given 161 years of journalism and 21 years of publishing content online, they have huge archives of content that still need to be available online.

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Kafka stream API in Pinterest

At Pinterest, they use Kafka Streams API to provide inflight spend data to thousands of ads servers in mere seconds. But in some areas they were facing issues like Over delivery.  Over delivery occurs when free ads are shown for out-of-budget advertisers. This problem is difficult to solve because of two reasons Real time spend Data and predictive spend.

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Analytical Pipeline using Kafka in Trivago

Trivago is a global hotel search platform. They are focused on reshaping the way travellers search for and compare hotels. As of 2017, they offer access to approximately 1.8 million hotels and other accommodations in over 190 countries. They use Kafka, Kafka Connect, and Kafka Streams to enable our developers to access data freely in the company. 

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The Course

Big Data analytics has proven to provide significant business benefits and more and more organizations are seeking to hire professionals who can extract crucial information from structured and unstructured data. Hadoop for many years was the undisputed leader in data analytics but a technology that has now proven itself to be faster and more efficient is Apache Kafka. Developed in the labs of LinkedIn, it is written in Java and Scala and is fast, scalable and distributed by design. As more and more organizations are reaping the benefits of data analysis through Kafka, there is a huge demand for Kafka experts and hence, this is the right time to enrol for this course.

This course will prepare you for everything you need to learn about Big Data while gaining practical experience on Apache Kafka.

After completing our course, you will be able to understand:

  • Kafka Concepts
  • Kafka Installation
  • Configuring Kafka Cluster

There are no restrictions but participants would benefit if they have basic computer knowledge.

Yes, KnowledgeHut offers this training online.

Your instructors are Kafka experts who have years of industry experience.

Finance Related

Any registration cancelled within 48 hours of the initial registration will be refunded in FULL (please note that all cancellations will incur a 5% deduction in the refunded amount due to transactional costs applicable while refunding) Refunds will be processed within 30 days of receipt of written request for refund. Kindly go through our Refund Policy for more details: http://www.knowledgehut.com/refund

KnowledgeHut offers a 100% money back guarantee if the candidate withdraws from the course right after the first session. To learn more about the 100% refund policy, visit our Refund Policy.

The Remote Experience

In an online classroom, students can log in at the scheduled time to a live learning environment which is led by an instructor. You can interact, communicate, view and discuss presentations, and engage with learning resources while working in groups, all in an online setting. Our instructors use an extensive set of collaboration tools and techniques which improves your online training experience.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Operating system such as Mac OS X, Windows or Linux
  • A modern web browser such as FireFox, Chrome
  • Internet Connection

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