Soft Skills for Corporate Career Growth Training

Become a great communicator at the workplace & cultivate leadership qualities

  • Learn effective communication strategies for faster team operations 
  • Apply strong inter-personal skills to achieve collective team goals 
  • Incorporate impact-based communication skills in the day-to-day work life 
  • 350,000 + Professionals trained
  • 250 + Workshops every month 
  • 100 + Countries and Counting 

Stay Future-Ready by Acquiring In-Demand Soft Skills

Soft skills are crucial when it comes to enhancing one’s career growth. According to the World Economic Forum, by 2025, top companies will be looking for essential skills in candidates like critical thinking, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, people management, among a few. Stay ahead of the competition by opting for our soft skills training course.

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  • 16 Hours of Live, Instructor-Led Sessions 

  • Coaching by Experienced Soft Skill Experts 

  • Balanced Mix of Classroom and Practical Sessions 

  • Hands-on Learning with Group Exercises 

  • Downloadable Comprehensive Courseware 

  • Master Concepts Through Case Studies 

The KnowledgeHut Edge

Learn from Industry Experts

Interact with experienced instructors who are also industry experts. Listen, learn, explore, and apply. 

Updated Curriculum

Acquire the skills and understand all concepts easily with the latest business etiquette standards.  

Hands-On Training

Learn with the help of theory-backed practical case studies, hands-on exercises, and practice. 

Continual Learning Support

Monthly webinars, e-books, tutorials, interview questions and more to strengthen your learning. 

Learn Advanced Concepts

Get career guidance to embark on a promising career as a professional with all the necessary.

Career Support

Get career guidance to embark on a promising career as a professional with all the necessary skills.



  • There are no prerequisites for this course. 

Who Should Attend This Training?

Professionals looking for career growth

Professionals looking for leadership roles

Individuals looking for professional development

Soft Skills for Corporate Career Growth Training Schedules

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What You Will Learn

Mindset Change

Find out how to correct or change your mindset and that of others to improve work performance. 

Communication Skills

Learn effective communication techniques that make coordination and collaboration easier. 

Time Management

Learn how to effectively use time resources and get tasks and projects completed on time. 


Learn how to work together and techniques to improve teamwork to achieve better results. 

Leadership Skills

Understand how to inspire your team and lead them to achieve their goals and team goals. 

Corporate Etiquette

Get a grasp of the professional etiquette required in the corporate environment for smooth functioning. 

Transform Your Workforce

Enable High Performance with Soft Skills Training

Train your teams in essential soft skills to help them communicate better, manage time, and to improve teamwork. Set your teams on a growth journey within your organization. 

  • Experiential Learning 
  • Readily Applicable Skills 
  • Innovative Training Solutions 
  • Training Led by Industry Experts 

500+ Clients


  • Communication Skills 
  • E-mail Etiquette 
  • Telephone Etiquette 
  • Listening Skills 
  • Time Leveraging Skills 
  • Business / Corporate Etiquet


  • Team Building / Team Playing 
  • Leadership Skills  


Soft Skills for Corporate Career Growth Training

On completion of the Soft Skills for Corporate Career Growth course, you will be able to develop an understanding of the following topics:   

  • Communication Techniques  
  • Time Management  
  • Teamwork  
  • Leadership Skills  
  • Corporate Etiquette  
  • Driving Mindset Change  

Effective communication is the key to success, and good communicators often outperform those with superior technical skills. Excellent teamwork and inspiring leadership are the foundation of business success, and if you can work together as a cohesive team, you can scale new heights in your profession. Our soft skills training course allows you to build and refine your communication, team building, and leadership skills to get ahead of the competition. Whether you are dealing with colleagues, talking to suppliers, or interacting with customers, how you present yourself and your ideas are instrumental to your success in the workplace. Our course content provides valuable interpersonal and organizational skills that are put together through experience and will help you go far in your career. Sharpen and hone the characteristics that help you interact effectively with others and get all the skills you need to advance in the corporate world.  

There are no prerequisites for attending this course.  

Workshop Experience

Currently, all our courses are offered online as live, interactive, trainer-led sessions where you can learn directly from the trainer with opportunities to discuss and clear doubts.  

Our instructors are trainers with experience working with soft skills. They also have hands-on experience and will be able to tell you the practical aspects of what you are learning.   

Our courses are delivered through live, interactive virtual classrooms and can be structured according to the requirements of the course.   

Our training focuses on interactive learning. Most class time is dedicated to hands-on exercises, lively discussions, and team collaboration, all facilitated by the trainer who is experienced in soft skills concepts and practices. The focus is on finding practical solutions to real-world scenarios in various environments, both big and small.  

In an online classroom, students can log in at the scheduled time to a live learning environment that an instructor leads. You can interact, communicate, view, and discuss presentations and engage with learning resources while working in groups in an online setting. Our instructors use an extensive set of collaboration tools and techniques which improve your online training experience.  

Yes, you can switch your start date with prior notice of at least 24 hours, subject to availability in the desired batch. 

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