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Become a skilled JavaScript developer

JavaScript course offered by KnowledgeHut in Los Angeles aims to teach all the best practices of JavaScript using Immersive Learning module. This will help you stand out as a versatile JavaScript developer both in front-end and back-end development.


25 Hours of Live Instructor-Led Sessions

100+ Hours of On-Demand Learning

75 Hands-On Exercises on Cloud Labs

14 Auto-Graded Assessments, 90 Quizzes

1 Capstone Project, 3 Assignments

Lifetime Access to Courseware

Why should you take the JavaScript course in Los Angeles?

JavaScript is the most used programming language all over. Comprehensive JavaScript course offered by KnowledgeHut makes you proficient in it, giving you a chance to make great career advancements. After you complete the course and hone your skills, you can build a ‘Powered-Up Resume’ which can then be used to attract prospective employers.


JavaScript course offered by KnowledgeHut in Washington is a professional course that empowers you to learn the latest tools and technologies concerning JavaScript. The course covers all the important aspects of JavaScript and the course is offered both in a Blended Learning and Self-Paced mode. Once you complete the you will become a versatile front-end or back-end developer who is well-versed in the framework.and its practical use. 

Additionally, being a skilled JavaScript developer will also help you learn frameworks such as React and Node.js.

Ready to build skills in this versatile, powerful scripting language?

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The most effective project-based immersive learning experience

Immersive Learning
Immersive Learning
  • On-demand videos 
  • Guided hands-on exercises 
  • Auto-graded assessments and recall quizzes
  • Assignments and projects