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Enable High Performing Databases

It helps build sophisticated models that align to the business and problem domain. Neo4J is a graph database that is being widely adopted due to its speed, ability to handle big data more efficiently, scalability, and better performance.

In this comprehensive Neo4J training course learn to design better performing apps with better query handling capabilities. The workshop starts off with an introduction to Neo4J, familiarizing you with its fundamentals and its environment. Our highly qualified and experienced trainers will teach you the Cypher Query language and how to create nodes and add properties by designing your own Social Client application. Enroll now and create tremendous opportunity for yourself and your organization by leveraging the power of Neo4J. Take your development career to the next level with this Neo4J certification.


16 Hours of Live, Instructor-Led Sessions 

Coaching by Experts With Database Experience 

Balanced Mix of Classroom and Practical Sessions 

Hands-on Learning With Group Exercises 

Downloadable Comprehensive Courseware 

Master Concepts Through Case Studies and Activities 

The KnowledgeHut Edge

Learn from Industry Experts

Interact with experienced instructors who are also industry experts. Listen, learn, explore, and apply!  

Updated Curriculum

Acquire the skills and understand all concepts easily with the latest database practices and concepts.  

Hands-On Training

Learn with the help of theory-backed practical case studies, hands-on exercises, and practice. 

Continual Learning Support

Monthly webinars, e-books, tutorials, interview questions and more to strengthen your learning. 

Learn Advanced Concepts

Learn concepts from scratch and develop your understanding of database management. 

Career Support

Get career guidance to embark on a career as a database management/administration professional. 

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