Tibco Spotfire Training Certification

Learn TIBCO Spotfire to get a holistic view of data with interactive visualization easily & quickly

  • 36 hours of Instructor-led live online Training
  • Get hands-on experience with interactive lab sessions
  • Comprehensive hands-on sessions with TIBCO Spotfire
  • Covers all the concepts of Spotfire environment from basic to advanced level
  • Install and Configure TIBCO Spotfire and its automation services
  • Gain real-time experience on the industrial projects
  • Get Free E-learning Access to 100+ courses

Why Learn Tibco Spotfire Course?

The knowledge of harnessing raw data to drive business is the topmost skill to have in this data driven market. Skills such as data integration, transformation, analytics, and visualization are the skills that most attract resumes to recruiters. Hence, knowledge of a tool such as TIBCO Spotfire which is an analytics platform that brings all the above mentioned operations under a single environment is essential. This knowledge will help you drive business intelligence and bring in business benefits. 

KnowledgeHut’s workshop on TIBCO Spotfire, teaches you about the installation and configuration along with the more complex fundamentals of the Spotfire Web Player and its automation services. The comprehensive curriculum is apt for those who want to learn to convert raw data into meaningful visualizations while deploying and running automated jobs and patch services.

More than 53% of companies have adopted Big Data techniques, and Big Data analytics is assumed to have greater strategic importance than the Internet of Things (IoT), natural language analytics, cognitive Business Intelligence (BI) and Location intelligence.Your training and certification in Tibco Spotfire will further improve your career prospects, as IBM forecasts that data analytics requirements will go up to 2,720,000 by 2020 in the USA.


With nearly six million developers working on data analytics the world over, there is no reason why you should be left out of the race. There was never a better time to switch to Tibco Spotfire for individuals and organizations alike due to the benefits it offers.

  • Certification in Tibco Spotfire will equip you with specific knowledge and skills in analytics using data science and visualization libraries.
  • By the year 2020, data scientists will be managing 40ZB of data with 2.7 million job listings, a training course in analytics will make you stay relevant in your career.
  • It will open up career opportunities as an analyst, data scientist, consultant, data engineer, digital marketing expert, and many more job profiles.
  • You can expect a starting annual salary in the range of $50,000 to $65,000.
  • Become an expert in the most advanced data analytics tool with Tibco Spotfire.
  • About 97% of organizations are investing in big data and AI, as it holds the future.
  • Manage the complex and large amount of data with ease for better decision making.
  • Analyze different content like documents, social media, news sites, and customer conversations.
  • Predict the upcoming business trends by analyzing past and current data.
  • Data discovery and visualization of data helps in better understanding and use of data.

A course in Tibco Spotfire will provide you with the skills to land a job in a new industry, advance in your current career or work as a consultant.

What you will learn


There are no specific prerequisites for learning TIBCO Spotfire. But, participants are expected to have an understanding of how data works and how it can contribute to building a business. Having basic SQL programming knowledge is an added advantage.

Who Should Attend

  • Business Analysts
  • BI Professionals
  • Software and Mainframe Professionals
  • SQL and ETL Developers
  • Data Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Those who are interested to create visuals
  • Individuals who are looking for a career in BI

Knowledgehut Experience

Instructor-led Live Classroom

Interact with instructors in real-time— listen, learn, question and apply. Our instructors are industry experts and deliver hands-on learning.

Curriculum Designed by Experts

Our courseware is always current and updated with the latest tech advancements. Stay globally relevant and empower yourself with the latest training!

Learn through Doing

Learn theory backed by practical case studies, exercises and coding practice. Get skills and knowledge that can be applied effectively.

Mentored by Industry Leaders

Learn from the best in the field. Our mentors are all experienced professionals in the fields they teach.

Advance from the Basics

Learn concepts from scratch, and advance your learning through step-by-step guidance on tools and techniques.

Code Reviews by Professionals

Get reviews and feedback on your final projects from professional developers.


Learning Objective:

Learn to install Spotfire Server and prepare the Spotfire Server Database.


  • Install and configure Spotfire Serve
  • Deploy the TIBCO Spotfire Server Distribution


Installing and configuring Spotfire Server.

Learning Objective: Learn to install Spotfire Professional Client and import demo data.


  • Stage the Demo Data
  • Install the Spotfire Professional Client
  • Import the Demo Data
  • Open a Demo Data Analysis File
  • Apply Patches to the Spotfire Server

Hands-on: Install Spotfire Professional Client and import/open demo data.

