Business Case Writing Training in Lagos, Nigeria

Learn the elements of an exceptional business case and the steps to craft one

  • Learn how to write compelling business cases that promote business objectives
  • Identify and compare costs and advantages of alternative solutions
  • Apply risk assessment techniques to forecast and mitigate potential problems
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Business Case Writing FAQs

Business Case Writing Training

During this eight-hour course, a variety of topics will be covered with the aim of making you an expert crafter of beautiful business cases. The following are the practical skills you’ll gain on course completion:

  • Learning to define the project
  • Understanding how to analyze, outline and communicate a business case effectively
  • Learning how to prepare a thorough Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Learning to work out alternate solutions based on existing resources
  • Learning to communicate and present business cases effectively to critical stakeholders to gain acceptance

Anyone who wants to develop a clear business case for decision-making can pursue this training. This skills-intensive course is ideal for business analysts, product managers, product planners, marketing managers, directors and corporate officers who regularly develop and present budgets, business plans and recommendations.

There are no prerequisites for attending this course, but basic management knowledge is preferred.

Workshop Experience

Currently, all our courses are offered online as live, interactive, trainer-led sessions where you will get to learn directly from the trainer with opportunities to discuss and clear doubts.

Our instructors are experts in business case writing from IIBA® with several years of industry experience. They also have hands-on experience and will be able to tell you the practical aspects of what you are learning.

Our courses are delivered through live interactive virtual classrooms. Our training focuses on interactive learning, split across hands-on exercises, discussions, and team collaboration, all facilitated by expert instructors from IIBA®. The focus is on finding practical solutions to real-world scenarios in various strategic environments, both big and small.

No, you do not need to record the sessions, the sessions will be auto recorded on our LMS, you will be able to refer to them.

Write Compelling Business Cases

Corporate strategy execution depends upon developing and implementing the best solutions in the workplace. These solutions often come from having a sound business case. A well-crafted business case outlines the rationale for undertaking a project. It is a formal, written argument that ideally convinces a decision maker to approve an intended action.

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  • 8 Hours of Live, Instructor-Led Training

  • Industry-Validated Courseware

  • Earn 8 PDUs and 8 CDUs

  • Hands-On Learning with Activities

  • Access Digital Library of Learning Resources

  • Practice Business-Case Writing

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Prerequisites for this Course

There are no prerequisites to attend this course.

Basic management knowledge is preferred.

Who Should Attend This Course


Corporate Officers

Business Analysts

Product Managers

Product Planners

Marketing Managers


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What You Will Learn


Get introduced to business case writing and its importance in corporate strategy

Business Models

Understand where a business case fits in an organization’s business model

Business Case Principles

Learn about the different principles of writing a strong and robust business case

Planning your Business Case

Get a summarized view of how to plan your business case to meet business objectives

Stakeholder Requirements

Learn to identify stakeholders’ needs and align your business case with strategic requirements

Competitors and Market Share

Identify market potential and compare market ratings of competitors

Transform Your Workforce

Build Business Cases for Profitability

Enable teams across your organization to discover and implement business solutions through robust business cases. This training will give your team the skills to craft business cases suited to organizational objectives.

  • Custom Training Solutions
  • Experiential Learning
  • Learn by Doing Approach
  • Immediately Applicable Skills

500+ Clients

  • Introduction to Business Cases
  • Writing Business Cases to fit into business models
  • Business Case Principles
  • Planning your Business Case – a summary
  • Identifying stakeholders’ needs
  • Aligning your business case with strategic requirements
  • Strategies for developing a successful business case
  • Identifying market potential and comparing market ratings of competitors
  • Gathering inputs including business capabilities and risks involved in the proposed business
  • Making up a persuasive argument for the business case
  • Building a compelling case supported by data, tables and so on
  • Writing Business Case Studies - Tips for effective presentation
  • Using appropriate language – Consistency and credibility without bias
  • Typical Business Case Templates
  • Business Case Checklists
  • Why Business Cases fail - How to give just enough detail but not too much
  • Business Case Writing session & creative discussion

Business Case Writing Course in Lagos

Business Case Writing in Lagos The densely populated city of Lagos has slowly risen to be the commercial capital of Nigeria. Nigeria has bilateral business ties with several countries of the world and is welcoming new businesses that contribute toward financial growth and economic stabilisation. Since the market in Lagos is highly conducive towards start-ups, the establishment of new business ventures is highly competitive. Business ideas must be conveyed clearly to allow investors to clearly envision the need for the particular and if established, the possible trajectory of the business. Lagos has the infrastructure to support a number of business ventures and if you are looking for a place to help you set your business idea in motion, business case writing course in Lagos, is the place to be. A New Alternative Business case writing, along with grant proposal is an integral first step towards setting up any new business. The grant proposal, by itself, does not let the investor see the framework of the business idea proposed, whereas a business case has the potential to make or break the case for any new business idea. Business cases must have a logical flow of ideas, must be concise, to the point and clear in defining the goals and short-term targets to be achieved. In short, a well written business case is vital, often solely incumbent, in gaining a favourable nod from the investor. Keeping Ahead of the Curve Business case writing training in Lagos provides the student with the opportunity of understanding the current economic trends being set in Lagos. KnowledgeHut is equipped with faculty who are tuned into the economic trends in Lagos and can provide valuable insights into the functioning of the market, thereby providing our students with an edge to succeed in this highly competitive field. Our teaching methods are always interactive, encouraging the student to actively participate in classroom sessions. Key skills such as debating an idea, critiquing written cases, necessary writing skills to convey ideas effectively but concisely are taught in a manner that is engaging to the students. Business case writing courses such as BCW training in Lagos or BCW online in Lagos are provided by KnowledgeHut at an affordable cost keeping in mind that student can stand to gain any financial edge in start-ups. KnowledgeHut Empowers You A business case writing certification from KnowledgeHut will go a long way towards the realisation of our students' dream in establishing their own startups. The content of the course is flexible enough to provide the student with the know hows of starting new businesses in the city of Dammam. Business case writing courses By KnowledgeHut are derived from real life instances of businesses that have already been established in the city of Lagos, equipping our students to be able to stand on their own two feet.

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