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Build Modern Solutions Using Transformers

This course is spread across 24 hours and delivered by expert NLP practitioners who will train you on finding solutions by leveraging different transformers. You will learn how NLP combines computational linguistics and role-based modelling of human language with statistical machine learning and deep learning models. You will understand how you can use the most advanced transformers to perform advanced tasks that used to be challenging. On completing the course, you get an NLP certification from KnowledgeHut.


24 Hours of Live, Interactive, Trainer-Led Sessions 

85 Quizzes and 300+ Questions to Practice NLP Concepts 

13+ Hours of Hand-on Training with NLP and Transformers 

50+ Guided Exercises to Learn NLP with Transformers 

Projects that Replicate Work-like Environments 

Curriculum Designed and Developed by Industry Experts  

Upgrade Your AI Skills with Transformers

Leading organizations that push the limits of technology are focusing on finding better solutions for Natural Language Processing. Transformers keep getting better at performing complex tasks that require language skills. Learn to use advanced transformers to build modern solutions that serve business needs by improving accuracy efficiency at lower costs.


There is a growing demand for skilled professionals who can implement modern transformers to perform complex tasks that would otherwise have needed human intervention. NLP Practitioners are in demand as they have immense potential to use the latest technology to build features that are useful to the customers and the organization.

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Immersive Learning
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