Learning Objective: Learn how to add data to Spotfire from files, link data in Spotfire and connect to a database.


  • Adding data to Spotfire from files
  • Key data concept – basic row/column structure of a data table
  • Key data concept – data types
  • Using the inbuilt filters in Spotfire
  • Key data concept – data relationships
  • How to link data in Spotfire
  • Connecting to a database
  • Key data concept – data queries

Hands-on: Add data to TIBCO Spotfire and link data to Spotfire database.

Learning Objective: Learn to visualize data in tabular form, line charts, pi charts, scatter plots and so on.


  • Displaying information quickly in tabular form
  • Enriching your visualizations with color categorization
  • Visualizing categorical information using bar charts
  • Dividing a visualization across a trellis grid
  • Key Spotfire concept – marking
  • Visualizing trends using line charts
  • Visualizing proportions using pie charts
  • Visualizing relationships using scatter plots
  • Visualizing hierarchical relationships using treemaps
  • Key Spotfire concept – filters
  • Enhancing tabular presentations using graphical tables

Hands-on: Implement operations to display information in tabular form, visualize categorical information using bar charts, visualize data using line charts, pie charts, scatter plots, treemaps etc.

Learning Objective:  Learn how to analyse data using text areas, increase interactivity, customize filter panel and annotate data using tags and lists.


  • Framing your analysis using text areas
  • Key Spotfire concept – document properties
  • Increasing interactivity using property controls
  • Providing summary information at a glance
  • Customizing the filter panel
  • Getting details of marked items
  • Annotating data using tags and lists
  • Creating analysis snapshots using bookmarks

Hands-on: Implement operations in TIBCO Spotfire to analyse data using text areas, customize filter panel and annotate data using tags and lists.

Learning Objective: Get introduced to components and architecture of Spotfire. Learn about administration manager and various other automation services.


  • An overview of Spotfire components and architecture
  • A quick guide to Administration Manager
  • Using the Library Administration interface
  • A quick tour of Information Designer
  • An overview of Spotfire Analyst (formerly Professional Client)
  • An overview of Spotfire Consumer (formerly web player)
  • An overview of Spotfire Business Author (new with Version 6.5)
  • Automating tasks using Automation Services
  • An overview of system monitoring tools

Hands-on: Walk through the components and architecture of Spotfire, Administration Manager, Library Administration interface. Automate tasks using Automation Services.

Learning Objective: Learn to transform raw data into suitable one for further processing. Learn to use various methods for data manipulation and analysis.


  • Creating metrics using calculated columns
  • Using the Data Panel tool
  • Key data concept – dimensional hierarchies
  • Adding dimensionality to your data by defining hierarchies
  • Categorizing continuous numerical data using binning functions
  • Slicing and dicing data using hierarchy nodes
  • Merging data from multiple sources
  • Key data concept – narrow tables versus wide tables
  • Transforming data structure through pivots and unpivots
  • Using Spotfire's Information Designer
  • Optimizing complex data manipulations using in-database analytics

Hands-on: Implement data manipulation, data preparation & data transformation.

Learning Objective: Learn the advanced techniques to visualize data.


  • Key Spotfire concept – difference between calculated columns and custom expressions
  • Annotating visualizations with reference lines, fitted curves, and error bars
  • Defining color rules and organizing document color schemes
  • Slicing and dicing visualizations using hierarchy nodes
  • Mashing up data from different tables in a single visualization
  • How to create dynamic pivots using cross tables
  • Visualizing categorical information and trends together in combination charts
  • Visualizing statistical measures using box and whisker plots
  • Summarizing statistical measures using summary tables
  • Visualizing complex multidimensional data using heat maps
  • Profiling your data using parallel coordinate plots
  • Exporting and publishing data and visualizations

Hands-on: Implement advanced visualization techniques using Spotfire's Information Designer.

Learning Objective: Learn to create interesting map charts. Also, learn how to use map charts for non-geographic spatial analysis.


  • Creating background map layers
  • Key Spotfire concept: map chart layers
  • Key mapping concept – coordinate reference systems
  • Using automatic geocoding to accurately position locations from your data on a map
  • Incorporating and using a feature layer
  • Adding Web Map Service data to a map chart
  • Using the map chart for non-geographic spatial analysis

Hands-on: Implement location based visualization using map charts.


