Full Stack Development Certificate Program - Purdue

Launch your career as a Full-Stack Developer with a curriculum approved by Purdue University

  • Earn a certificate from one of the top 10 public universities in the U.S
  • Strengthen your fundamentals in over 10+ tools and programming languages
  • Receive hands-on exposure to industry-relevant case studies and assignments
  • 40,000 + Enrolled Learners
  • 400 % Highest Salary Hike
  • 57 % Average Salary Hike

Become an Expert Full-Stack Developer

This Full Stack Java Development Certificate Program from Purdue University is an intense 9-month program offering a suite of software development skills with a top-notch curriculum and projects to enhance your profile. Get proficient in over 10 programming tools and technologies that are essential to becoming a skilled, in-demand full-stack developer.

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  • 450+ Hours of 360-Degree Learning 

  • 10+ Programming Tools and Languages 

  • 1:1 Mentorship Sessions with Industry Mentors 

  • 9-Month Program Duration 

  • Rigorous Industry-Vetted Curriculum 

  • Create E-Portfolio of Projects on GitHub 

The upGrad Advantage

International Exposure

Get a unique global perspective through state-of-the-art pedagogy.

Practical Learning Experience

Learn the latest skills from subject matter experts approved by Purdue University. 

Student Support Team

Dedicated upGrad buddy to assist with non-technical and non-academic queries. 

Q&A Forum

Timely doubt resolution by peers and Teaching Assistants on the Q&A forum. 

Expert Feedback

Get personalized feedback on assignments and projects with regular live sessions with experts.

Industry Networking

One-on-one discussions and feedback sessions with industry mentors. 



  • High school diploma or equivalent grade 
  • Coding experience preferred, but not mandatory 
  • All you need to know is high school math! 

Who Should Attend This Course

Software Developers

IT Professionals



Tech Support Professionals


Transform Your Workforce

Build a Team of Back-End Developers

This certificate program in collaboration with Purdue University has everything to help you upskill your employees into skilled Full-Stack Software Developers. You will accomplish this through:

  • Curriculum curated by industry experts 
  • Real-world projects and assignments 
  • Hands-on learning focused on practical applications 
  • Customized training solutions tailored to business needs

500+ Clients



  • Introduction to SDLC 
  • Software Requirement and Specification 
  • Software Architecture 
  • Software Design 
  • Software implementation 
  • Software Testing 
  • Traditional Software Development Models 
  • Modern Software Development Models 
  • Deep Dive - Lean Methodology 


  • Introduction to Version Control with Git 
  • Git from the Command Line 
  • Everyday Git Commands 
  • Git for Collaboration 
  • Coffee-Hut - Capstone Project 


  • Introduction to Web Development 
  • Introduction to HTML 
  • Forms and Inputs 
  • Introduction to CSS 
  • Advanced CSS 
  • Transitions and Animations 
  • Responsive Web Design 
  • Project 
  • WakeCup - Capstone Project 


  • Introduction to JavaScript 
  • The Absolute Fundamentals 
  • Variables and Values 
  • Conditional Execution 
  • Functions Essentials and More 
  • Loops 
  • Working with Arrays 
  • Working with Objects 
  • All about String 
  • Date and Time 
  • Working with Web Pages 
  • Level up with Functions and more 
  • Object Oriented JavaScript 
  • Asynchronous Programming 
  • Working with Remote Data 


  • The Development Toolchain 
  • Configuring VSCode for Optimum Development 
  • Modern JavaScript with Babel 
  • Working with Parcel 
  • Working with Webpack 


  • Introduction to React 
  • Components 
  • State and Props 
  • Rendering Lists 
  • Components Revisited 
  • Building Forms 
  • Render Props and Higher Order 
  • Components 
  • Portals 
  • Global and Shared Data 
  • Hooks in Foous 
  • Routing in React App 
  • Code Splitting 
  • lsomornphic React 
  • State Management using Redux 
  • Testing Cornponents 
  • What's New in React 177 
  • React - Capstone Project 


  • Getting started with Node.js 
  • Interactive Node with REPL 
  • Modular Programming and NPM 
  • Introduction to ECMAScript Modules - An Experimental Implementation  
  • File System and Streams 
  • Streams  
  • Events  
  • Network I/O  
  • Web Servers and more  
  • Debugging in Node.js  
  • Cluster and Worker Threads 
  • Introduction to Express 
  • Hello Express 
  • Rendering  
  • Middleware  
  • Routing  
  • Database Integration  
  • Authentication, Controllers and APIs 
  • Caching and Performance  
  • Protecting Express Apps  
  • Deployment 
  • Truffle - Project 


  • Getting started - Introduction to MongoDB 
  • CRUD Operations 
  • Schema Design and Modelling 
  • Advanced Operations 
  • Replication and Sharding 
  • Administration and Security 
  • MongoDB with Other Applications 
  • Score Analysis - Project 


  • Getting started with MySQL 
  • Deep Dive into SQL Statements 
  • Analytical SQL Queries 
  • Joining Data from Multiple Data Sets 
  • Advanced SQL Language Features 
  • Using MySQL with Web Applications 
  • Optimize Performance and Security of 
  • MySQL Queries 
  • Electronic Store DB - Capstone Project 


  • Getting started with REST 
  • Request and Response  
  • Handling Authentication  
  • OpenAPI 
  • Foody API - Capstone Project 


