Big Data and Hadoop Course Training in Chandigarh, India
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Big Data and Hadoop Course Training in Chandigarh, India

Get Future Ready; Become a Hadoop Pro! Understand how to harness the power locked in Big Data

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A technology that has emerged as the frontrunner for handling Big Data processing is Hadoop. This efficient platform aids in storing, handling and retrieving enormous amounts of data in a variety of applications while also helping in deep analytics. As more and more companies are embracing Hadoop, the demand for Hadoop Developers is growing. KnowledgeHut’s training for Apache Hadoop will help you understand its critical aspects and the tools and techniques to harness its power. Join today for a brilliant career in Big Data Analytics.

On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from KnowledgeHut.

What you will learn

  • Understand what Big Data is and how Hadoop is used to leverage its power
  • Learn about MapReduce, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), YARN, and how to write MapReduce code
  • Learn best practices and considerations for Hadoop development, debugging techniques and implementation of workflows and common algorithms
  • Learn how to use Hadoop frameworks like ApachePig™, ApacheHive™, Sqoop, Flume, Oozie and other projects from the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Perform real-world analytics by learning advanced Hadoop API topics
  • Learn about the hardware considerations that go into maintaining the Hadoop cluster
  • Comprehensive e-courseware will be provided

Key Features

3 days or 24 hours instructor-led training
Learn to manipulate, analyse and develop Big Data computations
Course delivered by certified instructor
Course completion certificate will be provided
Hands on practice using popular frameworks such as ApachePig™, ApacheHive™, Sqoop etc.
Real-world simulations to perform data analysis

Big Data

  • What is Big Data
  • Dimensions of Big Data
  • Big Data in Advertising
  • Big Data in Banking
  • Big Data in Telecom
  • Big Data in eCommerce
  • Big Data in Healthcare
  • Big Data in Defense
  • Processing options of Big Data
  • Hadoop as an option


  • What is Hadoop
  • How Hadoop 1.0 Works
  • How Hadoop 2.0 Works
  • HDFS
  • MapReduce
  • What is YARN
  • How YARN Works
  • Advantages of YARN
  • How Hadoop has an edge

Hadoop Ecosystem

  • Sqoop
  • Oozie
  • Pig
  • Hive
  • Flume

Hadoop Hands On

  • Running HDFS commands
  • Running your MapReduce program on Hadoop 1.0
  • Running your MapReduce Program on Hadoop 2.0
  • Running Sqoop Import and Sqoop Export
  • Creating Hive tables directly from Sqoop
  • Creating Hive tables
  • Querying Hive tables

Evaluation Test


Setting up Hadoop 1.0 on a single node cluster manual

Setting up Hadoop 2.0 on a single node setup manual

Multinode setup walkthrough manual

Advanced MapReduce

  • MapReduce Code Walkthrough
  • ToolRunner
  • MR Unit
  • Distributed Cache
  • Combiner
  • Partitioner
  • Setup and Cleanup methods
  • Using Java API to access HDFS

Joins Using MapReduce

  • Map Side joins
  • Reduce side joins

Custom Types

  • Input Types in MapReduce
  • Output Types in MapReduce
  • Custom Input Data types
  • Custom Input Data types
  • Custom Output Data types
  • Multiple Reducer MR program
  • Zero Reducer Mapper Program

Advanced MapReduce Hands On

  • MR Unit hands on
  • Distributed Cache hands on
  • Partitioner hands on
  • Combiner hands on
  • Accessing files using HDFS API hands on
  • Map Side joins hands on
  • Reduce side joins hands on

MapReduce Design Patterns:

  • Searching
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Inverted Index
  • TF-IDF
  • Word Co-occurrence

MapReduce Design Patterns Hands On:

  • Distributed Grep
  • Bloom Filters
  • Average Calculation
  • Standard Deviation
  • MapSide joins
  • Reduce Side joins

Evaluation Test (30 marks)


  • Pig Hands On
  • Advanced Processing Using Pig
  • Simple processing using Pig
  • How Pig Works
  • What is Pig


  • What is Hive
  • How Hive Works
  • Simple processing using Hive
  • Advanced processing using Hive
  • Hive hands-on


  • Oozie hands-on
  • How Oozie Works
  • What is Oozie


  • Impala hands-on
  • Impala’s shortcomings
  • Where Impala is better than Hive
  • How Impala Works
  • What is Impala

Evaluation Test

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no prerequisites for attending this course. This workshop will be beneficial for anybody wanting to learn more about Big Data and using Hadoop to perform essential data analytics.

