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Ensure Blockchains Work Effectively

As blockchain technology gets adopted across organizations and industries, there is a need to ensure that the new applications work seamlessly and adapt to the innovative technology without causing a disruption in normal operations. Therefore, testers play a key role in making blockchain applications efficient, safe, and scalable.

This is a comprehensive, hands-on blockchain training course spread over 6 days, which aims to ready professionals for a Blockchain Quality Engineer role. Be it dashboards or applications, you will know how to carry out tests on every aspect of the blockchain. You will understand the roles and responsibilities of a blockchain quality engineer and will also be capable enough to ensure that a blockchain works properly.


24 Hours of live, instructor-led online training 

Coaching by blockchain quality engineers 

Industry-validated courseware

Master concepts through 4 projects and 2 case studies 

Get a certificate from KnowledgeHut on course completion 

Balanced mix of classroom and practical sessions  

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