TIBCO Spotfire Course

TIBCO Spotfire is among the most popular tools for data analysis providing a rich analytics environment for data professionals to perform various operations on data. This includes converting data into creative visuals that are easy to understand.   Data visualization developers earn upto $120,959 a year and this is a perfect workshop for you to study the tools that will help you with visualizations and other business intelligence operations.

There are no specific prerequisites for learning TIBCO Spotfire. But, participants are expected to have an understanding of how data works and how it can contribute to building a business. Having basic SQL programming knowledge is an added advantage.

  • Business Analysts
  • BI Professionals
  • Software and Mainframe Professionals
  • SQL and ETL Developers
  • Data Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Those who are interested to create visuals
  • Individuals who are looking for a career in BI

There are no restrictions but participants would benefit if they have knowledge on how data works.

Minimum Requirements: MAC OS or Windows with 8 GB RAM and i3 processor

Get advanced knowledge on visualizations with TIBCO Spotfire Be proficient with advanced data preparation technique and advanced visualization techniques

On completing the course, you will learn about:

  • How to install TIBCO Spotfire
  • How to configure and deploy TIBCO Spotfire
  • Checking installation of TIBCO Spotfire by importing data
  • Installing and validating TIBCO Spotfire Web Player
  • Installing and validating the TIBCO Spotfire Automation Services


The workshops at KnowledgeHut are always interactive, immersive, intensive hands-on programs. We have two modes of delivery. Select the best one based on your project requirements.

  • Instructor-led training

Brush up your knowledge with new concepts and technologies with our most preferred virtual live instructor-led training with the help of hands-on training and interactive sessions.

  • One-to-One Training

Choosing one-to-one training will be an added advantage. We will accommodate you and arrange a mutually acceptable date for the training. Our instructors are dedicated, will help you to achieve your goals and make you prepare for a remarkable future.

  • Team/Corporate Training

In this type of Microsoft Power BI training, an organization can nominate its entire team for online or classroom training. Training will be delivered for your teams as per your requirements. Corporate training comprises of videos, certification courses and other blended learning options that will enable your workforce to learn and implement the required skills in a very short time.

The sessions that are conducted are 36 hours of live sessions, with 80+ hours MCQs and Assignments and 32 hours of hands-on sessions.

To attend the online TIBCO Spotfire classes, the following is the list of essential requirements:

  • Operating system (Mac OS X, Windows or Linux)
  • A web browser like Chrome, FireFox
  • Proper internet connection

Yes, our lab facility at KnowledgeHut has the latest version of hardware and software and is very well-equipped. We provide Cloudlabs so that you can get a hands-on experience of the features of TIBCo Spotfire. Cloudlabs provides you with real-world scenarios can practice from anywhere around the globe. You will have an opportunity to have live hands-on coding sessions. Moreover, you will be given practice assignments to work on after your class.

Here at KnowledgeHut, we have Cloudlabs for all major categories like cloud computing, web development, and Data Science.

Minimum Requirements: MAC OS or Windows with 8 GB RAM and i3 processor

Case studies are more like history data that must be analysed to understand the project insights and customer requirements. The most recent and trendy case studies should be part of the training, so that students will come to know about new techniques to help them get ahead in their career.

Online Experience

We provide our students with Environment/Server access for their systems. This ensures that every student experiences a real-time experience as it offers all the facilities required to get a detailed understanding of the course.

If you get any queries during the process or the course, you can reach out to our support team.

The trainer who will be conducting our TIBCO Spotfire certification has comprehensive experience in developing and delivering TIBCO Spotfire applications. He has years of experience in training professionals in TIBCO Spotfire. Our coaches are very motivating and encouraging and provide a friendly learning environment for the students who are keen about learning and making a leap in their career.

Yes, you can attend a demo session before getting yourself enrolled for the TIBCO Spotfire training.

All our Online instructor-led training is an interactive session. Any point of time during the session you can unmute yourself and ask the doubts/ queries related to the course topics.

There are very few chances of you missing any of the TIBCO Spotfire training session at KnowledgeHut. But in case you miss any lecture, you have two options:

  • You can watch the online recording of the session.
  • You can attend the missed class in any other live batch.

The online TIBCO Spotfire course recordings will be available to you with lifetime validity.

Yes, the students will be able to access the coursework anytime even after the completion of their course.

