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Plan Projects to Ensure Success

The two main culprits are schedule delays and cost overruns, causing severe losses to the organization and the global economy. One of the main reasons for project failures is attributed to lack of proper project planning and monitoring. Project managers who apply best practice techniques of estimation, collaboration, planning, consistent methodologies, and proper resource management lead successful projects more often than others.

This training by KnowledgeHut helps you not only to understand the tools and techniques of project planning but also to apply them to develop a project plan for a sample case study under consideration. Through real world studies and in-depth exercises, you will learn to adopt the best practices of project planning and monitoring. You'll increase your chances of completing projects on time and within budget, thus meeting the quality and strategic goals of your organization.


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Intensive training in project planning

Real-world simulations & case studies

Learn tools and techniques of project planning

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