  • Introduction to Microservices 
  • Building Microservices 
  • Inter-Service Messaging 
  • Using AWS Lambda and API Gateway 
  • Bonus Module: Docker and Containerization 
  • Course Registration System - Capstone Project  


  • Fundamentals of Testing 
  • Testing Principles 
  • Testing Vs Software Development Lifecycle Methodology 
  • Test Phases and Testing Types 
  • Testing with Jest 
  • E2E Testing with Jest and Puppeteer 
  • E2E Testing with Cypress.io 
  • Software Testing for JavaScript Applications 
  • Final Assessment 


  • Introducing Docker 
  • Introducing Containers and Images 
  • Living with Images and Containers 
  • Getting It Done Better with Compose 
  • Docker Orchestration 
  • Deploying a Cluster 
  • Getting Acquainted with Pods 
  • Getting familiar with Services and Ingress 
  • Deployments 
  • Putting it together 
  • Talkr Express - Capstone Project 


  • Background to Agile 
  • Agile Basics 
  • Business Inputs 
  • Agile Variants 
  • APM Framework 
  • Introducing Scrum 
  • Scrum Building Blocks 
  • Agile Estimation 
  • Agile Planning 
  • Monitoring and Tracking 
  • Agile Metrics and Agile Tools 
  • Scaling Agile 

Frequently Asked Questions

Full Stack Development Program

Expect to carve out a competitive edge for yourself through several industry-grade projects, that will strengthen your understanding of the best-in-class curriculum approved by Purdue.  

By the end of this certificate program, you will be skilled in:

  • Programming Essentials 
  • Web Design and Development 
  • Frontend Development 
  • Backend Development 
  • Databases 
  • API and Microservices 
  • Test-Driven Development 
  • Containerization 
  • DevOps and Process Management

This will enable you to build robust and interactive web applications.  

By the end of the course, you will have hands-on skills to apply to jobs as a Full-Stack Developer, Back-End Developer, Front-End Developer or even a UI Developer. 

You will best benefit from this program by putting in 10 to 15 hours of learning per week.  

Yes, you will receive industry mentorship and dedicated career assistance, including:

  • Career counselling 
  • 1:1 feedback 
  • GitHub, Kaggle, resume-building sessions

best benefit from this program by putting in 10 to 15 hours of learning per week.  

Instructors are top industry veterans in the web development space with experience of over a decade across domains ranging from IT, energy and data science. Some of your instructors are:

  1. Sachin Bhatnagar, Program Director for Full-Stack Development Programs at KnowledgeHut upGrad
  2. Shobhit Nigam, Data Scientist and trainer with over 15 years’ experience
  3. Usha N, Senior Product Manager at GitHub and an Azure DevOps expert
  4. Shalini Mittal, MEAN Full-Stack Java Trainer with over 10 years experience in Fortune 500 companies
  5. Samarth Aggarwal, Full-Stack Specialist at QuillBot and an entrepreneur 

The program requires you to build real-world projects. Featured below are a sample set of the projects:

  1. WakeCup: Create a Starbucks like responsive web application called WakeCup using Git and Github as version tools to manage the frontend and backend development.
  2. Tiny Thoughts: Build a micro-blog application like Medium. This application will bring together React, React Router & Redux as we work with a pre-built API. Core features of the application includes authentication (signup and signin), sorting posts by category and author, creating new posts & deleting posts.
  3. Electronic Store DB: Like Amazon, build a SQL database structure for an Electronic store. This application will bring together your SQL skills for Data Modeling Language and Data Definition Language and Data Query Language.
  4. Foody API: Like UberEats, develop a Restful API for recipe tracking API. This API will allow users to register accounts and create recipes, and additionally, add ingredients. Profile management must exist for each and every user, meaning users should be able to change their passwords.
  5. Capstone Project - Course Registration System: The course registration system, like Eventbrite, is an application that is used by students and professors to register for the course and manage courses. 

The personalized industry sessions will be 90-minute sessions taken by an industry expert for a small group of 10-12 learners with similar profiles to discuss real life applications of concepts. This will include:

  • Personalised 1:1 coaching 
  • An excellent forum for interaction with industry experts and assistance in career guidance 
  • Peer to peer interaction and learning 
  • Theoretical concept application through proof of concepts development 
  • Technical Doubt resolution  
  • Business communication and career related sessions 

Our dedicated Student Support Team, upGrad buddy, will be available to assist you with non-technical and non-academic queries. You can drop an email on studentsupport@upgrad.com and expect to receive a response within 24 hours.

For any urgent queries, please click on the Call Back button on the learning platform and our team will reach out to you within 2 working hours. 

Full Stack Development Certification

This certification program is provided by upGrad and Purdue University. 

The prerequisites are as follows:

  • A High school diploma or equivalent grade 
  • Coding experience preferred but not mandatory 
  • All you need to know is high school math! 
  • For those coming from a non-technical background, a preparatory course with a foundation in coding skills will be provided.

Our teaching assistants will ensure you get the right support when you need it. 

To apply for the Full-Stack Development Certificate program from Purdue University, you'll need to contact your Learning Advisor who will explain the process in detail. Here's what you should expect:

  • Fill in the application form 
  • Qualified candidates receive an offer letter 
  • Pay the block amount and reserve your seat