Opting for online training is more convenient than classroom training, adding quality to the training mode. Our online students will have someone to help them any time of the day, even after the class ends. This makes sure that people or students are meeting their end learning objectives. Moreover, we provide our learners with lifetime access to our updated course materials.

In an online classroom, students can log in at the scheduled time to a live learning environment which is led by an instructor. You can interact, communicate, view and discuss presentations, and engage with learning resources while working in groups, all in an online setting. Our instructors use an extensive set of collaboration tools and techniques which improves your online training experience.

This will be live interactive training led by an instructor in a virtual classroom.

We have a team of dedicated professionals known for their keen enthusiasm. As long as you have a will to learn, our team will support you in every step. In case of any queries, you can reach out to our 24/7 dedicated support at any of the numbers provided in the link below: https://www.knowledgehut.com/contact-us

We also have Slack workspace for the corporates to discuss the issues. If the query is not resolved by email, then we will facilitate a one-on-one discussion session with one of our trainers.

Finance Related

We accept the following payment options:

  • PayPal
  • American Express
  • Citrus
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

KnowledgeHut offers a 100% money back guarantee if the candidates withdraw from the course right after the first session. To learn more about the 100% refund policy, visit our refund page.

If you find it difficult to cope, you may discontinue within the first 48 hours of registration and avail a 100% refund (please note that all cancellations will incur a 5% reduction in the refunded amount due to transactional costs applicable while refunding).  Refunds will be processed within 30 days of receipt of a written request for refund. Learn more about our refund policy here.

Typically, KnowledgeHut’s training is exhaustive and the mentors will help you in understanding the concepts in-depth.

However, if you find it difficult to cope, you may discontinue and withdraw from the course right after the first session as well as avail 100% money back.  To learn more about the 100% refund policy, visit our Refund Policy.

Yes, we have scholarships available for Students and Veterans. We do provide grants that can vary up to 50% of the course fees.

To avail scholarships, feel free to get in touch with us at the following link:


The team shall send across the forms and instructions to you. Based on the responses and answers that we receive, the panel of experts takes a decision on the Grant. The entire process could take around 7 to 15 days

Yes, you can pay the course fee in installments. To avail, please get in touch with us at https://www.knowledgehut.com/contact-us. Our team will brief you on the process of installment process and the timeline for your case.

Mostly the installments vary from 2 to 3 but have to be fully paid before the completion of the course.

You can check the schedule of the TIBCO Spotfire Training by visiting the following link:


We have a team of dedicated professionals known for their keen enthusiasm. As long as you have a will to learn, our team will support you in every step. In case of any queries, you can reach out to our 24/7 dedicated support at any of the numbers provided in the link below: https://www.knowledgehut.com/contact-us

We also have Slack workspace for the corporates to discuss the issues. If the query is not resolved by email, then we will facilitate a one-on-one discussion session with one of our trainers.

Yes, there will be other participants for all the online public workshops and would be logging in from different locations. Learning with different people will be an added advantage for you which will help you fill the knowledge gap and increase your network.

reviews on our popular courses

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The learning methodology put it all together for me. I ended up attempting projects I’ve never done before and never thought I could. 

Lea Kirsten

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Attended Back-End Development Bootcamp workshop in July 2021
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The Backend boot camp is a great, beginner-friendly program! I started from zero knowledge and learnt everything through the learn-by-doing method. 

Ben Johnson

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KnowledgrHut’s Back-End Developer Bootcamp helped me acquire all the skills I require. The learn-by-doing method helped me gain work-like experience and helped me work on various projects. 

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The learning system set up everything for me. I wound up working on projects I've never done and never figured I could. 

Tyler Wilson

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Attended Front-End Development Bootcamp workshop in April 2021
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The KnowledgeHut course covered all concepts from basic to advanced. My trainer was very knowledgeable and I really liked the way he mapped all concepts to real world situations. The tasks done during the workshops helped me a great deal to add value to my career. I also liked the way the customer support was handled, they helped me throughout the process.

Nathaniel Sherman

Hardware Engineer.
Attended PMP® Certification workshop in April 2020
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Everything from the course structure to the trainer and training venue was excellent. The curriculum was extensive and gave me a full understanding of the topic. This training has been a very good investment for me.

Jules Furno

Cloud Software and Network Engineer
Attended Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)® workshop in June 2020
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I would like to extend my appreciation for the support given throughout the training. My special thanks to the trainer for his dedication, and leading us through a difficult topic. KnowledgeHut is a great place to learn the skills that are coveted in the industry.

