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Strengthen Your Excel Fundamentals

You will start off with an introduction to basic concepts, like rows, cells, columns, and various data types and then go on to learn concepts like mean, median, mode, variance, and standard deviation. You will also learn how to work with drop-down lists, filters, and the pivot tables, which will really help you in a business/corporate setting. By the end of this course, you will be able to analyze data quickly using Excel functions and work on spreadsheets confidently.

This course has also been designed such that anybody having Microsoft Excel 2013 and above can learn and benefit from it.


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Gain Proficiency in MS Excel Functions

MS Excel is An Analytics Essential

Microsoft Excel

Today, data is all around us, and it will only continue to overwhelm us unless we find a way to manage and extract valuable insights out of it. Also, it's not only large organizations that manage data - even small players from your favorite supermarket to your local salon analyze data every day for numerous reasons. How do they do it? Microsoft Excel!


If you're an aspiring data analyst or a statistics enthusiast, your first brush with managing data will have obviously happened with MS Excel. But you and I both know that this spreadsheet program is still relevant in 2022. Forbes ranks it among the top tools for data visualization, while says it's also very popular for data analytics. Even in the age of Tableau, Power BI, and Python, all data/business analysts must have strong Excel skills. Do you want an average annual net salary in the range of $70K-$77K? Then partner with us in this Excel training program!

Become a better analyst with Microsoft Excel skills

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