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PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Training in Pune, India

  • 2 days /16 hours of Instructor led training
  • 16 PDUs
  • Downloadable e-book
  • Courseware approved by APMG and PEOPLECERT
  • Course fee inclusive of PRINCE2® Foundation Exam fee
  • Course delivered by Certified Expert Instructor
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  • 5.00% for 4 people
  • 10.00% for 5-9 people
  • 15.00% for 10 and above people

PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Course in Pune

PRINCE2 Foundation certification in Pune Pune,  once  known  as  a  sleepy  little  town  has  transformed  into  one  of  the  major  IT and education hubs of India. It is considered as Maharashtra’s cultural capital and is famous for some forts and temples. The  education  and  IT  hub  of  Pune  is  home  to  many  organisations.  For  any organisation,  the  most  important  degree  of  success  is  to successfully  manage  the projects that they work on. To achieve that, an efficient project management tool is a must. Individuals who would like to work in the field of project management, can elect the e-learning training offered by Knowledge Hut. They can attend the online trainingofPRINCE2 Foundation course in Pune, to understand the organised and controlled environment (start, body and closure) of project management. PRINCE2   Foundation   course   in   Pune gives   you   the   opportunity   to   gain understanding  about  this  process  based  method  of  project  management. With  this course  you  can  hone  your  expertise  in  including  stakeholders  and  management  at the correct time and place during the project.  Most  of  the  companies  in  Pune  handle  projects  on  a  regular  basis.  The  company staff at all levels need to develop their skills in project management and be  capable. They  also  need  to  enforce  change  control  by  assigning  change  authorisation  that leads to fast decision making. The PRINCE2 Foundation certification online will give the  interested  individuals  an  option  to  learn  to  monitor,  delegate  and  control  by joining  the online  classes. PRINCE2  Foundation training  in Pune  can also train you to concentrate on the project deliverables by breaking them into major milestones. A New Alternative PRINCE2    (Projects    IN    Controlled    Environments),    the    project    management methodology, offers a scalable and customizable process for fruitfully handling varied range  of  projects.  United  Kingdom  has  been  using  this  technique  for  project management for  a  long  time  and  it  is  being gradually used  worldwide.  This  method gives  a  process  based  approach to  project  management  that  aids  to  perform  and complete  a  project  in  an  organized  way.  It  also  helps  in  effective  communication among all stakeholders thereby contributing to the achievement of the project. Keeping Ahead of the Curve KnowledgeHut’s PRINCE2  Foundation  certification  in  Pune will touch  upon  the underlying principles of PRINCE2 and the seven themes on which this methodology is   based   on. APMG   Group,   UK   has   meticulously   measured   and   assessed KnowledgeHut  to  grant  the  title of  Accredited  Training  Organisation  (ATO).  You  can opt  to  attend online classes  from  expert  faculties  and  give  the certification  after completion. Knowledge Hut Empowers You   Our  comprehensive  and  focused training is  available  at  a  reasonable price.  This coaching at  KnowledgeHut will guarantee  that  you  have  understood  the  principles and terminology of PRINCE2 and can effectively work as a team member of a project management team who uses PRINCE2.