Raina Moura

Network Administrator.
Attended Agile and Scrum workshop in January 2020
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The instructor was very knowledgeable, the course was structured very well. I would like to sincerely thank the customer support team for extending their support at every step. They were always ready to help and smoothed out the whole process.

Astrid Corduas

Telecommunications Specialist
Attended Agile and Scrum workshop in June 2020

Tibco Spotfire

Tibco Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire is a business intelligence software solution that provides its users with tools that they need to collect, analyze and visualize their data. It has been designed in such a manner that it blends well with any other software ecosystem to simplify the business intelligence processes. Spotfire software makes businesses smarter, delivers AI-driven analytics and plots interactive data on maps easily. 

You need to accept the fact that all the tools mentioned above have their own advantages and drawbacks. If you consider visualization capabilities, Spotfire has general visualization capabilities compared to Tableau and QlikView. However, users can create reports, explore data, and create dashboards very easily in Spotfire. QlikView, on the other hand, offers a complete self-service BI for all business users in organizations. It is capable of analyzing data and supporting you with decision making.

Tableau, QlikView and Spotfire are all solid BI tools. Which of these is the best fit for your company completely depends on your needs and the features each one of them offers.

Powerful Data Modelling
Speed of implementation

Dashboard Support
Database Connectivity
Intelligent Report Generation
UI & visual controls
Very Good
Very Good
Understanding Scripting
R Programming
Basic SQL
Above average

TIBCO Business Works (BW) is a Java based platform, which is used for application integration. It makes sure everything is running smoothly in your business setting by allowing you to manage all of the applications in the setting. 

However, Tibco Spotfire is an analysis-driven software which gives you the ability to access data from various sources and create intuitive visualizations for better business decisions.

Tibco Spotfire is an extremely powerful enterprise-grade analytical platform which allows users to derive valuable business insights. It is a smart, secure, and scalable tool which can be used for predictive analytics, data wrangling, data visualization and discovery.  However, for application integration, Tibco Business Works (BW) can be used as an integration tool.

TIBCO Spotfire is open source, it offers the first two months free as an annual discount. There is also a 30-day free trial available for a team which includes 250 GB data storage for each analyst. TIBCO Spotfire’s Cloud is available in four pricing editions:

  • Analyst ($125 a month or $1,250 a year) - includes 250 GB data storage for each analyst
  • Business Author ($65 a month or $650 a year) includes 100 GB of data storage for each author
  • Consumer ($25 a month or $250 a year) - available for one Analyst or one Business Author seat
  • Library Storage ($25 a month or $250 a year for 25 GB of storage)

The latest version of TIBCO Spotfire is TIBCO Spotfire X (10.0), which has the following changes from its older versions:

  • Re-imagined User Experience 
  • AI-Driven insights 
  • Natural Language Query 
  • Automagic Workflows 
  • Streaming data visualizations

TIBCO Spotfire is a data visualization tool that allows its users to access and combine data in a single analysis. TIBCO Spotfire can do the following:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Content Analytics 
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data discovery and visualization 
  • Dashboard and Analytic Apps 

Tibco has a total of 603 products in various verticals. The most common products are listed below:

Featured Cloud Products

  • TIBCO® Cloud Integration (iPaaS)
  • TIBCO® Cloud Integration (Hybrid)
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Administration 
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery 
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps 
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® 
  • TIBCO Cloud Messaging 
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Events 

Integration and API Management 

  • TIBCO BusinessWorks™ 
  • TIBCO Mashery® 
  • TIBCO® Managed File Transfer 
  • TIBCO Flogo®
  • TIBCO BusinessConnect™
  • TIBCO Foresight® 

Messaging and Event Processing 

  • TIBCO Cloud Messaging
  • TIBCO ActiveSpaces®    
  • TIBCOMessaging - Enterprise Edition 
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents®

Low Code Apps and Process Management

  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM
  • TIBCO Nimbus® 
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Nimbus® Professional   
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Nimbus ® Essentials 

Data Visualization 

  • TIBCO Spotfire® 
  • TIBCO Jaspersoft® 

Advanced Analytics 

  • TIBCO Spotfire® Data Science 
  • TIBCO® Statistica™
  • TIBCO StreamBase®

Data Management 

  • TIBCO® Data Virtualization 

TIBCO Messaging system supports a wide range of messaging and communication needs. Whether it is a high-performance (millions of messages a second) or low latency (sub-microsecond delivery), TIBCO Messaging offers solutions to meet these demands with its components.

