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Become an Expert Data Scientist

Learn to use Python to implement the machine learning algorithms for prediction. Python's vast set of libraries for natural language processing, speech recognition, and computer vision makes it the primary choice in the domain of Artificial Intelligence. This course is primarily designed with the "learn by doing" philosophy. A simplified explanation of the topics, real-world analogies, codes being built from scratch, exhaustive demonstrations and numerous hands-on practice sessions will equip the learner with the necessary knowledge of Python.



17+ Hours of Interactive, Trainer-Led Sessions 

48 Quizzes and 188 Questions 

13 Hours of Hand-on Training with Python 

1 Real World Project that Adds to your Portfolio

Get Mentored by Experts with Industry Experience  

Gain the Skills to Become an Expert Data Scientist  

Data Scientists with Python Skills are in Demand

Python for Data Science

Learn Python and practice using Python code and libraries to analyze, interpret, and visualize data. Enable superior data-driven decision-making by identifying trends, threats, and opportunities. There is a great deal of demand for skilled Data Scientists. Python is the language of choice for most Data Scientists because of the Python libraries available.


Get a chance to work with leading organizations that give importance to managing and using their data to make timely decisions based on insights coming from the data. Use Python to upgrade your capability to analyze, visualize, and interpret data. Learn from expert data scientists who will help you bridge the skill gap and get ready for the industry by mastering Python.  

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Python for Data Science Prerequisites

  • Basic computer knowledge