Hadoop has now become the de facto technology for storing, handling, evaluating and retrieving large volumes of data. Big Data analytics has proven to provide significant business benefits and more and more organizations are seeking to hire professionals who can extract crucial information from structured and unstructured data. KnowledgeHut brings you a full-fledged course on Big Data Analytics and Hadoop development that will teach you how to develop, maintain and use your Hadoop cluster for organizational benefit.

You will receive a course completion certificate from KnowledgeHut.

Virtual and face-to-face classes are held on both weekdays and weekends. You can check available schedules and choose the batch timings which are convenient for you. If you are in a time crunch, virtual classes may work better for you.

Your instructor-led live virtual classes will be held online, and you have the flexibility of attending from anywhere. All you need is a windows computer with good internet connection to attend your classes online. A headset with microphone is recommended.

You may also attend these classes from your smart phone or tablet.

Any registration cancelled within 48 hours of the initial registration will be refunded in FULL (please note that all cancellations will incur a 5% deduction in the refunded amount due to transactional costs applicable while refunding). Refunds will be processed within 30 days of receipt of written request for refund. Kindly go through our Refund Policy for more details:

According to the ‘The Big Data Executive Survey 2013’ conducted by New Vantage Partners LLC, supported by the Fortune 1000 senior Business & Technology executives, 90% of the organizations interviewed have already started working with Big Data in some form or other. Big Data jobs are on the rise and a Hadoop certification could mean, more opportunities, better salary and a better career trajectory. With KnowledgeHut’s course you will be ready to implement best practices in maintaining your Hadoop cluster and performing Big Data analytics.

Please send in an email to, and we will answer any queries you may have!

  • Architects and developers who design, develop and maintain Hadoop-based solutions
  • Data Analysts, BI Analysts, BI Developers, SAS Developers and related profiles who analyze Big Data in Hadoop environment
  • Consultants who are actively involved in a Hadoop Project
  • Experienced Java software engineers who need to understand and develop Java MapReduce applications for Hadoop 2.0.

Big Data and Hadoop Course Course in Chandigarh

Big data and Hadoop Chandigarh Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab and Haryana and is a modern city with high-class infrastructure and facilities. It is this reason that many companies have set up their operations in Chandigarh. Agriculture, IT and tourism sector are the key sectors in Chandigarh and one needs to upgrade his skills to get recruited in these companies. Big data Hadoop training in Chandigarh is highly in demand among companies. Handling such enormous data is difficult. Doing an online training on big data Hadoop certification in Chandigarh is valuable as companies see you competent enough to use the tools to manage huge amounts of data. Big data is the collection of data which cannot be processed easily using hand data. There is high-end technology required to process this data. This is called Hadoop. Those who complete the big data Hadoop certification in Chandigarh are highly employable and companies see them as an asset to the organisation. KnowledgeHut offers a well-structured course on big data Hadoop training in Chandigarh. The e-learning is delivered by our knowledgeable faculty who train you to the best of their capabilities. The big data Hadoop certification cost in Chandigarh is reasonable and recommended even to those who would like to switch to the big data field from some other field. Companies in Chandigarh have embraced this high-tech methodology and recruit individuals who have the right training and knowledge to handle such vast amounts of data. The big data Hadoop training online in Chandigarh gives you an edge among your peers and over you complete the certification you also get a good pay rise. A New Alternative The Big data Hadoop courses in Chandigarh trains you to manage and analyse high volumes of data. The online classes teach you using real life examples which make it very easy for you to apply your learning?s in your workplace. The big data Hadoop certification online in Chandigarh is seen as high value by organisations and one who completes the online course gets a big jump in his career. Keeping Ahead of the Curve Hadoop is a Java-based framework and the Big data Hadoop classes in Chandigarh is recommended for professionals in this field. With cutthroat completion in the job market, it is important that you learn the new and the lasted skills and tools that are used by industries in order to grow in your organisation. KnowledgeHut offers the program which is a cake walk for those who know some basic programming language. Knowledge Hut Empowers You We offer one of the best courses in big data and Hadoop and our course is well-structured and delivered to the best of our capability. It lets you apply the knowledge immediately in a live environment at your workplace. The price of the course is reasonable and the training that you get from here lets you clear any exam on big data in your organisation.

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