Components of TIBCO Messaging

  • TIBCO Enterprise Message Service:  It is a standards-based messaging solution that can serve as the backbone of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) by providing Java Message Service (JMS) compliant communications across a wide range of platforms and application technologies.
  • TIBCO eFTL: It is the edge node communications system which provides WebSocket, NodeJS, and mobile communication support for all the components in the TIBCO Messaging Suite.
  • TIBCO FTL: It is the backbone for high-performance, low-latency communication and also provides content based delivery of data for real-time applications. 


Make the process of learning Tableau easier by joining KnowledgeHut’s TIBCO Spotfire course, where you can gain knowledge and get your concepts clear on Spotfire.

With the high demand in jobs for TIBCO Spotfire certified professionals, it is highly recommended to opt for training for the same. It will help professionals become more efficient and learn best practices. . 

The training offered by KnowledgeHut is an instructor-led live, online training. Get comprehensive hands-on sessions with TIBCO with interactive lab sessions, covering all the concepts of Spotfire environment from basics to advanced level. 

To become a certified TIBCO Spotfire professional, you need to pass a test for the same, for example one of the tests at this link: https://www.tibco.com/services/education/certification . For this, you need to have your basic concepts cleared as well as have practical experience on Spotfire reporting, loading data in Spotfire and answering questions, and should then clear the rigorous exam which is administered online or at an authorized centre.

Or, you can opt for a TIBCO Spotfire training from KnowledgeHut, and get trained by the best instructors of the industry.You will get an industry recognized course completion certificate.

The following lists some of the few skill sets that employers look for in a TIBCO Software developer: 

  • Conceptual understanding of Spotfire.
  • Knowledge of how to develop and implement reports, dashboards & visualizations.
  • Ability to optimize dashboards with a large volume of data.
  • Strong SQL skills on large scale databases. 
  • Understanding of data models.
  • Knowledge of how to write technical specifications and design documents.
  • Knowledge of how to perform source-system analysis and write queries to create input tables for Spotfire. 
  • Ability to think through an Architectural standpoint and provide design recommendations to handle huge volumes of data.

Choosing the online mode of training adds more quality and hence is more convenient than classroom training. Students opting for online mode of training will have someone to help and guide them even after the classes end. This makes sure that students are meeting their learning objectives. Moreover, they have lifetime access to our updated course materials.

You can be a TIBCO Spotfire Admin with very less or no programming knowledge. It can be automated by anyone.

There are plenty of resources available in the form of classroom and online training, for a person to prepare for TIBCO Spotfire certification. 

TIBCO provides exam materials and exam outlines, along with sample questions for the exams. 

Moreover, there are different training options available, such as classroom training, live online training, on-demand training, etc. that you can opt for.

Yes, it is possible for a fresher to get a job as a TIBCO Spotfire developer. Having a certification in the same will prove to be even more beneficial, as it will help you gain new skills and become proficient.  

Here is a list of some of the best institutes for TIBCO Spotfire training:

  • Intellipaat
  • Mindmajix 
  • KnowledgeHut 
  • Mytectra
  • Udemy
  • Zeolearn
  • Cloudfoundation

Among these TIBCO Spotfire training providers, KnowledgeHut has gained more traction from  industry experts as it provides you with a comprehensive training that combines hands-on training and theory. Learn concepts from scratch, and advance your learning through step-by-step guidance on tools and techniques. 


TIBCO Spotfire is mainly used to combine data in a single analysis and get a holistic view of data with interactive data visualization. Analysing a large amount of data that is represented  over graphs and charts is easier than analyzing it over spreadsheets or reports,. Spotfire provides a comfortable display to present your data in charts, graphs and 3D forms and helps you understand and convey information at your ease.

The following lists a few benefits of TIBCO Spotfire:

  • User-friendly as well as beginner-friendly.
  • Collaborative and customizable dashboard. 
  • Visual data clusters for ease of analysis. 
  • Ability to deal with any data type from any source type. 
  • Identification of outliers in data is easier. 
  • Charts and diagrams are easy to analyse. 
  • Accessible from anywhere, that is, the user needs only an internet connection to connect to their cloud.
  • Can integrate with various third-party tools, applications, and databases so that one can manage data from one place itself.


