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Enhance Security with AWS

This course is ideal for professionals in job roles like Security engineers, Security architects, Security operations professionals, or Information security professionals an AWS environment. Professionals who want to attempt the AWS Certified Security - Specialty exam will benefit from this training. The Security Engineering on AWS course enables you to use AWS Services for crucial tasks like continuous monitoring, logging, automation, and responding to security incidents.

KnowledgeHut is an AWS Training Partner 


3-Day Live Interactive Trainer-Led Sessions

Balanced Mix of Classroom and Practicals

Get Exam Prep Support for the AWS Certification

Learn Data Encryption for Data at Rest and In Transit 

Hands-On Experience Logging, Monitoring, Responding

Run Automated Security Checks and Analysis

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Interact and engage with certified instructors with a wealth of industry experience. Learn, listen, explore, and apply!

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Get theory-backed practical case studies, exercises, and unlimited practice in work-like environments

Learn from Industry Experts

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Advance From the Basics

Learn the fundamentals and advance your learning with step-by-step guidance on tools and techniques

Detailed Feedback

Get detailed reviews and feedback on your learning and understanding from AWS professionals

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