The following reasons are what sets TIBCO Spotfire apart from the other analytic tools:

  • Ease-of-use: Its ease of use is one of the major reasons for TIBCO Spotfire to be selected as a data discovery and analytics tool. 
  • Analytics Superiority: A majority of its current customers have reported a consistent superiority than other BI and analytics tools.
  • Increases time to value: Increase in time to value has been observed within the first three months of deployment.  

In order to get course completion certification you need to spend 36 hours.

Upon successful completion of the Tibco Spotfire training course, you will be awarded an industry-recognized course completion certificate from KnowledgeHut which has got lifetime validity.


To get started with Spotfire, you will have to go through a few simple steps of installation, which will include the server on one computer, a few Spotfire Web Player instances available for other computers, the Spotfire Analyst client on another computer, and the user directory in the Spotfire database. You will have to make sure that a database server must be running preferably on a dedicated computer. 

You may click here to for the detailed steps to install Spotfire Server.

In order to start Spotfire Server, first, you need to complete the initial configuration of the server. You may start after the completion but before deploying client packages. Also, you must restart Spotfire Server whenever there is a change in the configuration. The restart causes the server to retrieve a fresh copy of the configuration.xml file from the database. You may follow the steps mentioned below in order to start the Spotfire server.

  1. Log in to the Spotfire Server computer as an administrator.
  2. Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services and then, in the Services dialogue, locate and select the service called TIBCO Spotfire Server.

To the left of the services list, click Start in the phrase "Start the service".Note: To stop the service, click Stop to the left of the services list. 


Tibco Spotfire training will help you increase the essential knowledge on TIBCO Spotfire features and its functionality. TIBCO Spotfire training will provide you with the skills to land a job in the industry or advance your career. Moreover, TIBCO Spotfire training will help you get placed in major companies. 

Going through tutorials, videos, books, blogs will help you learn the concepts from scratch and advance your learning. The easiest way to learn Tibco is to get trained from a professional institute. Tibco Spotfire training will help you to understand Tibco Spotfire in a comprehensive manner.

There are plenty of resources available to learn Tibco Spotfire. You can learn Tibco Spotfire through various tutorials, books, blogs, and training, etc.

Below are the best resources to learn Tibco Spotfire:

  • Tibco Spotfire Tutorials:

TIBCO Spotfire TERR Tutorial

  • Tibco Spotfire Books:

TIBCO Businessworks

Tibco Spotfire A Comprehensive Primer - Google Book

  •   Tibco Spotfire Blog


The training is completely hands-on. Our trainer will explain each and every topic with real-time scenarios. You will also be given practice with assignments and projects.

Tibco's official website and 100 Best TIBCO Videos provide you with the best video tutorials for learning Tibco Spotfire.

Career Scope & Salary:

Yes, TIBCO is a valuable skill and has bright career prospects. Hence, skilled TIBCO Spotfire developers will  have better job opportunities worldwide. According to the latest forecast released by Gartner on February 17, 2017 the Global revenue in the business intelligence (BI) and analytics software market is forecast to reach $18.3 billion in 2017. And by the end of 2020, the market is forecast to grow to $22.8 billion.

Tibco developers earn a high salary proportionate to their highly specialized skills and the value they add to enterprises who hire them. According to Payscale, the average salary of a Tibco developer is $72K.

Tibco is a popular and in-demand technology. Companies implementing Tibco are increasing day by day. It is used by tech giants around the world who are in need of Tibco specialists. Hence, getting certified in Tibco Spotfire is assurance of a quick and lucrative hire. As per the data presented by Forbes, IBM revealed that by 2020, data professionals jobs will rise by 364,000 to 2,720,000 number in USA.

Note: All the figures mentioned above are accurate as of May 2017

A Tibco Spotfire developer's main job is to turn the Tibco Spotfire analytics platform into a fully customized application. Their responsibilities include:

  • Developing Tibco based integration and analytics code
  • Testing Tibco solutions and troubleshooting them
  • Planning and designing data integration and analytics code

The following are the various roles that you can expect after successfully completing your Tibco Spotfire training.

  • System Engineer
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Support Executive

The following companies hire people with Tibco Spotfire skills and 1 or 2 years of experience.

  • EY
  • Capgemini
  • Accenture
  • Genpact
  • Mphasis
  • Wipro
  • Microland
  • United Airlines
  • KPI Partners India

Disclaimer: All the figures mentioned above are accurate as of September 2019.

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